Bangs are an integral part of any haircut for women.  You have many bangs styles to choose from. One such style is side-swept bangs, which we feature here.

Below is our gallery setting out many examples.

These types of bangs work with long hair, medium-length hair, bobs and in some cases short hair.

A messy, top knot style with side-swept bangs. This one is great for casual or lazy days.

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A brunette with medium-length, curly hair with side bangs. The curly, side-swept bangs create an illusion of a smaller forehead so this hairstyle is recommended for those with a long and rectangular/oval face shape.

Dark, sleek and straight hair incorporated with long-side-swept bangs for extra detail.

Dark, medium-length hair highlighted with blue tones to create a gorgeous blue ombre hair. The overall look is then incorporated with side-bangs to create more dimension and texture.

Medium-length, wavy blonde hair with side bangs tousled lightly to achieve a wind-swept effect.

This orange, medium-length hair is inspired by the iconic look of Hayley Williams from Paramore.

A medium-length hair in caramel ombre styled with side bangs and subtle layers to create dimension and volume.

Long and tousled hair with subtle layers incorporated with thick, side-swept bangs. This hairstyle is stylish enough for casual days.

A little bit of 60s🎞 #hairstyle #60sinspired #selfie #sidebangs

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A voluminous, 60's inspired hairstyle with side bangs. This hairstyle is achieved by perfectly teasing the black and wavy layers to create dimension.

Long and wavy, caramel hair with face-framing side bangs. This hairstyle looks simple and natural yet its oozing with sass and appeal.

Felicity Jones sporting a low ponytail with a thick, side tendrils.

Felicity Jones sporting a low ponytail with a thick, side tendrils at the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2015.

Felicity Jones oozing with elegance and femininity with her low bun hairstyle with side bangs.

Felicity Jones oozing with elegance and femininity with her low bun hairstyle with side bangs during the 19th Annual Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design Awards 2015.

What are side-swept bangs?

They are usually longer bangs that sweep to the side.  It’s not an up side-part, but instead, the hair hangs down over the forehead and casually sweeps either left or right.  While there is often a part, it’s not necessary.

You can have short side-swept bangs, but I don’t think they look as good because much of the forehead is exposed.

In addition to the many examples above, here are two distinct examples.

Women with bob haircut and side-swept bangs.

Women with bob haircut and side-swept bangs.

Woman with long hair with side-swept bangs.

Woman with long hair with side-swept bangs.

What types of hair works best for side-swept bangs?

Fortunately, they work well for most types of hair including fine or thick hair.

They also work for wavy and straight hair.  They may be a bit more challenging for curly or coily hair and in some cases not possible to get that sweeping effect.

How long should side-swept bangs be?

As you can see from above examples, they can vary tremendously inly length.  Also, the steeper the sweep, the longer the bangs you can have without them falling over your eyes.  Personally, I think the directly above example with really long bangs covering one eye is a bit long.  While it looks okay, it’s pretty annoying having one eye covered.

How do you keep side-swept bangs in place?

This is where you need to apply a little styling.

  • First, start with wet bangs and split into four equal sections.
  • Second, apply gel to each section.
  • Third, blow dry the bangs sweeping hair gently to the side.
  • Finally, once dry, apply a little hairspray to hold in place.

While gel and hairspray is needed, you want to use both in moderation to prevent the wet, slick look.  Side-swept bangs should look natural.

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