Bangs can have a huge impact on a women’s hairstyle.  When done right, they enhance a style; when done badly or the wrong type of bangs is chosen, it can be very bad.

If you’re getting a cut with bangs, you’d be well served to become knowledge about the different types of bangs and also figure out which type is a good fit for your face shape, hair type and length.

We can help.  Below is access to our gallery featuring many hairstyles with bangs.  Be sure to drill down with other search features.  Below our gallery we set out many types of bangs.

Fresh-looking copper hair in a medium length with waves. This one is incorporated with curtain bangs as an effective way to frame heart-shaped faces.

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Long and curly hair arranged into this stay-at-home upstyle with curtain bangs.

A medium cut with subtle layers and curtain bangs is one great way to frame faces with longer shapes.

Short, copper hair with overlapping but subtle layers and curtain bangs. This type of hairstyle will make you hair look thicker.

Dirty blonde curls with a medium length, enhanced with curtain bangs for a youthful aura.

Dirty blonde, short and thin hair in an eclectic-style finish. This one is also incorporated with subtle curtain bangs for face-framing purposes.

Fresh, medium-length cut with curtains bangs. The hair is tossed a little to achieve an extra volume.

Medium-length cut with curtain bangs in platinum blonde hair. It's messy finish give this hairstyle a textured look.

Sleek blonde bob with subtle curtain bangs. This hairstyle looks soft and feminine making it perfect for a low-key finish.

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Tousled blonde hair with curtain bangs. This style might be quite messy but it is surely stylish and elegant.

Medium-length razor cut with curtain bangs. The waves give this hairstyle an extra texture and volume.

Classic, dark waves with subtle lowlights and straight, blunt bangs.

Bangs by Hair Length

Short Hair with Bangs

Woman with short hair and bangs

Medium Hair with Bangs

Woman with medium-length hair and bangs

Long Hair with Bangs

Woman with long hair and bangs

Types of bangs with photo examples and access to galleries

There are a lot of different types of bangs.  Moreover, there are two ways of categorizing bangs.

First, they can be categorized in relation to the hairstyle, cut, hair type or length.  For example, you can have pixie cut with bangs.  Or long hair with bangs.  While people search for these types of bangs extensively, they don’t really describe the particular type of bangs pertaining to the bangs themselves.

The second way of categorizing bangs pertains the bangs themselves.  That’s what we set out below.  There are many different options.

1. Long bangs

Long bangs don’t refer to the long hair.  It refers to the bangs themselves which are longer than average.  These would need to be parted, side-swept, long side bangs or they may be found on the side flowing over the years.

Example of long bangs

Long bangs parted in the center. Technically called curtain bangs but good example of long bangs.

2. Short bangs

Short bangs are dangerous because they can look really odd if cut too short.  Bangs must fit with the rest of the hair.  Short bangs only really work with certain pixie cuts.

Example of woman with short bangs

Example of a woman with short bangs.

3. Straight bangs

Straight bangs drop straight down to above the eye.  They don’t curve, sweep or part.  They’re like a hair wall dropping down over the forehead.

Example of a woman with straight bangs

4. Blunt bangs

These are bangs cut in a straight, horizontal line.  See our full blunt bangs gallery here.

Example of woman with blunt bangs

Good example of a woman with blunt bangs.

5. Parted bangs

Parted bangs are usually parted in the center, but can be asymetrically parted which is a side part.

Example of middle parted bangs and side parted bangs.

The woman on the left has side-parted bangs and the woman on the right has middle parted bangs.

6. Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs can be longer because they sweep to the right or left away from the eyes.  It’s an elegant look.  See our side-swept bangs photo gallery here.

Example of woman with side-swept bangs.

Example of woman with side-swept bangs.

7. Feathered bangs

Feathered bangs deploy a cut where the bangs are are different lengths (via layers) so when styled you achieve a feathered look.

Example of woman with feathered bangs.

Example of woman with feathered bangs.

8. Wispy bangs

These are achieved by cutting bangs different lengths which when the hair hangs, it appears to be combed to the side but it’s really not because it’s the different lengths giving that appearance.  The wispy areas have gaps in the hair giving it a wispy look.

Example of woman with wispy bangs.

Example of woman with wispy bangs.

9. Fringe bangs

Deploys a cutting approach to shape the bangs in any number of styles.  There are many bangs hairstyles that can be called fringe – it’s essentially a technique shaping the bangs (i.e. hair dropping over forehead).

Fringe!! Bangs!! Whatever you call it, it's freaking rad❤️

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10. Layered bangs

This is when bangs layers are cut different lengths for texture over the forehead.

Example of woman with layered bangs.

Example of woman with layered bangs.

11. Long side bangs

Long side bangs are longer strands of hair the drop down on the sides… longer than the rest or the hair  You see this with certain pixie cuts.

Example of woman with long side bangs.

Example of woman with long side bangs.

12. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are longer and part in the center each side sweeping to the left or right.

Example of woman with curtain bangs.

Example of woman with curtain bangs.

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