Whether you want to go full on blonde or simply add some highlights, blonde hairstyles for women are plentiful. Blonde is an elegant, graceful, and soft color, bringing out your ultimate femininity.

While it seems like a summer time color, blonde comes in so many different shades that you can easily change your style to match the season.

Try an icy platinum blonde to make a real splash in the summer, go for medium golden highlights in the spring, or choose a dark, chestnut blonde for the cooler months.

There are so many options for blondes that it’s absolutely possible to find a hairstyle that suits your personality.

Check out hundreds of 2018 different blonde hairstyles for women including dozens of gorgeous blonde celebrity hairstyles in many styles including straight blonde.

Short, curly hair dyed in a cool-toned platinum shade. This hairstyle looks unique and unexpected since natural hair is usually in a dark or black shade.

Thick and coily hair in an undercut, dyed with two contrasting tones. These colors can brighten up your complexion while exhibiting a gorgeous, textured look.

A simple low bun great for formal events like wedding ceremonies. This one has a minimalistic finish but it is surely oozing with elegance and beauty.

Tousled curls styled into a side updo. This style is somehow ordinary but the way it looks elegant despite being messy is what made this an extravagant one.

A beautiful blonde in an updo with a bouffant. The upper section appears to be voluminous making it look fuller than normal.

Long, blonde hair styled into a messy updo with a twisted detail and a wavy tendril. The finish is incporated with a flower embellishment for a subtle touch of femininity.

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Blonde hair in a beautiful and chic chignon. This one is perfect for medium-length hair for it offers fullness and volume, you'll never have to worry having a not-that-long anf thin hair.

A french roll is a "play safe" hairstyle for it works pretty much wherever you go; weddings, proms or whatever event that is. It is simple and easy to achieve but has a lot of appeal!

This hairstyle defines the phrase "perfectly imperfect" as it is done with a neat french roll but with tousled strands for texture.

An elegant upstyle great for promenades and weddings. This one has a low and loose finish and is incorporated with a sophisticated headpiece.

A not-so-formal upstyle with a braided section and a messy finish. This looks great on women with medium to long hair length.

The singer attended the  2015 Billboard Music Awards with her layers swayed to one direction. Her hairstyle is also incorporated with side-swept bangs for a trendier finish.

Mariah Carey attended the 2015 Billboard Music Awards with her layers swayed to one direction. Her hairstyle is also incorporated with side-swept bangs for a trendier finish.

Soft Waves with Platinum Blonde Tips

Want to go lighter without going full on blonde? Applying a platinum blonde or near white shade to the ends of your layers gives a stylish, multi-colored effect and creates a medium blonde tone. The contrasting dark and light colors look beautiful with soft waves and will create a beach girl look. This style is also great for those with thinner hair. The waves and color contrast creates the illusion of fuller, more voluminous tresses.

Sandy Blonde with Face Framing Layers

Go for a natural, earthy style with sandy blonde highlights and a simple, face framing haircut. A medium to light beige blond with golden undertones will give you that beautiful, sandy blonde look. To bring out the face framing layers, you can style them with a bristle brush to create a smooth and wispy look.

Shoulder-Length Blonde Ombre with Tousled Waves

What could be more modern and trendy than ombre and tousled waves? Choose a warm blonde shade that can be blended with your natural hair color to create that multi-colored shade. Wind-blown waves in combination with a subtle blonde ombre will give you that ultimate beach-girl look.

Loose Curls with Thick Blond Streaks

Classic, streaky highlighting accentuates the twists and turns of the hair, making it an excellent choice for curl lovers. Don’t be afraid to go bright to really define your highlights and create a beautiful and trendy color contrast.

Bright Face Frame for Sun Kissed Locks

If you want to simulate natural summertime highlights, try adding a brighter and lighter shade around the face to offset the dark blonde base. Light highlights in the front will create a sun-kissed look and will really bring out the natural color of your hair.

Amber Blonde with Pale Highlights

An amber blonde base adds depth and warmth to medium blonde hair. Because this shade is on the darker side, it’s great for skin tones that don’t normally do well with blonde. Adding pale highlights around the face and ends will really bring out the warm chestnut roots.