Brunette hair is brilliant hair, and embodies more varied tones and textures than just the faded mouse brown. This rich and dynamic hair shade has just as much, or even more, fun than blondes, remaining popular among celebrities for decades.

Shades of brunette can run the gambit, stretching from dark chocolate shades to light brown locks. And when you are making the big decision on if you are going to acquire a brunette women’s hairstyle, knowing the best color and style suited to your complexion and face shape is essential.

Whether you are hoping to dip-dye to get that mocha color, or you already have a natural brunette tone, use our guide to edit your inspiration for cut and shade.

Share the secrets of celebrities like Emma Watson or Mila Kunis and create a new brunette women’s hairstyle for yourself that is so stunning, you stop people in the street – whether short, long, straight or otherwise.

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This is our photo gallery featuring 100’s of brunette hairstyles for women in 2018 including brunette celebs.

Medium-length razor cut with curtain bangs. The waves give this hairstyle an extra texture and volume.

Classic, dark waves with subtle lowlights and straight, blunt bangs.

Bangs for days! French Bob by #pjsalonspa stylist, Dony⠀ ⠀

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Neat and straight bob cut enhanced with blunt bangs to perfectly frame round-shaped faces.

Dark and wavy hair with flattering layers and blunt bangs. The waves create a subtle volume, the layers provide a soft yet powerful texture while the blunt bangs effectively frame the face.

Oh yas I did!

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Medium-length, straight and thick hair with defined, blunt bangs. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and does not require much effort in styling.

Thick and straight hair cut into this angled bob cut with blunt bangs.

Slightly textured, fresh-looking bob cut enhanced with straight bangs that effectively frames the face.

A messy, top knot style with side-swept bangs. This one is great for casual or lazy days.

A brunette with medium-length, curly hair with side bangs. The curly, side-swept bangs create an illusion of a smaller forehead so this hairstyle is recommended for those with a long and rectangular/oval face shape.

Sophia Bush with Thick, Blunt Bangs.

Last February 2013, Sophia Bush attended the Harper's Bazaar Celebrates The Launch Of The Dukes of Melrose Event with id-length waves and some thick, blunt bangs.

Long and tousled hair with subtle layers incorporated with thick, side-swept bangs. This hairstyle is stylish enough for casual days.

A brunette with a messy milkmaid braid. Her subtle, "no makeup" makeup look and bushy eyebrows complement the grungy finish. This hairstyle simply explains how messy can turn into classy when done properly.

Benefits of Brunette Locks

The mahogany shades of brunette are widely adaptable and suited for many different situations. They can be worn with most easy to maintain hairstyles, and look appropriate and appealing in most situations.

In terms of a hair cut, brunette hair can shine with short and lustrous locks that reflect the light around your face. Alternatively, it can be breathtaking when style as impossibly long and loose, wavy hair.

So no matter what your face shape or personal style may be, brown hair can adapt and change to suit your daily needs while remaining flexible and exciting for every occasion.

Top Picks for Brunette Hairstyles

The mocha or ebony locks of brunette hair can be whipped into different hairstyles that are suitable for almost any occasion, and what’s more, the subtle and warm color is appealing to almost every age group out there. In short, if you opt for brunette hair, you are sure to be able to fit in and make friends wherever you go.

Brown hair can be swept up into one of the most classic hairstyles that is so stylish it is popular even in high fashion. These up-dos are sophisticated and mature, giving you an air of confidence that affects your whole appearance and demeanor.

Best Trendsetting Ideas for Brunettes

In any head of hair, brunette shades are the perfect backdrop for some truly trendsetting moments when it comes to personal fashion. They can be dressed up by contrasting extreme highlights on a backdrop of dark chocolate colored hair, or combined with the ombre technique to give a subtle and exciting hair surprise.

For Whatever Style You Need, Brunette’s Here to Stay

There is a good reason why brunette has been a staple hair color for women for thousands of years, and today, there is no signs of slowing down in its popularity. Brunette women’s hairstyles can appeal in mocha, hot cocoa, chocolate cherry, or brown sugar colors, all of which are as delicious to wear as they sound.

Take the plunge and get inspired by your new favorite color, brunette, and get your tresses ready to join every moment of your life.

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