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Photo Gallery of Women’s Hairstyles


Fresh-looking copper hair in a medium length with waves. This one is incorporated with curtain bangs as an effective way to frame heart-shaped faces.

Long and curly hair arranged into this stay-at-home upstyle with curtain bangs.

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A medium cut with subtle layers and curtain bangs is one great way to frame faces with longer shapes.

Short, copper hair with overlapping but subtle layers and curtain bangs. This type of hairstyle will make you hair look thicker.

Dirty blonde curls with a medium length, enhanced with curtain bangs for a youthful aura.

Dirty blonde, short and thin hair in an eclectic-style finish. This one is also incorporated with subtle curtain bangs for face-framing purposes.

Fresh, medium-length cut with curtains bangs. The hair is tossed a little to achieve an extra volume.

Medium-length cut with curtain bangs in platinum blonde hair. It's messy finish give this hairstyle a textured look.

Sleek blonde bob with subtle curtain bangs. This hairstyle looks soft and feminine making it perfect for a low-key finish.

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Tousled blonde hair with curtain bangs. This style might be quite messy but it is surely stylish and elegant.

Medium-length razor cut with curtain bangs. The waves give this hairstyle an extra texture and volume.

Classic, dark waves with subtle lowlights and straight, blunt bangs.

Interesting Hair Facts
  • 75% of women color their hair in some form.
  • 69% of women say they feel more attractive right after having their hair colored.
  • Dark brown is the color of choice for 56% of women.
  • 38% of surveyed women say they’ve changed their hairstyle to feel more confident.
  • Researchers found the typical woman will have her hair layered, shortened, or colored twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65.
  • Women have an average of 104 different hairstyles during their lifetime.
  • Almost one-third of women change styles or dye their hair following a relationship breakup or divorce, while 17% do it to conceal gray hairs.
  • A study of 3,000 women revealed 44% changed their hairstyle or color simply because they were bored, while 61% admit they ‘just wanted a change.’ 

1. Hair Lengths

Woman with medium-length hair

Learn all about the various hair lengths and what is meant by the various terms such as “short”, “medium-length” and “long.

With illustrated charts, you’ll find out length definitions as well as access each individual hair gallery.

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2. Styles

Woman with long brunette hair

Discover the many different hairstyles available as well as access each styles photo gallery where we feature thousands of style examples.

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3. Hair Colors

Woman with red hair in pixie style.

If you’re considering changing your hair color or want to browse hundreds of hairstyles by hair color, check this out.

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4. Bangs

Woman with loose, messy bangs.

Your bangs must be considered for almost every cut.  You can learn about the many different types of bangs plus see thousands of examples.

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5. Hair Types

Women with fine, blonde hair.

Browse hairstyles and cuts by the various hair types plus learn what they are – including thick, fine, wavy, curly and straight.

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6. Face Shapes

Woman with blonde hair in bob cut.Browse hairstyles and cuts by face shape.  We also explain the different face shapes with illustrations.

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7. Female Celebrity Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston with an upstyle and long bangs.

We also offer a searchable female celebrity hairstyles gallery. FYI, celebrity photos are included in our main galleries as well.

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8. Women Over 50

Our huge and growing photo gallery featuring women over 50 is popular. In general, it’s a very popular search term.  Click here for our main women’s hairstyles over 50 page or our women over 50 wearing glasses gallery go straight to the gallery with button below.

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9. Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles

When we researched and put together our wedding hairstyles gallery, I was astonished at how beautiful and elaborate many of the styles were.  This is a truly spectacular gallery showcasing many fabulous styles for the big day.  Below the gallery is a list of the top 12 most popular wedding hairstyles based on extensive data we collected.

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10. Prom Hairstyles

Young woman with hair styled for prom

Once a year women and men style it up for the big end-of-high-school extravaganza also known as prom.  Tuxes are rented, elegant dresses purchased and hairstyling goes into overdrive.

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