150 Braided Hairstyles for Women (10 Types Explained)

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Woman with braided hairI love braided hairstyles.

Did you grow up styling your hair with a three-strand braid? Are you stuck in a braiding rut? Braided hair isn’t just for girls; it is also for women.

For women with long enough hair and a passion for new styles, give a shot to braids. This beautiful look pulls hair away from your face but gives you a feminine, put together look.

Also, it emphasizes highlights, color variation, and texture in your hair. No matter your hair type, give braids a shot!

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11 Types of Hair Braids with Examples

Types of hair braids
There is nothing wrong with the standard three-section braid but the availability of other options gives you endless style opportunities. A braid is perfect for a busy mom, a night out with friends, or any other social occasion. Visit a stylist or teach yourself any of these other braids:

1. Three-Strand Braid

Woman with three-strand braided hair.

Woman with three-strand braided hair.

Regular braid with three strands or hair sections used for ponytails or pig tails.

2. French Braid

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Woman with french braid.

Woman with french braid.

This braid pulls in your hair as you go to give you a tight, elegant style. It incorporates strands into a standard three-strand option.

3. Upside-down Braid

Start with a French braid but instead of starting at the top of the head, begin at the nape of the neck.

4. Dutch Braid

This is an inside-out French braid. Instead of being braided over each other, it is underneath.

See all dutch braid hairstyles for women here.

5. Rope Braid

Instead of three strands, the rope consists of two sections twisted around one another.

6. Fishtail Braid

Woman with fishtail braided hair.

Woman with fishtail braided hair.

After separating your hair into two sections, you take one strand from underneath one of the sections and pass it over to the other section. It creates what some call a ‘pancake’ look.  See our fishtail braids gallery here.

7. Halo Braid

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Woman with milkmaid halo braided hair.

Woman with milkmaid halo braided hair.

Also known as a Milkmaid Braid, divide your hair into two pigtail braids and have them meet in the middle of your head. This creates a crown on your head.

8. Waterfall Braid

Example of a waterfall braid hairstyle.

Example of a waterfall braid hairstyle.

A waterfall braid keeps half of your hair up and lets the other half cascade down through the use of a technique like a French Braid. The braid goes across the back of your head but hangs loosely down your head.

9. Spiral Braid

Example of spiral braids

Example of spiral braids.

Gather the hair on the crown of your head and braid across your hairline from the left side, to your neck, up to the right side of your hair. This braid spirals across your head.

10. Fulani Braids

Woman with black and red fulani braids (long hair)

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11. Greek Braids

These are a great braid option when you need simple.  These are super simple and look great.

Click for Greek Braid Tutorial

Benefits of Hair Braiding

If you are thinking about putting your hair in a braid, there is an advantage to this style. Not only does it keep your head cool, but it also helps your hair rest from all of the styling, heat, and products you apply. Sometimes your hair simply needs a break from the daily routine. This protects against split ends when you pull it up and style your hair.

Don’t Have Long Enough Hair to Braid?

For women without the length to braid, a stylist adds extensions to your hair to achieve your style. There are braid options for short hair, instead of pulling up all of your hair just braid a section of your hair. Short hair put into a braid is easy to put into a braid that ends up looking like an updo.

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