35 Mens Hairstyles with Highlights (2019 Photos)

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Man with highlights in his hair

I remember a friend of mine who was always stylish had highlights put into his dark hair.  I thought it looked super cool.  He’s since gone grey, but back in the day it looked good.

These days, highlights are still somewhat popular for men.  There are many colors that can be used for highlighting although blonde is quite popular.  Our extensive collection of photos below will give you many ideas for your highlight styling.


Straight, spiky hair with red streaks for some definition. This one is a fun and frenzy hairstyle for men in their 20s. Th sides are also shaved to give more emphasis to the actual uniqueness this hairstyle can offer.

Fresh-looking, highlighted pomapadour with nice faded sides and shaved temple areas.

The actor appeared with his trendy highlighted curls during the German premiere of 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen', June 14, 2009.

The actor appeared with his trendy highlighted curls during the German premiere of 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen', June 14, 2009.

Dreadlocks with dark blonde ombre effect. Dread hairstyles look great when incorporated with colors and texture.

The actor in the press room at the Empire Film Awards 2012 having his side-swept hairstyle with highlights.

The actor in the press room at the Empire Film Awards 2012 having his side-swept hairstyle with highlights.

Adding some bright streaks of color shows good looks to your style. There are many dye colors you can choose from that can fit your taste. Plus, a side shave can complete the overall look.
The two-tone color curls on top of this style adds extra depth to the look, giving it a natural highlight to the shape of your hairstyle. Bouncy curls for this curly hairstyle can surely look good aesthetically.
Every hipster loves an undercut (a super long top with no discernible layering and ultra-short shaved back and sides) and there is more than one way to style it. But if you just so happen to have some tats and piercings that you want to display, go for the classic option and slick it back. This style is everybody's favorite when it comes to a haircut. The classic option of slicked back and undercut always come together.

Love the #menbraids on Brandon's hair! Hair by Sye @syesouth #masphx #phoenixsalon #phxsalon

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Combine a bunch of subtle details to make one impactful look. Double braids, short sides, a small bun and blonde highlights seem simple on their own, but together they are unique and edgy.
The use of bleaching to the strands of your hair is the most popular to partner with a fade. The fade is cut low in order to show its natural curly texture. Also, it is precisely lined-up to look more fabulous.
When it comes to short men’s curly hair, a high-top fade gives a major boost to the look with a bleached streak on the strands of it.
This cute curly afro is thick, fun and full of highlighted curls. Having this kind of natural curly hair can look good perfectly with dark brown or auburn color.
A high fade cut for a long-length hair always complement for any face shape type. It creates a magnificent contrast in texture and length. Blonde strands is the main focal point for this style, it adds a whole new personality to the cut.
These micro dreads have been upgraded with an African-inspired shade of red that looks stylish but natural against black skin. The intricate woven style shows off the perfection of the micro dreads and that amazing color combo.

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Having this kind of hairstyle is showing the true heritage of the Africans. Dreadlocks with colored extensions team up really well. Adding a great shade of red really completes the pride of your tribe.
This long mohawk has its eye-catching style because of the colored strands. The bleached ends work as a cute detail and you can use it to customize your mohawk.
This look is fun and playful because of the bleached strands. It resembles a leopard spots like design. The short tapered sides fade to smooth fade skin.

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One of the interesting ways to utilize the Mohawk style is with a dreadhawk style. It’s a combination of fully twisted longer locks with side undercuts. Two-tone dreads are twice interesting, and the undercut can be faded toward the ear line.

@adhbrand #ADHwet in damp hair.

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This undercut comb-over goes to show that sporting well-blended bleached layers can provide an undeniably sexy and modern edge.
Old-time style yet modern, popularized in the 40's but still has its eye-catching effect that men want. The mid-fade adds sexiness and a modern twist to this cut.

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