40 Man Bun Hairstyle Examples

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Side profile of a guy in a man bun.

Man buns were super popular in 2015, and while their popularity has waned a bit, they’re still fashionable.

Many men with medium-length or long hair wear them to this day. Below is our epic gallery showcasing many examples of man buns (photos).

Mini man bun with skin fade and tramlines. The hair is slicked all the way to the back and then tied up into a mini bun.

Chris Hemsworth in his man bun blonde hair at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Johnny Depp tied his hair in a bun during the Los Angeles Premiere of "Public Enemies" held at Mann Village, Westwood, CA in 2009.

Johnny Depp tied his hair in a bun during the Los Angeles Premiere of "Public Enemies" held at Mann Village, Westwood, CA in 2009.

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Shown in this unique hairstyle is a basic shaved side style and pulled up into a bun to keep this style cool for summer time.

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Think of a braid as an accent for short hair instead of the basis for the overall style. A small inverted braid is perfect for adding pizzazz to the standard man bun.

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Black men's long hair doesn’t mean that all of the hair has to be long! This has a Samoa-inspired feel to it because of the curve of the fade. For more visual interest, the line design was cut in to demarcate the two sections.
For an easy way to stand out from the crowd that doesn’t require too much maintenance, go for a half top knot. Ladies love a black guy with a bun. For real. This is a creative style that is still very urban. Keep the fade below looking clean with regular trips to the barber.
The micro man-bun evokes a younger vibe and it's here to stay. Perfect for any age-range and face features.

The man bun is back! 💪🏼 What do you think is better? Bun or beard? #manbun #beard #helix

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If your facial hair is growing fast, find the perfect balance between the hair on your head and your chin. The best in this style is the combination of medium locks and long beard.
Most Asian men have thick textured hair. That is why they like to wear braided hairstyles with shaved sides.
Bun styles for longer hair can be experimental. It can be sleek and messy, high and low, neat and fluffy, business- or hipster-styled. To find your own you have to experiment a lot and let your inner creativity be wild.
A simple line or an intricately carved pattern can be added as a shaved design to your tapered sides and will be a great asset to your cut.

What is a man bun?

It’s a wound up pony tail. They can be created with medium-length and long hair. They can be placed up high or lower down.

Video: How to do a man bun

Are man buns still popular?

Not as popular as they were in 2014 to 2015. Below we show trend charts on the trending nature of this type of hairstyle based on Google search and inquiry volume.

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