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stylist putting in hair rollers in woman's hair.

8 Types of Hair Rollers for Curly and Wavy Hair

Whether you are a fan of hot rollers, foam rollers, or the classic Velcro option, the right products give you ...
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Hipster-vibe, curly blue hair.

24 Blue Curly Hair Ideas for Women (2018)

The blue curly hair for women trend is in a big upward trajectory right now and has been since early ...
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Woman with straight balayage hair

50 Straight Balayage Hairstyle Ideas for Women (2018)

The balayage technique is a subtle hair coloring technique that's very popular.  See the trend chart below the straight balayage ...
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Woman with dark short straight hair

199 Short Straight Hairstyles and Cuts for Women (2018)

Short and straight hair is a very popular cut and style for women.  Short is the most popular length by ...
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Man with highlights in his hair

35 Mens Hairstyles with Highlights (2018 Photos)

I remember a friend of mine who was always stylish had highlights put into his dark hair.  I thought it ...
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Woman with long blonde curly hair

85 Long Blonde Curly Hairstyles for Women (2018 Photos)

Long blonde curly hair is super popular for women.  It's a classic style and so we have a huge and ...
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Attractive woman with long, black and curly hair

90 Long Black Curly Hair Ideas for Women (2018 Photos)

When you have curly hair or get are curling it, it's nice to see examples of it according to your ...
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Woman with short purple hair

30 Short Purple Hair Ideas for Women (2018)

Purple actually looks great in hair, especially darker hair because it's a subtle coloring that isn't the usual blond or ...
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Woman getting highlights put into hair

99 Short Hair with Highlights for Women (2018)

Have short hair and want highlights? Or maybe you have highlights and want to cut it short?  Or maybe you ...
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Woman with short red hair

25 Great Short Red Hairstyles for Women (2018)

Having red hair puts you in an exclusive group of people of 2% the people in the world.  Yup, only ...
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Woman with short blue hair

27 Short, Blue Hair Ideas for Women (2018)

Blue hair can be fun and it can work terrifically with short hair. It's spontaneous and different and if you ...
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Woman with short, curly hair.

150 Short and Curly Hair Ideas for Women (2018)

Welcome to our epic collection showcasing short and curly hair ideas for women. Actually, we add more to the collection ...
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Man getting mohawk style haircut

50 Mohawk Haircut Examples for Men (2018 Photos)

The first image that comes to mind for "mohawk haircut for men" is long spikes along the top center. While ...
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Woman with black and red fulani braids (long hair)

20 Fulani Braid Ideas and Examples for Women

Welcome to our fulani braids ideas, photos and examples for women. While not a huge gallery, the examples showcased below ...
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Woman with short blonde hairstyle

110 Awesome Short Blonde Hairstyles for Women (2018)

Blonde hair is popular. Short haircuts for women are popular.  It goes without saying that short blonde hairstyles for women ...
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