70 Side Part Hairstyles for Men (Photos)

A young model with a side-part hairstyle.

When it comes to a side part haircut whether you’re a man or woman, you have 3 options:

  • Left side,
  • Middle, or
  • Right side.

Of course, you don’t have to have a part. You can go Caesar or slicked back.

For side-swept or part ideas, check this gallery out.  All sorts of examples.

The side part is a classic cut and style.  Even fades and undercuts can include a part on the left or right.

Some parts are extreme on the far side while others are closer to the center.  However, it should not be confused with a combover which isn’t a part.  Other cuts that have no part include Caesar cuts, mohawks, forward tousled cuts and slicked back styles (to name a few).

The side part is a traditional, conservative style that will always be fashionable.  I think it’s a much nicer look than a center part.  When I was a kid I did the center part thinking it looked cool.  I wizened up when I grew up.

It works for long, medium-length and short hair, although not for buzz cuts because there’s no hair to part.  It’s too short.

Male celebrities like it:

If you check out our male celebrities galleries, you’ll notice that many men celebs have and/or are sporting a side part style.  This is because it’s a classic look.  Moreover, there are many varieties you can enjoy – tousled, slicked, casual, etc.  It works with all hair colors and hair types… although it can be difficult or not possible with very curly hair.

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