125 Men’s Long Hairstyles for 2019

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Man with long and thick, wavy hair.

The 1990’s saw a huge resurgence in long hair for men.

While that wide-scale of a trend has since waned, many men still sport long hair in many styles and hair types.

This is our expansive photo gallery showcasing many different long hairstyles and cuts for men.

Long, slicked back hair with short sides. The center portion of the hair is dyed with a gray shade so the attention is dragged towards it.

Long hair in a mohawk style enhanced with some creativity. The etched designs are made accurately to be able to portray some edgy and unique details.

Don't let age define you, white hair is a sign of wisdom and styling it properly will do no harm. This man's salt and pepper hair is arranged into a sophisticated slicked back look oozing with class and style.

Bohemian-style dreadlocks are interesting for it exhibits texture, dimension, culture and style all at the same time.

Some might say that dreadlocks are too heavyweight to style but what they don't realize is that even a subtle styling will make a lot of impact. These long dreadlocks are simple pulled up into a loose knot, creating a uniquely impressive hairdo.

One unique approach to dreadlocks is by blending it with some other styles. In this one, the longs dreadlocks are paired with an undercut. The result is definitely impressive.

Go an extra mile for your dreadlocks. Achieve this stylish look by pulling the upper half of your locks into a chunky bun and dividing the remaining ones into three portions, braiding them separately.

Long and chunky dreadlocks, decorated with some funky grips and beads to achieve a Bohemian style.

A bunch of thick, ombre dreadlocks pulled back into two separated knots. A little experiment goes a long way! This one is just a normal set of dreads yet it looked more unique and interesting.

Chunky ombre dreadlocks pulled back into one knot. This hairstyle also has a detailed shaving that flows seamlessly into the side burns.

Nobody is too old for some stylish dreadlocks! This one opted have his dreads arranged into a nice, half-up style. Neat!

A twisted hairstyle for those people who want to incorporate hair maintenance to style. This hair is too creative you'll never get bored with it.

What are good styles for guys with long hair?

As you can see in our gallery above, many styles work for guys with long here.

Here are 7 common options:

1. Man buns

Man bun diagram showing front, side and back of man bun hairstyleThe man bun, which is very popular right now, is when long hair is tied up into a bun so it sits towards the top of the head. They aren’t a new hairstyle for men. They’ve been around for hundreds of years.  Many male celebrities sport man buns. To get a sense when they grew in popularity, the best way is to check Google trends.  As you can see below, they’re not as popular now as they were in 2015.

2. Braids

Man with braids

3. Fades

While man buns spiked in popularity, the fade, also super popular, continues a steady trajectory as a popular haircut for men.

Men's fade hair style chart front, side and back.4. Ponytail

Man with ponytail hair

5. Undercut

Man with undercut haircut

6. Straight and long

Johnny Depp with straight long hair.

7. Dreadlocks

Man with dreadlocks

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