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    8 Different Types of Eye Shapes

    We are each different, even members of the same genetic family can have dramatically different features. As such, a prominent feature like eyes, something that we all tend to notice first, can differ greatly from person to person. Not only color can differ but also size and shape. Knowing a bit about different eye shapes […] More

  • Most beautiful models in the world

    50 of the Most Beautiful Models in the World

    Although, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” there are few lists surfacing the internet that states the most beautiful models in the world. From the exotic beauties born in North/South America to the sophisticated ones of Europe all the way to the enchanting females of Asia, the world is full of gorgeousness one could only […] More

  • A makeup artist applies eyeshadow on a woman.

    8 Different Types of Makeup Artists

    Makeup has evolved through the ages from a way to enhance human features to an art medium to a form of artistic expression. Wherever you may be, people around you are constantly putting up a face that they think is representative of their personality and they are not subtle about it! That’s not all; in […] More

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    50 of the Most Beautiful Actresses in the World

    Who doesn’t admire beautiful women? A beautiful woman does not just make heads turn, but you can also feel an aura of self-confidence in them. Beautiful women attract people towards them and one can’t help but admire how beautiful they are! When we talk about actresses, we all would agree on the fact that the first and foremost thing that […] More

  • Several makeup products on a multicolored background

    17 Different Types of Makeup

    Are you often confused when you are bombarded with all the makeup videos on Instagram and Facebook? If you are wondering why there are so many products being used on the face and what they actually do, here you can find a comprehensive list detailing the types of makeup products in the market today, and […] More