201 Brunette Hairstyles for Women in 2018

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Woman with brunette hair

Brunette hair is brilliant hair, and embodies more varied tones and textures than just the faded mouse brown. This rich and dynamic hair shade has just as much, or even more, fun than blondes, remaining popular among celebrities for decades.

Shades of brunette can run the gambit, stretching from dark chocolate shades to light brown locks. And when you are making the big decision on if you are going to acquire a brunette women’s hairstyle, knowing the best color and style suited to your complexion and face shape is essential.

Whether you are hoping to dip-dye to get that mocha color, or you already have a natural brunette tone, use our guide to edit your inspiration for cut and shade.

Share the secrets of celebrities like Emma Watson or Mila Kunis and create a new brunette women’s hairstyle for yourself that is so stunning, you stop people in the street – whether short, long, straight or otherwise.

This is our photo gallery featuring 100’s of brunette hairstyles for women in 2018 including brunette celebs.

Kate Beckinsale with long wavy side-parted hairstyle arrives at the LACMA 2013 Art and Film Gala on November 2, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA
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Pairing lowlights and babylights to your brown hair result in sexy waves.
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Add some variation to your cool brunette hue with soft cool highlights and sexy curls.
Try this edgy brunette blonde color and enjoy a chic look.

Types of Brunettes

1. Dark Brown

Kendall Jenner's long, straight hair in Dark Brown.

Kendall Jenner’s long, straight hair in Dark Brown.

Next to black, brown hair is the most common and natural human hair shade. In the US, almost 70% of people have dark hair, contrary to the popular belief that America is generally composed of blondes. Natural brunette hair has thicker strands than blonde, plus the extra shine it gives is fantastic!

Dark brown hair looks great from the palest to the darkest olive complexion. Whether you have blue, green or deep brown eyes, dark brown is a safe shade and will suit whichever eye color you have. Its deep and vivid finish executes a strong personality.

2. Medium Brown

Anna Kendrick's long and thick, medium brown hair.

Anna Kendrick’s long and thick, medium brown hair.

If you wanna play it safe and you’re afraid to take the risk of drastically coloring your hair, then maybe medium brown is the best shade for you! It is the standard brunette color that goes well with any skin tone. If you want to, you can add some highlights that will complement and blend with your skin even more.

When it comes to fashion, this shade will give you no trouble. Whatever type or color of clothing you wear, your medium brown hair will surely balance out the whole look. In addition to this, having medium brown hair will lessen the hassle of your everyday hair routine. It is easy to maintain unless your hair is very light, then you have to retouch the roots from time to time.

3. Caramel Brown

Jennifer Lopez with Caramel Brown Hair.

Jennifer Lopez with Caramel Brown Hair.

Caramel brown has a warm, golden tint in it It is much lighter compared to medium brown and it looks great particularly on people with warm undertones. Its sun-kissed finish can brighten up your skin tone, making you look younger and beautiful.

Coloring your hair needs a lot of commitment and time. You need to take care of your treated hair in order to avoid further damage. Be sure to use hair masks once or twice a week and avoid contact with too much heat. With proper maintenance, your caramel brown hair will last longer!

4. Chestnut Brown

Emma Stone with deep, chestnut brown hair.

Emma Stone with deep, chestnut brown hair.

Chestnut brown is a warm, reddish-brown color that comes in a range of shades from light to dark. This one looks stunning especially to those people with warm skin tones. It is a more natural-looking shade of brunette that needs minimal maintenance. If you have a dark base, you don’t need to bleach your hair if you want to achieve the chestnut hue, neutralizing the tones of your hair is also not needed since this one is more on the warmer and slightly brassy side. In terms of styling, this color looks perfect with a shiny and silky finish. Try using some organic hair oils and serums for an extra shine.

Just like any other color-treated hair, be sure to use the appropriate products to avoid breakage of strands. Using color-safe shampoo and conditioner is important. Hair masks are also useful if you want an intensive care for your hair.

5. Light Brown

Young Miranda Kerr's natural light brown hair.

Young Miranda Kerr’s natural light brown hair.

Light brown looks plain and simple but it surely gives that gorgeous and elegant aura. This is actually the safest color to try if you’re indecisive of going blonde or brunette since it lies between the lightest shade of brunette and the darkest shade of blonde. It looks like a plain brown shade with the normal lighting but it appears to be really pale and almost mid-blonde under the sunlight, best of both worlds indeed!

Best Cuts/Hairstyles for Brunettes

1. Short Haircut

Natalie Portman in a sleek, short haircut.

Natalie Portman in a sleek, short haircut.

Dark hair absorbs more light and heat that’s why some people tend to cut their hair short especially during the hot and humid seasons. Besides being low-maintenance, a short haircut will effectively highlight your facial details creating a fresh and youthful aura. Unfortunately, if you’re more of a round-shaped face, this cut is not for you. Short hair will make your face look rounder as it gives emphasis to the curves of your cheeks. Oval, heart and diamond faces will surely rock this look!

2.  Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway rocking the pixie cut.

Anne Hathaway rocking the pixie cut.

Some people are afraid to cut their hair short since it is a popular belief that long hair is more flexible. While this is true, we can’t just void the idea that short haircuts can be stylish too. A pixie cut will give you the trendy yet lightweight look. Its choppy layers exhibit an effortless, edgy and strong image. Confidence is the key to pull off this look. Go, girl!

3. Bob Cut

Jenna down in a messy bob.

Jenna down in a messy bob.

Bob cut is a timeless hairstyle that goes well with any finish. A sleek and straight bob gives a neat and professional aura which is perfect for formal events. A curly bob exhibits a playful and quirky image to your overall appearance for an everyday look. On the other hand, a messy and wavy bob creates a carefree yet stylish finish that can be worn either with casual or formal clothes. One good thing about hairstyles is that it gives you the freedom to choose which personality you want to portray. But of course, your true self will suit you best!

4. Standard Medium Bob

Selena Gomez in a standard mid-length cut.

Selena Gomez in a standard mid-length cut.

If you’re the type of person who’s not that really into styling, then the standard medium cut is best for you. Busy people tend to have this kind of haircut since it is low-maintenance, it actually doesn’t need any after-bath hair products at all. Just shower it, comb it, let it dry and you’re good to go! If you want extra volume and texture, you can toss it a bit. You don’t have to set it like some short haircuts and you don’t also need to style it from time to time like longer hairstyles. Now that’s what we call simple!

5. Mid-Length Waves wih Subtle Layers

Mandy Moore with mid-length waves.

Mandy Moore with mid-length waves.

Dark shades show fewer details of your hair strands. Since a mid-length cut is not that “extra”, adding a bit of texture to achieve a fuller look won’t do any harm. If you have thin hair, it is good to add subtle layers in order to create an illusion of thickness. This will also emphasize the flow of your waves, creating a significant amount of texture and dimension.

6. Long and Straight

Selena Gomez in an elegant, straight hairstyle.

Selena Gomez in an elegant, straight hairstyle.

Elegance is a must during formal events. However, not everyone can wear sophisticated hairstyles with fancy embellishments. “Less is more,” they say, and yes it is true when it comes to fashion and styling. A simple and long hairstyle, when straightened properly, provides a sleek and graceful image. It is head-turning, yet not too intimidating. Just the perfect amount of class, indeed.

7. Mermaid Waves with Highlights

Megan Fox channelling her inner mermaid with her long, wavy hair.

Megan Fox channeling her inner mermaid with her long, wavy hair.

Long and wavy hair looks extra feminine. Dark, wavy strands might look too dull and plain after some time so be sure to give your hair an extra kick. Highlights look great on a dark base. It emphasizes the flow and movement of your hair, creating a dimensional finish.  Regardless of the skin tone, this hairstyle will surely make you brighter and younger with its soft and gentle finish.

8. Bangs

Zooey Deschanel's medium hairstyle with bangs.

Zooey Deschanel’s medium hairstyle with bangs.

Having bangs needs your commitment. It needs styling and touch-ups from time to time. Hair grows about half an inch a month so you probably need to trim your bangs to maintain its length. Bedhead is not that ideal for bangs too, it will totally ruin your look. It is stubborn and it will bother your face, always. But then again, no pain no gain right? A fringe, especially when you have dark hair, contours the face very well. Just make sure to get the proper one for your face shape, that’s the golden rule when it comes to bangs.

9. Updo

Emma Watson in a simple and formal updo.

Emma Watson in a simple and formal updo.

A simple updo looks great on brunettes too! Some like their updo embellished with sophisticated hairpins while others tend to have a minimalist look. Regardless of the finish, whether its fancy or just a plain one, an updo will always be that one classic hairstyle that will never go out of style. It will allow you to look simple and expensive at the same time.

Benefits of Brunette Locks

The mahogany shades of brunette are widely adaptable and suited for many different situations. They can be worn with most easy to maintain hairstyles, and look appropriate and appealing in most situations.

In terms of a haircut, brunette hair can shine with short and lustrous locks that reflect the light around your face. Alternatively, it can be breathtaking when styling as impossibly long and loose, wavy hair.

So no matter what your face shape or personal style may be, brown hair can adapt and change to suit your daily needs while remaining flexible and exciting for every occasion.

Best Trendsetting Ideas for Brunettes

In any head of hair, brunette shades are the perfect backdrop for some truly trendsetting moments when it comes to personal fashion. They can be dressed up by contrasting extreme highlights on a backdrop of dark chocolate colored hair or combined with the ombre technique to give a subtle and exciting hair surprise.

For Whatever Style You Need, Brunette’s Here to Stay

There is a good reason why brunette has been a staple hair color for women for thousands of years, and today, there are no signs of slowing down in its popularity. Brunette women’s hairstyles can appeal in mocha, hot cocoa, chocolate cherry, or brown sugar colors, all of which are as delicious to wear as they sound.

Take the plunge and get inspired by your new favorite color, brunette, and get your tresses ready to join every moment of your life.

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