When you consider the population of the world as a whole, from straight raven-haired women from China to the dark complexions near the Mediterranean desert, black hair is both the darkest and most common hair color amongst every possible hair color.

This is largely due to black hair existing as a dominant genetic trait, which makes it supersede others and whole populations of the Earth have entirely black hair in their genes.

Check out hundreds of different black color for women including dozens of gorgeous celebrities with black hair.

Medium-length, angled bob cut with straight hair for blunt bangs.

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Sleek, black bob with a hint of dark blue tones and blunt bangs. This hairstyle will give you the Egyptian vibes as it somehow resembles Cleopatra's looks.

This medium-length, straight hair with a perfectly chopped blunt bangs resembles Katy Perry's iconic look.

An everyday and casual look deserves less maintenance. This straight bob with blunt bangs is effortless yet it has this simple and stylish finish.

This gothic hairstyle is created by shaving the sides of a black bob with blunt bangs. Setting sprays are used to achieve this extra shiny finish.

This straight bob cut with blunt bangs is one great work/office hairstyle for it achieves that corporate aura with a decent finish.

A center-parted style with thin, blunt bangs on a long, black hair. This one achieves he iconic, old school look.

Short to mid-length, wavy bob tousled to perfection. This style is great for casual days, if you want to look effortlessly stylish.

A typical bob cut with blunt bangs but with an extra twist. This hairstyle is highlighted on one side only, creating a unique and trendy look.

This curly bob cut is looking a bit more stylish and insteresting when paired with straightened, blunt bangs.

Sleek and silky, long black hair styled with straight bangs and paired with a dark-colored pair of glasses.

This straight bob cut with bangs is so effortless and low maintenance you can wear it everyday without even styling.

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Although curly hair usually has a sweet and soft finish, this one looks a bit edgy with its straightened blunt bangs.

Long and black hair arranged into a messy bun. The tousled look is incorporated with straight, blunt bangs to balance out the overall finish.

Dark, sleek and straight hair incorporated with long-side-swept bangs for extra detail.

Gabrielle Union sporting a Low Ponytail.

Gabrielle Union showed nothing but elegance during the Step Up Inspiration Awards at Beverly Hilton Hotel last May 20, 2016. Her long, dark hair is styled into a low ponytail oozing with sophistication.

Gabrielle Union going Sleek and Straight.

Gabrielle Union attended the 2015 BET Awards with all her beauty and elegance. She wore a sexy long dress paired with her sleek and straight, center-parted hairstyle.

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A voluminous, 60's inspired hairstyle with side bangs. This hairstyle is achieved by perfectly teasing the black and wavy layers to create dimension.

Gabrielle Union with Crazy Curls.

During the 29Rooms West Coast Debut 2016, Gabrielle Union portrayed her playful side with these crazy curls.

Gabrielle Union wearing a braided half-up

Gabrielle Union wearing a braided half-up at the Confirmation HBO Premiere Screening last March 31, 2016.

This trendy and messy upstyle was worn by Gabrielle Union during the 47TH NAACP Image Awards 2016.

This trendy and messy upstyle was worn by Gabrielle Union during the 47TH NAACP Image Awards 2016.

Gabrielle Union wearing a vintage upstyle with bouffant.

Gabrielle Union wearing a vintage upstyle with bouffant at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Birth Of A Nation last September 21, 2016.

Facts About Black Hair

Black hair gets its raven black look because the strands are made of incredibly large amounts of a chemical called eumelanin, which also makes the hair strands less dense in comparison with other colors of hair. However, other shades of hair, such as incredibly blackish-black, may often be mistaken for true and natural black hair, especially because black hair can be found in almost every part of the world.

Geneticists believe that black hair is the first, the original hair color of the human race, and as such it can be found in almost every continent today. It is especially common in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern and Southern Europe, such as Spain and Portugal.

However, black hair along with some other aspects of dark coloring can be found in more surprising places, such as Ireland, where individuals are called the “Black Irish”, but the hair color get more and more common as you travel East across the continent.

The Best Coloring for Black Hair

Black hair can come genetically with a range of naturally coloring, from pale luminescent skin to a glowing dark skin tone. Individuals born with black hair may also be born with either dark, almost black colored eyes or light gray or sky blue eyes.

However, that doesn’t mean anyone can’t turn their own hair black with a little hair dye and time. In fact, as of 2015, as many as 75% of women dyed their hair, a process that is much more normalized since the 1950’s, when only 7% of women dyed their hair.

And yet, the strict and dramatic shade of black means that the color isn’t meant for just anyone. This rich color is guaranteed to make your facial features sharper and your overall face shape thinner, so be sure these are aspects you are hoping to enhance before you choose to dye.

Black Women’s Hairstyles Stands Out in Lighting

All hair reflects light naturally, so it shouldn’t’ be surprising that black hair also finds a way to reflect light, even though the shade may typically be thought of as matte or dark enough to suck in the light around it. In fact, due to the unique shade of black, it usually reflects in beautiful shades of blue, such as the iridescence found on the wing of an equally black raven.

For black women’s hairstyles, whether it is worn curly and short or straight and long, or any combination in between, this color is often suited most to women with independent and determined personalities.

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