This is our photo gallery featuring all kinds and colors of bob hairstyles for women.  Includes celebrities with bob hairstyles.

Give yourself a feminine and beautiful hairstyle with the bob cut. Popular among women, this haircut is a style which is a straight length all around the head at about the level of the jaw.

For a short cut which is easy to maintain, get this cut which suits every face, hair color, and more. If you’re tired of long hair and blow drying for hours a week, a straight cut all around the jawline might be just what you need.

Dyed hair has never been this sleek and elegant. This straight bob is painted with aquamarine and silver hues that are enhanced by a v-shaped cut on the top layer of the hair.

Thick hair in a wavy bob cut. This hairstyle, since the black hair is paired with a sapphire blue tone, is oozing with beautiful contrasting effects.

Stacked bob cut made extra cute with the combination of light shades. This platinum blonde hair is incorporated with pastel purple shades and the result is totally awesome!

Brunette in a straight bob with fuschia pnk streaks. This delicate hue is quite feminine it it surely is trendy!

The model/artist is wearing a blonde bob, styled in a polished yet soft shape. This one looks really elegant even with a simple dress.

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Blonde babe sporting her straight bob with some tight side braids. Pretty cool and sleek!


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This bold red bob will set their eyes on fire! This dyed hairstyle is accentuate your short razor cut with a bold color for maximum drama.

People are aware that stacked bob looks good on straight hair, but what other's dont know is that this style looks quite fancy on curly hair too! This curly stacked bob is matched with straightened bangs that effectively complements the whole look.

Love the texture to this short cut! If you're going to rock a bob make it edgy and fun!

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The woman sports her dirty pink hair in a cute bob with razor-cut layers and bangs. The sharp tips make this look a bit fierce that usual pink-colored hairstyles.

The woman wears her dirty blonde hair in a razor-cut bob with volumized layers. The finish is quite messy yet it produces a nicely textured hairstyle.

Razor-cut bob incorporated with tousled layers and bangs. This type of hairstyle on black hair creates a good face-framing effect.

This short, gray hair with pastel pink roots and bangs is a hairstyle made in heaven. It looks light but it still has a lot of texture.

Benefits of A Stylish Bob

In the past few years, this hairstyle has gained popularity because it is easy to maintain and suits all hair types. Whether your hair is fine and straight or big and curly, an appropriately styled shoulder-length cut adds dimension to your look. Other benefits of this style include:

  • Highlight the natural shape of your cheekbones
  • Gives the illusion of a sculpted jaw line
  • Use bangs to soften around your eyes
  • Makes you look younger
  • Low maintenance for hectic days
  • Keep your neck and face cool because thick hair isn’t on your neck
  • Add the illusion of volume to thinner or fine hair

Different Lengths and Variations

There are multiple variations to the classic jaw level cut. A qualified hairdresser can make recommendations based on your face shape, your natural hair style, and the amount of maintenance you wish to conduct on a daily basis. Variations to try are:

  • Curled Cuts: While this style may be regularly considered a style for just straight hair, curly hair also looks good with a layered jaw-length cut. Because curls make hair look shorter when dry, a professional hair dresser will cut your bob slightly longer.
  • A-Line Cut: Instead of being the same length all around your jaw, an A-line cut has a blunt edge and is longer in the front of the face. It is an A-line cut because it is similar to the letter ‘A’ with lengthy angles on each side. It angles lower to the front but doesn’t stack on the back.
  • Inverted Cut: At first glance, this style can look like an A-line cut, but it is different due to the stacked layers in the back.
  • Bob with Bangs: Get this elegant cut with bangs if you wish to frame your face well. Soft bangs tend to be more flattering than bangs going straight across the forehead.
  • Bob with layers: Great cut for round or square faces because of the tapering effect. See our bobs with layers gallery for women here.

There are also variations on length. Women’s bobs can be to just below the ear, to between the ear and shoulders, and to just above the shoulders.

Maintenance for This Haircut

Once you get this haircut, there is one consideration for your new look. This style needs consistent trims which is about every month or so. It is especially apparent in people with straight hair as any missed strand is obvious.

As for a daily routine, a bob looks best went blow dried with a round brush. Some women like to use mousse, hair texturizer, and monthly deep conditioning treatments.