The color of copper refers to any reddish brown color that resembles the commonly known metal, copper, an element found directly in nature without needed any sort of extraction from the ore itself.

For copper women’s hairstyles, this shade is a specific type of the broader category of red hair, and typically refers to shades that are more often found on natural redheads, as opposed to women who have chosen to dye their hair an actual red shade.

While copper has many variations, such as copper rose or copper penny, any choice that a person wears or chooses is always a bold choice that makes the individual stand out in any occasion. Some may refer to copper-toned hair color as reddish brown, falling near the shades of auburn, but with a stronger red highlights instead of a strong brown undertone that can be found in auburn hair.

Women with hair of any shade, who have healthy hair, may find that their hair is impressively strong. In fact, one strand of healthy human hair is stronger and can bear more weight than a comparable strong of the element, copper, that has the same diameter.

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Welcome to our 2018 gallery featuring women with copper hair color.  This includes a huge variety of hairstyles, hair types and lengths.

Fresh-looking copper hair in a medium length with waves. This one is incorporated with curtain bangs as an effective way to frame heart-shaped faces.

Short, copper hair with overlapping but subtle layers and curtain bangs. This type of hairstyle will make you hair look thicker.

Long, copper hair with blunt bangs arranged into a classic pinned-up updo. The hairstyle is then secured and embellished with a black headscarf.

Medium cut in a copper balayage incorporated with blunt bangs. This style looks is great for stylish. women in their 40s.

Dark lips and braids. #retro #retromodel #redhead #milkmaidbraid

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Long and straight copper hair styled into a neat milkmaid braid and matched with a dark-shaded makeup look.

Copper hair styled in a romantic updo and embellished with pearls. This hairstyle is perfect for night events and even on wedding ceremonies!

Barbara Palvin with loose Copper Waves.

Barbara Palvin looks wonderful with her warm-toned look. Her bright orange eye shadow complemented her loose, copper waves very well. This look of hers was worn last May 22, 2013 at the 66th Festival de Cannes.

Barbara Palvin is at her most carefree self with her effortlessly-done, loose and wavy hair. This was her look at the 2015 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala held in Antibes, France.

Barbara Palvin showcased her feminine style with her loose and wavy hair during the 66th Festival de Cannes held last May 22, 2013.

Soft and sexy curls in copper. This medium-length hairstyle looks extra trendy with its simple cut that has no excessive volume.

Sleek and silky haircut in copper. This one looks promising and and creative, you'll definitely stand out.

A typical pixie incorporated with spikes and side-swept bangs. This one makes you feel like a rock star full of sense and style.

Which Shade of Copper Should You Choose?

If you have porcelain skin with pinkish undertones, your best choice will likely be a bright copper color that has soft and golden highlights mixed into the shade. It can be worn best with medium textured hair that lays straight or wavy, and can quickly be pulled into an elegant updo or worn loose and long.

Alternately, fair skinned women who tend to wear pink and green colors the best may choose a copper penny color with flecks of bright gold woven through the hair. This color looks especially vibrant and exciting with short or pixie cut hair, but can shine in any length, and it is easiest to maintain with hair that is naturally wavy or straight and textured somewhere between medium and fine.

Getting Your Hair Dyed Copper

If you are considering getting your hair dyed copper, whether your hair is naturally red, blonde, or even dark brown, it may help to understand the process that goes into correctly dying hair to match your desired color. The process will change, depending on your natural hair and personal hair history (if you have dyed your hair previously), so most women prefer to go into their salon armed with the knowledge of what to expect and how long the process should take.

For blondes and natural redheads, getting a copper tones added in order to bring light and excitement to your hair is a somewhat straight-forward process, where the dye is simply applied and then rinsed out after a period of time. However, for individuals with naturally dark hair or previously dyed hair, the stylist will probably want to lift the natural dark shades out of the hair first, a process which can take as long as an hour, before adding the dye, so the color attaches and stays vibrant for longer.

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