99 Spiked Haircut Examples and Ideas for Men (Photos)

Make a statement with a spiked haircut. Spiked hair ranges in many styles with the entire top spiking, the sides or selected hair patches. Check out these 99 spiked haircut examples for men.

Adam Levine sporting spiked hairstyle

Spiked hair for men can range widely.  It can be the entire top of the head all spiked up or just portions of the hair.  It can be a cool look if done with care.  A little mousse and voila – you have a cool style.

This gallery showcases 99 cool spike haircuts for men.  You’ll see examples for all hair colors, various lengths and different spike styles.  As you’ll see below, the spikes can be random or poker straight.  This is a cool look that varies tremendously.

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