Fade haircut styles for men are one of the most popular cuts these days.  It’s been growing in popularity fairly rapidly since 2013.

While there are a variety of different fade cuts, the concept is short sides with longer hair on top.  It’s different than an undercut in that the longer hair doesn’t drape over the shorter hair (much).

Below is our awesome photo gallery of 500+ fade haircut styles for men – all types including low, high, tapered and more.

A short, caesar haircut with subtle spikes and a seamless skin fade. The combination of different styles make it a creative one!

Achieve this caesar cut with longer strands by growing out your hair and trimming only the necessary areas. The mid-fade looks natural and seamless.

A caesar cut done with a razor exhibits fine, sharp and precise edges. This one also has a smooth fade that looks perfect especially when connected to a beard.

Dark hair in a caesar cut with a mid-fade. The fade in this hairstyle is done diagonally, contrary to the typical ones, making it stand out.

A combination of caesar and buzz cut. This hairstyle looks pretty neat, especially with the accurate cuts and flattering fades.

A sleek and fully-polished caesar cut with a faded effect. The neat finish is achieved with the help of "extra shine" hairsprays or even "strong hold" hair mousse.

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Show your artistic side with this unique hairstyle. The man has a caesar cut with faded temples that looks smooth and seamless.

Slicked back hairstyles are versatile and flexible enough to fit in into any kind of fashion sense and to blend with any other type of hairstyles. If you want to achieve a classy and trendy look, this slicked back, mini pompadour with a high fade is worth the try! Whether it's for a formal gathering or a casual meet-up, this one will definitely nail it.

The man had his hair styled into this fresh-looking mini pompadour for short hair. The texture and volume is enough for this hairdo to make a statement, not to mention the slightly faded sides that create a unique depth.

Mini man bun with skin fade and tramlines. The hair is slicked all the way to the back and then tied up into a mini bun.

A classic pompadour with slightly faded sides that start from the top part of the sideburns down to the beard. This hairstyle brings out a rocking, retro vibe that millennials will definitely love!

Incorporating a faded cut on a slicked back style is one way to modernize the classic look. The man's mid-length, straight hair is arranged into a sleek curve all the way to the back while its faded sides are connected to the beard.

The different types of fades

Currently our search options don’t offer different fades (but that may change).  That doesn’t mean there aren’t variations in the fade haircuts.  There is big time.

Below we set out several common fade styles for men.

1. High fade

The high fade rises up on the scalp where it curves to the crown.  Here’s an example.


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2. Low Fade

The low fade is a very subtle fad cut where the fade is no more than an inch above the ears.

Young man with a low fade haircut

3. Taper Fade

The taper fade is a gradual fade from short to full length from bottom upward. Below is an example of a taper fade.

4. Long fade haircut

A long fade is short sides just like the typical fade but with long hair on top.  It’s a dramatic contrast between short and long.

5. Curly Fade

The curly fade is short sides with curly hair on top.

Man with short curly fade haircut6. Comb-Over Fade

All long hair is swept over the top of the head like the traditional comb-over except in this case there’s a full head of hair.

Man with comb-over fade haircut

7. Military Fade Haircut

Fade short on the sides and a touch longer on top.

Man with military fade haircut

8. Fade with Line

The end of the fade is demarcated with a marked line cut into the hair.  The line can be straight or curve.  One can get creative with the line.

9. Mohawk Fade

Fade short on sides with long narrow hair strip rising tall on top.

10. Fade with Braids

Could be a variety of options, but we showcase an interesting example below where the fade part of the cut is braids pulled back giving the fade effect.

Man with braids fade hair

11. Box Fade

Short on sides, longer on top but cut straight across giving the box effect.

12. Side Part Fade

A more traditional cut where the short sides lead to the long hair where it natural parts to the side.

Man with side-part fade haircut