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  • Great hair with a good conditioner

    10 Top Hair Conditioners for Men

    As a matter of fact, men pay far less attention to hair condition than women. However, it’s high time that men realize the importance of seriously maintaining their hair. Your masculinity is revealed by the way you appear, and to be honest, your hair contributes a lot more to your looks than you might perceive. […] More

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    10 Top Hair Conditioners for Oily Hair

    When it comes to hair problems, there is probably nothing worse than having an oily scalp that leaves the hair feeling all sticky and greasy. Try as you might with all the best shampoos that you own, it is often impossible to free the hair from all that excess oil. Many people with oily hair […] More

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    10 Top Shampoos for Tangled Hair

    Detangling tangled hair is not only difficult and painful, but it is also depressing as well. Seeing a lot of hair on your hairbrush is a pain that women understand all too well. We love our hair and seeing strands of it break while brushing is one of the most painful things we have to […] More

  • Hair conditioners for thick hair

    10 Top Hair Conditioners for Thick Hair

    For a thick, lustrous mane of hair, hydration is vital. If you usually select your hair conditioner by blindly picking any product that falls in your price range, you may be doing your hair a serious disservice. A good hair conditioner after shampooing your hair is just as important as moisturizing your skin after showering. […] More

  • A woman applying hair conditioner to her wet hair

    4 Types of Conditioners

    When it comes to hair care, people just think that having a lather of white fluffiness on their head will remove all contaminants from their scalp while providing their hair with the utmost nourishment it requires. This common misconception among the majority leads to damaged, broken, dry, and unhealthy hair. Moreover, many people are unaware of […] More

  • A young, beautiful girl with colored hair

    10 Top Hair Conditioners for Color-Treated Hair

    We all know that hair dyeing process often results in damaged hair which is why extra attention needs to be given to colored hair. While color-treated hair looks gorgeous, it may not after a while, if not properly taken care of. This is precisely the reason why women with dyed hair rely heavily on all […] More

  • A Hairdresser WaA hairdresser washing customer’s hair with a hair shampooshes Customer’s Hair

    13 Different Types of Shampoo

    Shampoos – the number one hair cleansing formulations – have been around for over a hundred years. While they are mainly used for the purpose of cleaning hair, the foamy product has a wide range of other applications as well. Did you know that shampoos can be used for doing dishes? Another alternative use for […] More

  • A gril rockinga Trendy Hairstyle

    10 Top Shampoo Options for Ombre Hair Coloring

    If we look at the best hair trends of the last two decades, ombre hair has been reigning supreme; and after all these years, it has been showing no sign of losing its well-earned popularity. Someone who lacks knowledge of this fashionable hair trend may wonder what ombre hair really is? For others, the question […] More

  • A red-haired girl smiles and touches her curls on a white background

    9 Different Types of Hair Curls

    For the longest time, society did not accept or recognize the fact that 60% of all people have kinks in their hair. Instead, we were told straight hair was the norm, and curly the deviation. For hundreds of years, women with naturally curly hair ironed, chemically treated, and burnt their hair to achieve a straight-haired […] More

  • Women grabbing her frizzy hair

    10 Top Hair Conditioners for Frizzy Hair

    Living with frizzy hair is not easy. No matter how hard you work or how much time you spend to set your hair, a tiny gust of wind is enough to make your hair a mess. If you think frizzy and curly hair is easier to manage as compared to straight here, try asking someone who struggles with frizz every day. Have […] More

  • A Brunette Girl with Beautiful Permed Hair

    10 Top Shampoo Options for Permed Hair

    With the surprising return of the perm, celebs and non-celebs alike are rocking this super stylish trend all over the globe. Short for a permanent wave, a perm refers to the process of chemical reactions that create a permanent hair wave. Gone are the days when a perm had to be just one of those […] More

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    10 Top Hair Conditioners for Dry Hair

    Dry, frizzy, brittle, and dead-looking hair is almost every person’s worst nightmare. It is truly a pain to manage this kind of hair especially when anything you do to revitalize your lifeless hair seems to fail and give up you. Most of us try a range of solutions to fix dry and dull hair, from natural oil-based […] More

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