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Woman with silver metallic hair coloring oct2

60 Cool Metallic Hair Color Ideas for Women (2018)

Silver hair with a metallic sheen is trending big time right now.  Actually, there are many different metallic colors (we ...
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Modish wigs worn by mannequins.

8 Fashionable Wig Alternatives

Wigs can either be made of real human hair or of synthetic fibers. They can be used as a cosmetic accessory ...
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Gorgeous woman with permed hairstyle.

5 Top Shampoo Options for Permed Hair

The perm is back.  If you have permed hair, you probably want a great shampoo designed to clean and treat ...
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Woman with long wavy red hair

5 Top Shampoo Options For Red Hair

Throughout history, people have tended to have a love/hate relationship with red hair. While these brassy locks are treasured in ...
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Woman with long light brown hair

18 Light Brown Hairstyles for Women (2018)

Welcome to our gallery and examples of women with light brown hair.  This gallery includes many different styles, hair types and ...
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Stylish woman with straight, ombre hair.

111 Ombré Hairstyles for Women in 2018

I remember learning shading techniques as a kid for coloring and drawing.  I loved drawing, even though I wasn't very ...
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Leonardo DiCaprio with slicked hair at J.Edgar Premiere

9 Terrific Hair Gel Alternatives (to Keep Your Locks in Place)

Hair gel has its place for sure.  Good gel can keep hair in its place very well.  But, you get ...
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Mt .Adams near Yakima, Washington.

5 Top Hair Salons in Yakima, Washington

Here it is... Headcurve's short list of 5 top hair salons in Yakima. While Yakima isn't the biggest city in ...
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Photo of Reno, Nevada

5 Top Hair Salons in Reno, Nevada

Looking for a hair salon in Reno, Nevada? Let us help.  We put together a list of 5 top hair ...
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cartoon of hairdresser blow drying clients hair sept10

9 Types of Blow Dryers (Buying Guide)

Before you buy a hair dryer, it's a good idea to become familiar with the different types of categories available ...
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Bellingham aerial photo

5 Top Hair Salons in Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, Washington is an eclectic and fun area that combines the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a touch of ...
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young woman with hair straightener flat iron

10 Types of Hair Straighteners (Buying Guide)

You want to find a quality straightener that will get the job done effectively and without damaging your hair. Straighteners, ...
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Woman getting hair curled by hair stylist

17 Types of Curling Irons (Buying Guide)

I. Curling Iron Buying Guide If you haven’t looked into it before, you may assume that a curling iron is ...
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View of Spokane Washington sept6

5 Top Hair Salons in Spokane, WA

I love Spokane.  I've been there several times and love the arid climate and geography.  The city is exciting, offers ...
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Woman with brunette crimped hair

6 Types of Hair Crimpers (Buying Guide)

I. Hair Crimper Buying Guide Looking for the perfect hair crimper to add texture to your hair and give it ...
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