200 Balayage Hairs Examples for Women (2018)

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Woman getting balayage coloring technique done to hair.

Welcome to our balayage hair gallery where we feature all color combinations, hair types and lengths for the balayage coloring technique for women.

Balayage is trending upwards right now as illustrated by our trends chart below.  Get loads of ideas via our extensive photo gallery below.

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Spring is in the air. Paint, cut and style by Schielah. #balayage #eastvillage #goldenblondehair #headdresshunnies

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#perfecthair #haircut #haircolor #flawless by @argeinstagram #livedinhair Californiaish hair in PR ##lob #it

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It's a Cool Summer

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•Babe Hair• Full Balayage and Signature Lowlights. #breakingupbrunette Color @sadieface Style @kelseyclairehair

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Pairing lowlights and babylights to your brown hair result in sexy waves.
This dark beachy waves adds sexiness.
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•CARAMELIZED VANILLA CREME• one of my favorite dimensional looks ❤️this took two sessions to get the warm and cool affect. Painted, razored and texturized✨ Painted this beauty’s hair using @oligopro and toned with @wellahair. All of course with @olaplex ✨✨ . . . . . . . #btconeshot_hairpaint18 #btconeshot_ombre18 #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #licensedtocreate #hairofinstagram #wellaeducation #sanantoniobalayage #texasbalayage #balayageombre #balayage #balayageartists #mastersofbalayage #hairpainters #paintedhaircertified #sanantoniohair #sanantoniosalon #sanantonioartist #sanantoniostylist #sanantoniophotography #sanantoniohairdresser #sanantonioart #sanantoniohairstylist #sanantoniofashion #sanantonioblogger #sanantoniohairsalon #sanantoniotattoos #sanantoniomua

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This caramel vanilla cream is so beautiful and sweet!
this stylish color transitions to golden and pale neutral blonde from blonde roots is stunning and well-blended.
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Placement and technique is key. 🔑 Lightened and brightened naturally dark hair, without harsh lines or heavy contrast. ☀️✨✨

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The placement of these highlights is just picture perfect.
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•{ Those tones 🖤😍 || #behindthechair #btconeshot_hairpaint18 }•

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This varied combination is a great way to try out blonde without lightening your crown.
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✨ B E A C H Y H A I R ✨#btconeshot_balayage #btconeshot_ombre18

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This balayage beach blonde is the perfect style for going to beach!
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TIFFANY🤘 #manechick #dontbeasidechick #maneivysalon #michelle_zellerhair @circumscisms

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The combination of ombre and balayage is a work of art for every brunettes.
This long espresso curls' beauty will surely wake you up.
This brunette with blonde ends looks a total rockstar.
The long see-through bangs looks so classy and hot. The combination of waves and bangs is just so sweet.
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How beautiful is that stacked bob?! Also love the light waves.

Balayage vs. Ombré Diagram

Balayage vs. Ombré Diagram

12 Types of Balayage Hair Coloring Options for Women

1. Blue Balayage

Working off a base of short black hair or a bob cut of black hair, blue balayage adds intriguing color to your natural hair color. This stunning combination of colors includes undertones of violet, gray, and denim blue. Bright blue accents make the balayage really stand out and draw attention.

2. Pewter and Silver Balayage

Silver hair has traditionally been associated with aging. But now, thanks to balayage, it’s becoming a trendy color for people of all ages. If you have long, straight, black hair, a pewter and silver balayage, with a few subtle hints of ash brown, gives your hair a beautiful and dramatic look. The silver and pewter shades add a bit of brightness and shine to your dark hair, while the ash brown keeps the overall tone cool, balanced, and subtle.

3. Ash Blonde and Lilac Balayage

A dramatic balayage look, and one that works on all hair colors, is ash blonde and lilac. This balayage color scheme can even be used on black and brown hair to change the base color. While the ash blonde helps to make your hair look brighter and shinier, lilac adds a dramatic pop of purple that adds some darkness to your hair to keep it from looking overwhelmingly bright.

4. Blonde Balayage

This type of balayage is ideal if you have medium-length brown to blonde hair. The colors in this balayage hairstyle change from a chestnut brown at the top of the head to highlights of a honey-golden blonde and a champagne blonde at the ends. Keeping the base color darker adds contrast to your face, while the lighter tones towards the bottom of your hair make your overall look brighter and more youthful.

5. Subtle Blend Balayage

Balayage can add dramatic color to your hair, but it can also be used to create a more subtle change. Going with a more subtle balayage is a great option if you don’t want to have too much change all at once. It is also a good way to try out balayage to see if it’s something that you like and that you want to experiment with more in the future. There are many different shades of balayage blends that you can try, such as adding a bit of caramel color to dark brown hair. Subtle balayage gives your hair just enough color and brightness to give it a sun-kissed look, but it is still low-key enough to wear around the office and in more formal or professional settings.

6. Blonde Bob Balayage

You might think of balayage as a hairstyle trend for longer hair, but it works just as well on shorter hair, too. The complex and sophisticated colors of a blond balayage make an already modern and edgy bob cut look even more dramatic. The sleek layers that the blond balayage creates also means that your hair can easily be worn up or down, and it has a classy look that can take you from one event to the next. With its versatility, the blond bob is one of the most sought-after types of hairstyles/cuts for balayage coloring for women.

7. Silver Blonde Balayage

A silver blonde balayage, which is lighter than a blond balayage, is a natural choice for graying hair or hair that is a lighter blonde color. This balayage adds just a bit of darkness to the roots to give your hair contrast, dimension, and weight. This texture and color combination looks best on hair that is fine and thin.

8. Medium-Brown Balayage

This type of balayage is ideal if you have medium-length hair that is medium to dark brown. This type of balayage adds lightness and color to the strands of hair around your face. The lighter shades of the balayage then continue down to the ends, getting progressively lighter along the way. Around your head, the color starts out darker at the roots and ends in lighter honey-colored and caramel tones at the end. The brighter strands act as a face frame, while the lighter balayage at the ends of your hair helps to give your hair a lighter appearance.

9. Brunette Balayage with Soft Highlights

Another good option for those who have brunette hair is soft highlights at the end. The highlights can either be a lighter shade of brown or blonde if you want more of a contrasting look. Either way, the color change will be enough to give your hair a brighter, refreshed look without creating an overwhelming change.

10. Rose Gold Balayage

One of the trendiest colors in balayage today is rose gold. Rose gold is noted for its versatility and the fact that it works well on a range of hair colors, including black and blonde. Rose gold is a combination of blonde with reddish-pink tones. It can add a bit of youth and intriguing color to graying hair, and it can also add a fun element to traditionally blonde hair. The shimmering pink in rose gold balayage can also add a subtle and pleasant brightness to darker brown or black hair.

11. Gray-Blonde Balayage

Gray-blonde balayage is a unique color that works well on a variety of hair colors. When used on graying hair, it adds a bit of shine and lightness from the blonde strands to offset the look of a darker gray head of hair. When used on blonde hair, the gray adds a bit of contrast and allure by making your strands look a bit edgier and more modern. Gray-blonde balayage can also be used to lighten up and add dramatic change to a head of dark hair.

12. Caramel Balayage

Caramel balayage is a good choice if you have darker hair and you’re looking for a more dramatic contrasting look. Caramel is ideal because it contains complex shades of brown and even darker blonde. This versatile balayage style works on all hair types and lengths too, which adds to its appeal. This type of balayage works on straight, wavy, and curly hair, and unlike some colors, this color choice can even look better as your hair grows out. With caramel balayage you don’t have to put much effort into making your hair look presentable, as the stunning contrast of the high and low tones creates a dramatic effect on its own.

How popular is balayage hair these days?

Check out the trends chart below.

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