100 Pompadour Haircut Examples for Men (2019)

A guy in a neat pompadour.

Go vintage with a pompadour haircut and style.  It’s definitely a style onto its own.  While the pompadour is a popular style for men, it’s named after Madame de Pompadour who was mistress of the King Louis XV in the 18th Century.

In the 20th century, the pompadour became popularized by the King of Rock n’ Roll Elvis Presley.  Since then, it’s been a staple hairstyle for men enjoying a revival since 2010.

Here’s our gallery featuring 100 pompadour haircuts for men.


Fresh-looking, highlighted pomapadour with nice faded sides and shaved temple areas.

Shape 💈

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A uniquely shaped and styled pompadour with chopped and faded sides.

This creative cut by @stell_the_talent was executed using ONLY scissors. Stell scissor over combed the side, using a thin comb to keep it tight and short from the sideburn gradually getting longer towards the back, where he started layering over-directing each section to the previous to build up a square shape. Finished with @uppercutdeluxe featherweight. #barbergang #barberlove #barberingdaily #behindthechair #barbernation #barberswag #mensgrooming #barberrespect #barbergrind #barberflow #barber4life #barberingskills #followyourclippers #barberlife#londonbarber #ukbarber #groomandzoom #barberfamily #barberworld #barberfamily #uppercutdeluxe #thenexttopbarber #barberporn @barbershopconnect @showcasebarbers @barbersinctv @nastybarbers @britishmasterbarbers @internationalbarbers

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A short pompadour with a tail-like style at the back. This one gives that hipster kind of finish that everyone loves.

Classic pompadour with a shiny and steady finish. The whole look is incorporated with a handlebar mustache to give that traditional yet trendy vibe.

Tall and artistic pompadour with a big wave of strands and nicely faded sides.

The actor looked so classy and fancy at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards last February 10, 2013. He wore his detailed suit with a polished pompadour.

The actor looked so classy and fancy at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards last February 10, 2013. He wore his detailed suit with a polished pompadour.

Slicked back hairstyles are versatile and flexible enough to fit in into any kind of fashion sense and to blend with any other type of hairstyles. If you want to achieve a classy and trendy look, this slicked back, mini pompadour with a high fade is worth the try! Whether it's for a formal gathering or a casual meet-up, this one will definitely nail it.

The man had his hair styled into this fresh-looking mini pompadour for short hair. The texture and volume is enough for this hairdo to make a statement, not to mention the slightly faded sides that create a unique depth.

A classic pompadour with slightly faded sides that start from the top part of the sideburns down to the beard. This hairstyle brings out a rocking, retro vibe that millennials will definitely love!

Arranging wavy hair into a nice slicked back 'do somehow results into a vintage style. But since wavy strands can sometimes be troublesome, be sure to use a proper hair gel that has a strong hold.

Enhancing a classic pompadour by styling it with faded sides. The strands are thin but it look so steady and tight, thanks to good old spray net.

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A slicked-back 'do will never go out of style because of its flattering classic look and retro feel. Adding a side fade cut will give a modern look to your hairstyle.


What is a pompadour?

It’s distinctive.  It’s a form of slicked back hairstyle including side and top.  The Pompadour differs from a slick back style in that the front poofs up creating a wave-like look.  Some pompadours have a tall poof while others can be less pronounced.

Types of Pompadours

It can vary in several ways:

  • Short (shaved sides),
  • Longer sides slicked back,
  • Tall,
  • Not so tall,
  • Slightly swept to the side, and
  • Straight back.

Famous Men with Pompadour Hairstyles

 Elvis Presley

One of the most famous people in the 20th century to sport a pompadour was Elvis Presley.  Check it out:

Elvis Presley with Pompadour Haircut

Elvis Presley with Pompadour his famous Haircut

Chris Isaac

One of the first persons who comes to my mind for the pompadour is Chris Isaac.  He sometimes sports a slicked-back style, but he’s also known for the pompadour.

Chris Isaak with Pompadour Hairstyle

Chris Isaak with Pompadour Hairstyle

Bruno Mars

Bruno is one dapper man with his famous pompadour.  Check it out.

Bruno Mars with his famous pompadour hairstyle

Bruno Mars with his famous pompadour hairstyle

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is very well known for his pompadour.  Sometimes it’s a bit of a spike, but when hair is longer, it’s full-on pompadour. Check it out:

Adam Lambert with Pompadour hairstyle

Adam Lambert with Pompadour hairstyle

David Beckham

David Beckham, known for his various hairstyles (trend-setter) has sported a pompadour.

David Beckham sporting a Pompadour

David Beckham sporting a Pompadour

Zac Efron

Zac Efron, also known as a trendsetter in the hair department, has worn this classic look.

Zac Efron with Pompadour

Zac Efron with Pompadour

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