20 Fulani Braid Ideas and Examples for Women

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Woman with black and red fulani braids (long hair)Welcome to our fulani braids ideas, photos and examples for women. While not a huge gallery, the examples showcased below offer a great deal of variety in fulani braid styles including various hair lengths and women’s ages.

With respect to mainstream use of this type of braid, it’s relatively young. Searches online for this type of braid didn’t begin until early 2017. See the trend chart below the gallery.

One quirky way to enjoy your Fulani braids is to use some colorful hair extensions. In this hairstyle, long and pink extensions were used to enhance the overall look. The braids are then arranged into a high ponytail to arrive with a playful and fun output.

Fulani-style, cornrow braids with geometeric patterns may sometimes look way too strong and edgy. Some curly wisps may be added to make the finish softer and sweeter.

Cornrow braids arranged into a high ponytail and styled with cuff, beads and other decorative adornments. A playful ponytail works as a great option for active women who are usually busy the whole day.

Achieve a tribal vibe on your thin cornrows by arranging in into a high top-knot and enhancing it with decorative beads and other embellishments.

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Long, auburn hair arranged into Fulani-style cornrow braids and embellished with contrasting white, Ivory beads.

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Minimalistic yet versatile Fulani Braids with a Geometric Crown. This patter provides more dimension and edge to the whole look.

Long, dark auburn hair arranged into tribal braids and then wrapped into a high ponytail. This kind of hairstyle works well on long and thick hair.

A Cleopatra-inspired, braided hairstyle for long to medium length natural hair. The look is enhanced with golden embellishment to add little bit of ancient Egyptian vibe.

Long, black hair styled with center-parted Fulani braids and a trendy forehead bead.

Extra long Fulani braids with shell adornments and an interesting pattern. This artistic hairstyle is collaborates a tribal style with a fun and quirky finish.

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Extra-long Fulani braids arranged into a high ponytail and wrapped in copper wires and wooden beads to enhance the look.

Loose curls with beaded Fulani braids. This hairstyle looks extra stylish with its uniquely embellished finish.

Cornrows with a Fulani type of style and some horizontal braids. The hairstyle is enhanced with some tribal embellishments and beads.

Classic cornrow braids with a cascading finish. This hairstyle has light brown extensions that can perfectly match any type and color of outfit you want to wear.

Fulani hairstyle with extra long cornrow braids in a bright and bold shade of blue. This head-turner creates a strong statement to the overall look.

Two-toned cornrows arranged into a chunky, high bun and enhanced with decorative beads and cuffs. This look is creative yet appropriate for formal get-ups.

Long, black hair styles with cornrow braids and arranged into a half-up bun. The look is enhanced with some tribal embellishments with different details.

Long hair in dark plum arranged into this neat-looking cornrow braids styled with some gold cuffs and embellishments.

Cornrows arranged into a tight, pullback style with a vertical braid at the center part. This Fulani hairstyle looks conservative and neat enough to wear on formal events.

Cornrow braids with extra long and blonde hair extensions wrapped into a high ponytail.

Trend Chart

As you can see below, this is a fairly new style of braiding… at least the name is or it’s relatively recent when it became mainstream.

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