Celebrity Men’s Hairstyles in 2018 and before

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Chris Evans during the premiere of Captain America.

Welcome to our celebrity men’s hairstyles page where you can check out current, recent and in some cases, older hairstyles of all kinds of male celebrities.

You can search by name using the search field box below or the various search attributes on the side or just browse from start to finish.  Yes, we are adding more male celebrities every week.

Our Goal

Our aim is to assemble the biggest database of both celebrity and non-celebrity hairstyles and haircuts on the web.  With several thousand already, we see no reason we can’t meet our goal in a very short time.  The best part is our celebrity and non-celebrity photos can be searched by pretty much any hair attribute or feature fathomable.  FYI, if you have a style or some other attribute you think we should include, just contact us and we will definitely consider it.

But that’s just the start…

Our goal, on its own isn’t very helpful.  Amassing photos isn’t an end unto itself.  Our main goal is to be a one-stop-shop for men and women to find hairstyles they want to try.  Since we feature cuts from around the globe, you just never know what your options are until you see our site with so many photos that are organized in a very search-friendly manner.

Why male celebrities?

If you’re thinking this, you’re not really into celebs.  I get that.  Not everyone cares about celebrity culture.  But the fact is a lot of people do enjoy reading about and watching celebrity culture from which they glean fashion and hair ideas.  It’s true that most male celebrities aren’t exactly cutting edge when it comes to fashion and hair, but some are and it’s our aim to profile them so you can see what’s happening in celebrity land.

But do guys really care about male celebrity hairstyles?

I’m gonna tell it to you straight.  Yes, they do.  How do I know?  Because we do extensive research using a suite of software tools to figure out what people are interested in with respect to hair and one recurring set of search phrases that comes up over and over are various male celebrity names in relation to hairstyles and haircuts.

One example, and this one is obvious, because he’s know for experimenting with haircuts over the years, and that’s David Beckham.  Based on our research, “David Beckham Hair” is searched 12,000 times per month.  That’s just one celebrity (albeit a popular one).  And get this, he’s searched more for his haircuts than Jennifer Aniston (another popular celebrity with respect to hairstyles).

Since the demand is there, we strive to deliver.

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