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Welcome to Headcurve where you can find inspiring 2018 hairstyles and haircuts for women and men.  You can narrow down your search hairstyles with menus.

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We’re the only site of its kind.  No, we’re not the only hairstyles website.  There are plenty of such sites including all the broader health and beauty sites that cover hair.

We’re unique in that we are a hairstyle database which enables you to filter your search by selecting multiple hair criteria at a time.

On the side you’ll see an extensive menu.  Generally you can select only one item and the site takes you to a static page featuring those styles.  With our site, you can select as many criteria as you like and the results will continue to drill down.

Our navigation includes main pages such as hair lengthswomen’s hair types, hair colors, face shapes and hairstyles.  Other than that, we have literally hundreds of galleries featuring every imaginable hair cut and style.

Go ahead and try our super convenient hairstyle search filters.  It’s pretty cool.

For example, you can select “Brunette” under color and then “Short” under length.  You can take it even further by selecting a type, face shape, age and more.

Celebrity hairstyles

If it’s celebrity hairstyles you’re into, we cove that extensively. Check out female celebrity hairstyles here and our men’s celebrity hairstyles here.  We add more every week.

Seeing a bigger photo

On many pages, we have smaller hairstyle photos, but you can click the photo to see it larger so you can get a better look at it.  On mobile devices this won’t make a difference, but it sure will on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

What else?

We also publish extensive hair appliance articles here, which include our epic articles setting out the best hair dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, crimpers and hair rollers.  For those of you who enjoy getting inspiration from celebrities, you must check out our extensive celebrity hairstyles page where you can then click into a particular celeb and see their styles over time.  This is a pretty cool (and popular) feature.

Getting your hair featured

If you’d like to get your hair featured on our site, whether it’s a woman’s hairstyle, man’s hairstyle or kid’s hairstyle, simply contact us and we can have that arranged.  If you have an Instagram account or Pinterest account, we can easily embed your images on our site.


We launched this site because we love publishing websites, but we chose this particular topic because we saw a need for a database oriented website that offered the best options for searching.  Sites like Instagram, Pinterest and other blogs surely have amazing photos and we check them out all the time (we often embed from them when permitted): however, they all lack more advanced search capabilities and it’s that problem we strive to solve.

Accordingly, if you have any suggestions for making this site better, we’re all ears… just contact us.  We aim to be the best hairstyles site on the web.  While we don’t yet offer the most images, we add dozens every day and in due course will have tens of thousands of images and examples in our database.