50 Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Men (Short and Long)

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Man with dreadlocks on the beach

Deciding to go with dreadlocks is a commitment.  It takes 3 to 6 months to dread so if you want the style, be patient.

Another aspect of the decision is various styles of dreadlocks.  That’s where we can help with our huge collection of dreadlocks hairstyles for men below.  Check it out.


Bohemian-style dreadlocks are interesting for it exhibits texture, dimension, culture and style all at the same time.

Some might say that dreadlocks are too heavyweight to style but what they don't realize is that even a subtle styling will make a lot of impact. These long dreadlocks are simple pulled up into a loose knot, creating a uniquely impressive hairdo.

One unique approach to dreadlocks is by blending it with some other styles. In this one, the longs dreadlocks are paired with an undercut. The result is definitely impressive.

Go an extra mile for your dreadlocks. Achieve this stylish look by pulling the upper half of your locks into a chunky bun and dividing the remaining ones into three portions, braiding them separately.

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The man shaved half of his head and left the center stage with some short dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail.

Long and chunky dreadlocks, decorated with some funky grips and beads to achieve a Bohemian style.

A bunch of thick, ombre dreadlocks pulled back into two separated knots. A little experiment goes a long way! This one is just a normal set of dreads yet it looked more unique and interesting.

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Medium-length dreadlocks tightly pulled up into one ponytail.

Chunky ombre dreadlocks pulled back into one knot. This hairstyle also has a detailed shaving that flows seamlessly into the side burns.

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High-top dreads with shaved sides and tramlines is the latest trend for millennials today. An achievable aesthetic that requires less maintenance.

Shoulder-length dreadlocks in a brown ombre create the most natural-looking finish. This one looks typical at first but you'll be amazed by how seamless the color blending is.

Nobody is too old for some stylish dreadlocks! This one opted have his dreads arranged into a nice, half-up style. Neat!

Chunky blonde dreadlocks are not easy to maintain but it surely is worth it! This cool finish matches well with a thick beard, totally hippie!

Long dreadlocks pulled-back into one knot. The fades sides are incorporated with a creative design that blends all the lines and texture together.

Long and thin dreads arranged into a french braid. This hairstyle is stylish and not to mention, full of texture.

The guy with long and thick, dirty blond hair chose to secure his natural locks with this hippie-style dreadlocks.

This centered, pulled-back-into-a-ponytail dreadlocks took years to be achieved. The guys has the sides of his head exposed, revealing a cool tattoo.

Ombre dreadlocks with skin fade creating a natural tramline that looks edgy and cool.


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Tapered back and sides on this hairstyle emphasize the medium-length dreadlocks on the center stage.

Dreadlocks with dark blonde ombre effect. Dread hairstyles look great when incorporated with colors and texture.

Dreadlocks Trends

Since 2004, dreadlocks have slowly grown as an online trend based on search data.  No major spike in popularity, but hasn’t fallen out of favor either. Here’s the trend chart for USA:

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