501 Short Haircuts for Men in 2019 (Photos)

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Asian guy with a short haircut.

For obvious reasons, short haircuts for men is the most popular hair length search for men.  That said, short isn’t terribly descriptive.  There are many styles that fall under “short”.

Our massive photo gallery features examples of all hair colors and styles for men.  Browse the gallery below.

Mark Wahlberg with slicked back hair arrives on the red carpet at the Transformers The Last Knight movie premiere on June 20, 2017 in Chicago

Razor-cut style with varying lengths and angles for to achieve some tapered layers. This type of hairstyle can be worn with the layers either brushed-down or combed up.

A v-shaped, slanted fade design is a great hairstyle to cope up with the warm and humid weather.

Straight, spiky hair with red streaks for some definition. This one is a fun and frenzy hairstyle for men in their 20s. Th sides are also shaved to give more emphasis to the actual uniqueness this hairstyle can offer.

This haircut indeed has a unique shape and style. The top part has textured point cut while the sides are faded gradually.

Thick beard paired with a rugged and loosely-styled, layered hair.

A simple haircut for men with short-length, thick hair. Having a thick hair is an advantage to this kind of hairstyle for it gives much more texture and dimension to the overall look.

Short, razor cut style with soft but stylish spikes. This type of hairstyle is commonly seen on asian men, especially Japanese guys who love anime.

Texture | Natural | Taper | Beard ✂💈

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A modern quiff with textured and messy layers. The top part is disheveled to give the overall look a bit of an edge.

This quiff hairstyle combined sleek and messy style in one look. The spiky top part and the short sides made this one a stylish representation of how men can wear their thick hair.

Dark, natural hair in a mohawk style with minimal faded sides. This hairstyle is somehow a mash-up of tribal and modern looks.

One of my favorite haircuts ever on my buddy @Miami.jpg #repost

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A clean, v-shaped faded cut at the back with permed curls on the top is one artistic way to style a dark-colored hair.

Short is just the start

If you’re looking for short haircut ideas, there are many styles to choose from.  Start with our gallery above and get some ideas of different styles you’re looking for.

Then, narrow your search on our site by the various styles to get more specific examples of what you’re looking for.

Here’s a list of short styles we feature on our site:

Is bald included as a short cut?

We set up a separate length for bald and called it bald.  Why?  It’s not short hair.  It’s no hair.  The shaved bald look is very popular these days and warrants its own section.

Celebrity Men

The most popular length for celebrity men is short as well and has been for years.  You’ll notice it in our celebrity men section that most male celebs sport a shorter style most of the time.  We do feature multiple photos for each celeb so some may be long, but overwhelmingly most are short.

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