49 Coily Hairstyles for Women (Photos)

Highlighted, coily hair incorporated with three tight french braids at the side. This hairstyle might look common but observing each and every detail makes it more appealing.

Thick, voluminous curls generously moisturized for that soft, shiny and fluffy finish. This type of hair may often times become dull and dry so the use of hair creams, moisturisers and natural oils will be of great help.

Thick curls parted to one side for that classic, fancy finish. This one is recommended for those with naturally curly hair who want to go effortless on formal events.

Thick and coily hair in an undercut, dyed with two contrasting tones. These colors can brighten up your complexion while exhibiting a gorgeous, textured look.

Naturally thick and curly hair, cut into a taper faded style. The hair is dyed with layered colors to show creativity and uniqueness.

When you get your good ol color touched up💛

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A balayage style is not limited to long hair only. It can also be a nice touch-up for short and coily hair like this one. The overall look is simple yet it is oozing with a unique depth and dimension.

Natural curls styled as fauxhawk for added interest. This visually-appealing style is made possible by pinning the side of the hair with some metallic clips.

Be that unique hipster you always wanna be! Natural coils looks great in copper tones too! An enough amount of swag for your everyday look won't hurt.

Black, coily hair accented with two tight french braids on the side for extra details.

Highlighted curls arranged into this mesmerizing Afro puff style. This one is great if you're to attend special occasions like proms and weddings.

The woman is wearing her naturally curly/coily hair in a chunky bun with a double twisted style in the front section. This one looks neat and stunning, perfect for formal events.

Ya he perdido la cuenta del tiempo que llevo con mi pelo natural. Cuidando y mimado mis rizos.... fue simplemente un impulso, por pura comodidad, no fue una cuestión de identidad, ni de reencuentro con mis raíces afro, uno es lo que es... y por mucho que te alises el pelo, uses extensiones rubias o te hagas un alisado de esos de keratina la esencia es la que es. Y si, siempre me he sentido muy orgullosa de mi negrura y de mis raíces. Sin embargo con la perspectiva del tiempo y con los años que llevo sin usar productos para estirar mi pelo mi sentimiento de seguridad y de orgullo se ha reafirmado. Mis rizos me hacen sentir poderosa, soy yo, tal cual!! #juliah #juliahlifestyle #rizoslifestyle #misrizos #amomisrizos #teamnatural #mujernegra #yamp #naturalhair #soynatural #naturalhaircommunity #naturallycurly #yo

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A smart and fab-looking style is achieved with this highlighted coily hair and a pair of black-framed glasses.

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