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    How to Style Your Beard

    In recent years, beards have come back into style and many men have found their beards to be a way to express their personality. Longbeards are no longer just for professional performers who use it as a means of making themselves and their personalities memorable. It’s not out of the ordinary to see a blue-collar […] More

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    7 Hair Perm Alternatives (Plus Pros and Cons for Each)

    Hair perming can do wonders on your overall look but it can be damaging at the same time. The good news is there are plenty of alternatives if you really want to have that eye-catching wavy hair. These options can be advantageous as well since not all perm results end with the look that we […] More

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    10 Alternatives to Hair Extensions

    Since it seems that hair is just about anyone’s crowning glory, there are ever-increasing ways to make it appear thicker, longer, healthier, and glamorous. Hair extensions are one way to achieve these improvements, and there are other alternatives to hair extensions that can be of help. With the number of options and substitutes out there, […] More

  • Woner Fine-Cut Beard Trimmer

    Our Detailed Woner Fine-Cut Compact Beard Trimmer Review

    This is the smallest beard trimmer I have. But it’s not like the others are twice the size. The Woner Fine-Cut is just a tad smaller. It comes with fewer attachments so it’s better for traveling, but I can’t say it’s a huge space saver. The key question is: does the Woner Fine-Cut beard trimmer […] More

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    Can Short Hair be Permed?

    Perms, or what is also known as a permanent, involve a process in which a hairstylist chemically alters your hair to produce waves or curls. Perms, like long-anticipated vacations or first dates, can turn out wonderful or turn into a nightmare. It’s important to ask all the right questions and do your research to make […] More

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    Can You Braid Short Hair? How?

    Merriam Webster defines a braid as an arrangement of hair made by weaving three sections together. Braiding has been a standard for hair since the beginning of time. Can your sleek, short pixie be braided? Why, but of course it can! Braids have been worn as a means of practicality. If you need a hairstyle […] More

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    Can an Older Woman Wear a Ponytail?

    At the crack of dawn getting yourself and your children ready for the day includes putting one ponytail in the back. It’s simple. One ponytail on the top is simple. One ponytail on the left, one ponytail on the right – likely -split Ponytails are just a way of gathering hair and making it look […] More

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    Can You Have Two Colors in Your Hair?

    Everybody needs a change from time to time. Dying your hair can be one way to create a new look and express yourself. Deciding which color to dye your hair can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. Two-color dying, also known as split-dyeing, is a growing hair color trend that means […] More

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    Can Curly Hair Have Bangs?

    Many women with curly hair have a volatile relationship with their hair. One day it curls perfectly in neat, tight curls and the next day it’s nothing but frizz headed in every direction. It can be tough to find a technique that works every day and keeps curls in place in wind, humidity, and workouts. […] More

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    13 Different Types of Crochet Hair

    Crochet hair or crochet braids refer to the method of adding hair extensions. It’s so-called because it uses a crochet needle to loop the crocheted hair under the cornrows and secure it with knots. It’s unlike a weave, however, because it uses loose hair instead of on a weft. Crochet hair is a growing trend […] More

  • Teeth of the Wahl beard trimmer

    My Wahl Stainless Steel Slate Beard Trimmer Review

    My Wahl beard trimmer showed up in some retro old-school packaging. It’s kinda cool. That was my first impression but of course, first impressions don’t guarantee a good trimmer. Fortunately, my second impression was just as favorable, if not better. The Wahl trimmer rocks. It works really, really well. I’m talking clean cut like a […] More

  • A woman with short curly hair.

    Can Round Faces Have Short Hair?

    If you’re asking the titular question of this blog, then the answer is an overwhelming, an emphatic YES! People with round faces can rock a short hairstyle with style and grace. Let’s start off with a thorough review of the round face hairstyle concept. In fact, if you have short hair there are so many […] More

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