199 Blonde Hairstyles for Women in 2018

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Reese Witherspoon with long blond hair pony tail

Whether you want to go full on blonde or simply add some highlights, blonde hairstyles for women are plentiful. Blonde is an elegant, graceful, and soft color, bringing out your ultimate femininity.

While it seems like a summertime color, blonde comes in so many different shades that you can easily change your style to match the season.

Try an icy platinum blonde to make a real splash in the summer, go for medium golden highlights in the spring, or choose a dark, chestnut blonde for the cooler months.

There are so many options for blondes that it’s absolutely possible to find a hairstyle that suits your personality.

Check out hundreds of 2018 different blonde hairstyles for women including dozens of gorgeous blonde celebrity hairstyles in many styles including straight blonde.

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Types of Blonde

1. Ash Blonde

Jennifer Lawrence's short hair in a classy, ash blonde shade.

Jennifer Lawrence’s short hair in a classy, ash blonde shade.

This one is a light, cool-toned shade of blonde with a silvery or grayish tint. This shade often referred to as granny hair, has been really popular in the past few years. It is often featured on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Some tend to go full ash blonde while other keep it simple by having balayage or ombre highlights. Either way, it is safe to say that this shade is truly stylish especially for millennials.

The gray tint fades faster, that’s why ash blonde hair can be categorized as a high-maintenance hairstyle. If you choose to have this shade, you might need to go back to the hair salon to retouch it or buy toners, silver and purple shampoos to lessen the fading.

2. Dirty Blonde

Cara Delevigne looking fierce with her dirty blonde hair.

Cara Delevigne looking fierce with her dirty blonde hair.

Nope, dirty blonde has nothing to do with the hair’s tidiness. This one is a darker shade of blonde. People often describe it as a shade which is too dark to be blonde yet too light to be brunette so it settles in between the two. This one is a bit edgier than the rest and is much easier to maintain.

3. Golden Blonde

Avril Lavine's shiny, golden locks.

Avril Lavine’s shiny, golden locks.

Golden blond hair has warm tones with a bit of brazziness. This is the most common type of blonde we see everyday.. Some people are gifted to have this shade as their natural hair color, no bleaching needed; healthy and beautiful indeed.

To those people with dark hair, achieving a golden blonde shade needs a lot of effort and maintenance. Hair should be kept nourish to prevent dryness, split ends and breakage due to bleaching.

4. Platinum Blonde

Elizabeth Banks, wavy platinum blonde hair.

Elizabeth Banks, wavy platinum blonde hair.

Platinum blonde is the lightest among all the other blonde shades. This one looks better on people with fair to medium complexion with a yellowish undertone. Having a natural, platinum blonde hair is very rare yet this shade is achievable with the use of bleach and hair lightening kits. A purple shampoo or a neutralizer is then used to maintain its color and to reduce the warm tones left on the strands of the hair. Purple shampoo also helps a lot in nourishing dry hair due to bleaching, it is sometimes paired with hair vitamins, oil and serums to give hair an intensive maintenance.

5. Strawberry Blonde

Bella Thorne with a center-parted hairstyle in Strawberry Blonde.

Bella Thorne with a center-parted hairstyle in Strawberry Blonde.

Strawberry blonde hair looks extra feminine and fancy. It has warm, reddish tones that look really great on people with fair or medium skin. Strawberry blonde hair can either be natural or salon-made. If you can’t decide whether to go blonde or red, then play it safe and choose the strawberry blonde shade, just be sure to take care of it because color-treated hair needs a lot of nourishment. Shampoo may cause a lot of dryness so is its a must to use conditioner and hair masks.

Best Cuts/Styles for Blonde Hair

1. Blonde Bob

Christine Aguilera's straight, blonde bob.

Christine Aguilera’s straight, blonde bob.

Bob cut is one of the most popular (and common) cuts for blonde hair. Some women prefer short haircuts for color-treated hair because bleached hair alone is already high-maintenance. Bob cut can look plain and simple without any styling but it can also look fancy and elegant with the proper arrangement. You can create waves, you can tousle it or you can straighten it depending on your mood.

2. Medium Cut with Side Bangs

Emma Watson in a medium-cut with side bangs.

Emma Watson in a medium-cut with side bangs.

Besides the idea that side-swept bangs make anyone look younger, it also adds a dramatic effect to your overall look. It accentuates your eyes and forehead while pulling the focus on to your hairline. This style looks better on women with round faces since it creates a strong angle. For a more youthful finish, pair it with a straight, medium cut.

3. Short, Straight Bangs

Emma Robert's edgy, straight bangs style.

Emma Robert’s edgy, straight bangs style.

Light hair looks sweet and feminine so pairing it with a soft hairstyle might not be a good idea if you have a strong personality. Straight and short bangs create an edgy finish to any hair color, regardless of the length. However, not everyone looks great in this kind of bangs. Square-shaped faces can rock this look but unfortunately, those with round-shaped faces should avoid this type of bangs for it emphasizes the roundness of the cheeks even more.

4. Blonde Pixie Cut

Jennifer Lawrence looking edgy with her pixie cut.

Jennifer Lawrence looking edgy with her pixie cut.

The pixie cut is another typical style for blondes, especially for brunette-turned-blonde women. Its short length is easy to maintain so the only problem left is how to maintain the color and nourish the roots. Chopping your hair short is such a beauty risk but it will surely leave you in awe when you realize how lightweight it feels especially during the summer or humid days.

5. Blonde Hair with Subtle Layers

Jennifer Aniston with face-framing, subtle layers.

Jennifer Aniston with face-framing, subtle layers.

Subtle Layers can frame and soften the face really well. The layered, blonde hair has been one of Jennifer Aniston’s most iconic hairstyles. Since she has a square-shaped face, the subtle and tousled layers create a soft and light illusion to the edges of her face. This type of hairstyle is usually worn by women who want to achieve a feminine yet strong look.

6. Retro Style

Katherine Heigl in a polished, vintage look.

Katherine Heigl in a polished, retro look.

Blonde hair, when arranged into a vintage hairstyle, looks really classic and elegant. This one brings back the old Hollywood feels especially when paired with a light, neutral makeup with dark red lipstick. This iconic look is inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Although not for an everyday look, this   -hairstyle can be worn during formal events like balls and night parties.

7. Voluminous Curls

Taylor Swift's classic, curly look.

Taylor Swift’s classic, curly look.

The 90s kids will surely remember how iconic Taylor Swift’s Curly look was. Her blonde her with tight curls are widely known as her trademark look during the start of her career in singing and song-writing. Curls look good on blondes because the lighter the shade of the hair, the more visible the hair movements are. It voluminous and dimensional finish creates a bubbly and outgoing aura.

8. Beach Waves

Ashley Tisdale with blonde, beach waves.

Ashley Tisdale with blonde, beach waves.

If you want to simulate natural summertime highlights, try adding a brighter and lighter shade around the face to offset the dark blonde base. Light highlights on locks create sun-kissed, beach waves that will truly bring out the natural color of your hair.

9. Standard Straight

Lili Reinhart's straight blonde hair.

Lili Reinhart’s straight blonde hair.

Besides Betty Cooper’s ponytail look, Lili Reinhart can also rock the blonde, straight hairstyle. During several awards nights and other star-studded events, the actress usually pairs her formal night dress with a straight, side-parted hairstyle. This one has an elegant finish despite being so simple and straightforward. It looks fantastic either on a glam, full-face makeup or on an everyday makeup look with nude tones.

10. Ombre Blonde Hair

Whitney Port exhibiting her long, blonde hair with ombre highlights.

Whitney Port exhibiting her long, blonde hair with ombre highlights.

Having ombre highlights is one good way to enjoy being blonde without the hassle of coloring the roots from time to tome. Ombre hairstyle usually has dark roots that go lighter and lighter until the tip of the strands so hair growth is not that big of a deal. This one, with its stylish and artistic finish, looks better on long, voluminous hair for it can exhibit the gradient effect even more.

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