40 Fishtail Braid Examples for Women

Fishtail braid embellished with little flowers.

Like the fishtail braid look?  Many people do. It’s a classic; one of the most popular braid styles.

Below is our photo gallery showcasing many examples of fishtail braids.

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A magical unicorn hairstyle incorporated with dutch and fishtail braids in different approaches. Coloring your hair makes it dull and dry, but this one looks healthy and extra shiny, thanks to essential and natural oils for the proper hair maintenance.

Long and thick hair has an advantage when it comes to braids. Fishtail braids look really great when it's chunky and messy, it kinda gives that boho and chic style.

Hair dyed with pink, purple, mint green and other tones to achieve the famous "unicorn" style. The hair is then arranged into a slightly messy fishtail braid, creating a gorgeous blended effect.

Long and wavy blond hair styled into a braided half-up. This one is a combination of three-strand and fishtail braids incorporated with some real flowers for that fresh and youthful finish.

Thick and straight black hair arranged into a neat ponytail and then styled into a tight fishtail braid. This one will gather all your hair together and will keep it away from your face during busy work days.

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A casual ponytail styled into a classic fishtail to achieve an elegant finish. This hairstyle might be simple but it can be worn not just on normal days but also on formal and corporate events.

Long, bright purple hair arranged into a half-up with some twisted partitions and fishtail braids. This hairstyle looks artsy and creative in every way.


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Side-swept fishtail braid embellished with elegant pearls and incorporated with some curled tendrils for that fancy finish.

A glamorous, one-sided fishtail braid on a Platinum Blonde hair. This hairstyle is the good example of the popular phrase :Simplicity is beauty".

Two messy fishtail braids, a cap, minimal makeup and some casual clothes for that everyday stylish look.

How to do fishtail braids

Here’s a video demo on how to do fishtail braids.

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