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If you want to look at hairstyles and haircuts for men, you’re in the right place.  Scroll below and check them out or use out state-of-the-art search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Mark Wahlberg with slicked back hair arrives on the red carpet at the Transformers The Last Knight movie premiere on June 20, 2017 in Chicago
Milo Ventimiglia with slicked side-part hairstyle and goatee at the 69th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, USA on February 4, 2017
Robert Downey Jr. with side-part tousled hair at the premiere of Disney and Marvel's Avengers Infinity War held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood USA on April 23 2018

Razor-cut style with varying lengths and angles for to achieve some tapered layers. This type of hairstyle can be worn with the layers either brushed-down or combed up.

A romantic but not overly-sweet hairstyle in medium length. This brushed and side-parted look is definitely a head-turner!

A v-shaped, slanted fade design is a great hairstyle to cope up with the warm and humid weather.

Hairs startin to get long finally... #longhair #cutssuck #gettinthere #hair #oldman

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Long and loose hairstyle given a little toss for volume and texture. This look is usually seen on films and TV series, worn by asian men.

Straight, spiky hair with red streaks for some definition. This one is a fun and frenzy hairstyle for men in their 20s. Th sides are also shaved to give more emphasis to the actual uniqueness this hairstyle can offer.

Slicked back hairstyles for men with thin, straight hair. The finish is sleek and fresh-looking, formal events will absolutely appreciate this elegant look.

This haircut indeed has a unique shape and style. The top part has textured point cut while the sides are faded gradually.

It's still too cold to get a haircut🙆🏻 #highlook

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Thick, straight hair simply cut with a scissor to achieve that long strands of soft spikes.

Thick beard paired with a rugged and loosely-styled, layered hair.

Most popular men’s hairstyles

Here’s a great diagram setting out today’s most popular men’s hairstyles.

Chart illustrating 6 different men's popular hairstyles and cuts

The most popular hairstyles for men include undercut, man-bun, pompadour, fringe, caesar and side part.  I’d add fade to it also.  Most are short, but some are long.  For any of those styles, you can have highlights added.

Best men’s hairstyles by face shape (chart)

Here’s a great chart setting out the best men’s hairstyles and cuts for different face shapes.

Chart of best men's hairstyles and cuts by face shape
How to search for men’s hairstyles here?

We do like to toot our own horn and say our site is unique in that our site is set up as a database of haircuts so you can search via multiple criteria at the same time such as by length and style or style and color or all three with our menu options on the right (only available on Desktop and Tablet).

Is it all male celebrity hairstyles?

While we feature a lot of celebrity hairstyles for both men and women, our site features regular folks too.  While celeb cuts are interesting to check out, it also helps to see what regular folks are doing as well.  That’s why we have a dedicated male celebrity section and then the broader section, which is this page.

Lots of options so look carefully

I know that a lot of our check options don’t apply to guys.  The entire bangs and braids section aren’t exactly what guys look for when checking out haircut ideas.  They’re there for women.

But we do feature styles primarily for men such as our “bald” length (it’s cool to see how guys are sporting the bald look in the event you lose your hair), fades and man buns to name a few guy-only styles.

Barber vs. Salon for Guys?

Should a guy go to a barber or a fancy salon?

Personally, I think barbers are the place for guys, but at the end of the day it’s all about finding that hairdresser or barber that does a great job for you.  Seriously, if you find a woman who cuts your hair perfectly just the way you like it in some mega salon with all the fixins, go there.

Try something different?

If you’ve had the same cut for years, why not browse the site to find something a little different.  We showcase the latest hairstyles and cuts for guys so you might just find something more current that’ll look good considering your hair type and face shape.  Of course if you have an office job you gotta look the part to some degree unless you don’t mind having to dust off the resume.  I jest; but some work places are very conservative so you should keep that in mind if your workplace is conservative.

Facial Hair

In addition to hairstyles, we also feature facial hair examples, galleries and articles.  See our main beards article here and mustache styles here.

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