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    14 Different Types of Hair Clips

    Hair clips existed as long as the human race had hair. Even the cave dwellers showed evidence that they fashioned crude hairpins from thorns, sticks, bones, and stone. During the ancient Roman times, however, hairpins were also used as containers for perfume or poison. They morphed into bobby pins during the Victorian era when it was […] More

  • A close look at a man with a dyed beard.

    4 Different Types of Beard Dye

    There seems to be a lot of thought around beards, especially as they become more popular. In the past, it has been something men just have to deal with having. Now, there is a whole movement geared towards beards and caring for them. There are many different products to help improve the look of your […] More

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    How Can I Make My Naturally Wavy Hair Curly?

    Curl envy is real. I love my naturally wavy hair, but sometimes, I really want my waves to go to the next level — defined curls. Not to mention that my waves turn into a frizzy mess if I encounter even the smallest bit of wind or humidity on my way to work. I know there’s no […] More

  • Hair extensions applied by professional stylist

    Here are the 16 Different Types of Hair Extensions (So Many)

    Material Real Hair When you buy hair extensions that are made with real hair, then you will enjoy the fact that your extensions have the same feel, texture, and even shade as your natural hair does. It’s possible to get extensions made from real human hair that will perfectly match your existing hair and blend […] More

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    9 Chemical-Free Alternatives To Hair Dye

    It’s amazing how you can get a new look just by changing your hair color. No wonder many people can’t resist getting their hair color-treated for some highlights or a totally cool ombre. Traditional hair dyes, however, are full of chemicals which can lead to toxic effects such as cancer. Regularly dyeing your hair can […] More

  • Leonardo DiCaprio with slicked hair at J.Edgar Premiere

    10 Terrific Hair Gel Alternatives (to Keep Your Locks in Place)

    Hair gel has its place for sure.  Good gel can keep hair in its place very well.  But, you get that crispy hair look, which can be good, but not always. If you’re looking for hair gel alternatives (women and men), we got you covered.  Check out the list below. 1. Hair Wax Unlike hair […] More

  • Modish wigs worn by mannequins.

    8 Fashionable Wig Alternatives

    Wigs can either be made of real human hair or of synthetic fibers. They can be used as a cosmetic accessory but often they’re used to disguise hair thinning or hair loss. While wigs can be inexpensive and allow the wearer to experiment with different hairstyles, they’re not secured to the scalp so they could come […] More

  • Jon Hamm with no beard and with beard comparison

    Why are Beards Considered Unprofessional?

    They’re not… always. Beards aren’t considered unprofessional all the time, in all settings and for all men. Unkempt beards are just as unkempt hair and apparel is considered unprofessional, but it’s wildly inaccurate to suggest that all beards are unprofessional. Here are the attributes of a professional beard Trimmed:  This is the hallmark of a […] More

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    8 Viable Alternatives To Hair Relaxers

    If you’re looking for a hair relaxer but don’t want to use a hair relaxer, here’s a great list of 8 hair relaxer alternatives.  Each listing includes pros and cons. 1. Straightening your hair Instead of using a hair relaxer to style my hair, I have come to realize that a viable alternative is straightening my […] More

  • Hair stylist applying hair spray to woman

    14 Alternatives to Hairspray (Natural, DIY and Commercial Options)

    In 1948 Chase Products released the first can of hairspray.  It caught on quickly, offering women many more hairstyle options.  Sales boomed through the 1950’s through the 90’s. Hairspray is still a huge seller, but more and more people are looking for a hairspray alternative.  Are you looking for a quick substitute for hairspray?  Read […] More

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    Reese Witherspoon’s Hairstyles Over the Years

    Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon came from a family of accomplished academics and professionals. Her parents were a respected surgeon and a professor of pediatric nursing that is why, for a while, Reese was on an educational career path with her studies at Stanford University in California. You can just imagine the concern on her parents’ […] More

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    Demi Lovato’s Hairstyles Over the Years

    Demetria Devonne Lovato is known to everyone today as just Demi Lovato. She was born in New Mexico to a musician father and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader mother. She was a music prodigy in piano and guitar because of her musician father, so much so that she was able to play instruments well at the young […] More

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