Make a statement with short bangs.  They definitely get attention and can look really cute.  It’s not for everyone, but they can look good.

If you’re thinking about getting this style of cut, check our photo gallery below.

Dark hair in a typical scissor cut with bangs. This look channels a soft and fresh aura, perfect for hot seasons.

People are aware that stacked bob looks good on straight hair, but what other's dont know is that this style looks quite fancy on curly hair too! This curly stacked bob is matched with straightened bangs that effectively complements the whole look.

Love the texture to this short cut! If you're going to rock a bob make it edgy and fun!

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The woman sports her dirty pink hair in a cute bob with razor-cut layers and bangs. The sharp tips make this look a bit fierce that usual pink-colored hairstyles.

The woman wore her corporate attire with this elegant and high-fashion curly look with some baby bangs.

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This medium-length cut with short bangs in peach and orange tones definitely gives a lot of impact to your look. It softens your sharp edges while framing your whole face.


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Classic bob cut with short bangs made a bit grungy by its razor-cut tips. This type of cut provides a thicker and more voluminous illusion to short hair.

Thanks Emily for letting me play with your hair today 🙂

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Medium-length hair with long, off-centered layers and bangs for round faces.

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Rugged bob cut with shaggy layers and ultra short bangs. The overall look is indeed cool, funky and fun.

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Cute bob cut with short bangs. This look, being neat and simple, is one great way to keep hair out of the face and emphasize its features.

Medium-length, dark hair with short bangs. The ends have sun-kissed strands with a hint of peach and pink tones for a more feminine vibe.

This bob is a combination of several styles: straight bangs, stacked and angled cut. Length may be short but it is definitely dimensional!

Underneath this simple bob cut with bangs is a hidden undercut. Surprise them with a sweet and casual look that can easily turn into an edgy and Gothic one.

What are short bangs?

It’s not rocket science.  Bangs that are cut fairly short above the eyes… typically above the eyebrows.  Sometimes it can look odd, but on the right face and with the right hair, it can look cute.