25 Short Bangs Haircut Examples (Photos)

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Here's one of our American wave models from a While back #Americanwave

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A long permed hair with a short bangs is not just unique, but stylish as well.

Cute bob cut in a cool, aquamarine shade. This ons has short, blunt bangs for a more youthful finish.

An everyday and casual look deserves less maintenance. This straight bob with blunt bangs is effortless yet it has this simple and stylish finish.

This curly bob cut is looking a bit more stylish and insteresting when paired with straightened, blunt bangs.

No ay sol y queee????

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Although curly hair usually has a sweet and soft finish, this one looks a bit edgy with its straightened blunt bangs.

Long and thin blonde hair with darker roots styled with extremely short bangs. This look is perfect for summer.

Tousled cut with balayage highlights and blunt bangs. The sharp bangs complement the messy and slightly-layered cut.

Green ombre hair textured with some tousled curls and incorporated with straight and sleek, short bangs.

Dark hair in a typical scissor cut with bangs. This look channels a soft and fresh aura, perfect for hot seasons.

People are aware that stacked bob looks good on straight hair, but what other's dont know is that this style looks quite fancy on curly hair too! This curly stacked bob is matched with straightened bangs that effectively complements the whole look.

Love the texture to this short cut! If you're going to rock a bob make it edgy and fun!

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The woman sports her dirty pink hair in a cute bob with razor-cut layers and bangs. The sharp tips make this look a bit fierce that usual pink-colored hairstyles.

The woman wore her corporate attire with this elegant and high-fashion curly look with some baby bangs.

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