Here’s our main gallery featuring women with curly hair.  You can get great ideas for all types of hair colors, lengths and hair types.

Curly Women Hairstyles

Curly hair as an amazing texture and there are many hairstyles that allow you to take advantage of your natural curls and volume. The downside of curly hair is that it requires more maintenance.

Learn how to properly take care of your curls and choose the perfect hairstyle for your hair type and texture!

Fresh-looking copper hair in a medium length with waves. This one is incorporated with curtain bangs as an effective way to frame heart-shaped faces.

Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

Long and curly hair arranged into this stay-at-home upstyle with curtain bangs.

Dirty blonde curls with a medium length, enhanced with curtain bangs for a youthful aura.

Fresh, medium-length cut with curtains bangs. The hair is tossed a little to achieve an extra volume.

This curly bob cut is looking a bit more stylish and insteresting when paired with straightened, blunt bangs.

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Although curly hair usually has a sweet and soft finish, this one looks a bit edgy with its straightened blunt bangs.

Green ombre hair textured with some tousled curls and incorporated with straight and sleek, short bangs.

A brunette with medium-length, curly hair with side bangs. The curly, side-swept bangs create an illusion of a smaller forehead so this hairstyle is recommended for those with a long and rectangular/oval face shape.

Gabrielle Union with Crazy Curls.

During the 29Rooms West Coast Debut 2016, Gabrielle Union portrayed her playful side with these crazy curls.

Gabrielle Union exhibiting her highlighted curls.

During the 2015 People's Choice Awards, Gabrielle Union exhibited a sexy and romantic aura with her fuchsia pink night gown and her highlighted curls.

Medium-length, curly hair arranged into a messy milkmaid braid. One good thing about curls is that you can incorporate some stylish tendrils effortlessly.

Sophia Bush looked incredibly charming with her mid-length curls.

Sophia Bush looked incredibly charming with her mid-length curls. This hairstyle was worn at the 2013 Do Something Awards held in Hollywood, CA.

Loosely curled hair incorporated with a braided half-up for that classic, prom look. For some reasons, fishtail braids look really good on elegant hairstyles.

Sometimes, curly hair becomes too messy and complicated to deal with especially when you are attending formal events. Securing it with braids is one great way to gather it with style. In this hairstyle, a set of fishtail braids is paired with a curly updo to come up with one, gorgeous look.

Curly, dirty blonde hair in a braided half-up. The fishtail braid offers a different kind of texture to the loose curls.

A Cleopatra-inspired, braided hairstyle for long to medium length natural hair. The look is enhanced with golden embellishment to add little bit of ancient Egyptian vibe.

Loose curls with beaded Fulani braids. This hairstyle looks extra stylish with its uniquely embellished finish.

Lauren Cohan in a red-lip classic look and a vintage hairstyle

Last October 2014, Lauren Cohan attended the premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season 5 in a red-lip classic look and a vintage hairstyle. This look has an elegant-looking finish with a touch of retro vibe.

Shantel vanSanten flaunted her mid-length, blonde waves with all her confidence and charm. This specific look of hers was worn at the 2011 US Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Event.

Barbara Palvin looking so fresh with this youthful french braids and face-framing, medium-length curls. This was her look at the the 73rd Venice Film Festival 2016.

Lauren Cohan's curly bob was indeed a beautiful sight at the Spike TV's 2014 Guys Choice Awards.

Lauren Cohan's curly bob was indeed a beautiful sight at the Spike TV's 2014 Guys Choice Awards.

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Dark, thick and curly hair with purple highlights arranged into an updo with a chunky braid. This hairstyle is fashionable and sophisticated at the same time. Play around with colors and incorporate it with different styles, you'll definitely come up with a masterpiece!

Brown, medium-length, curly hair with pale tones of purple. Dyed hair, usually when curly, tends to be dry so be sure to moisturize it with essential oils or other natural hair products.

Soft and sexy curls in copper. This medium-length hairstyle looks extra trendy with its simple cut that has no excessive volume.

How to Properly Care for Curly Hair

Start by determining what your hair type is and what your curl pattern is. You can then shop for hair care products adapted to your needs. Try using smaller quantities of hair care products and invest in a good detangler that won’t damage your hair. You should also use a diffuser when blow drying your hair to avoid frizz and always start from the bottom when you comb your hair.

Learn to Shape Your Curls

Your curls will look even better if you shape them after washing your hair. The easiest way to shape your curls is to divide your hair into small segments. Wind the hair up to create flat circles and attach the circles to your head with some bobby pins. Keep your hair up overnight and you should have perfect curls the next day!

Adopt A Teased-Out Style

Take advantage of your hair’s natural volume by creating a teased-out style. Divide your hair into sections and use a comb to tease the underneath layers first. Keep in mind that this look will stay until you wash your hair again. This is a great way to add more volume if you feel that your curls make the top of your hair look flat. Try piling your curls to one side once you have mastered the teasing technique!

Think About a Cropped Hairstyle

Working with long curls can be difficult. A cropped hairstyle is going to frame your face and make your curls the stars of the show. A shorter hairstyle also means less maintenance, and you can easily pull off the perfect curly bedhead look. A curly pixie can be chic, but you can opt for a girly wavy bob if you would like a little more length.

Try Different Topknots

Topknots are a versatile way to style curly hair. You can easily pair them with hair accessories or even create a professional style. Start with a high ponytail and try different ways of attaching your hair on top. You can create a braid and wrap it, or simply create a messy bun.

Tame Your Curls with Braids

If you have naturally curly hair, you absolutely need to learn a few braiding techniques. You can create many different curly women hairstyles once you know how to properly braid your hair type, and this is a great way to tame your curls. You can braid only a section of your hair to reduce the volume and let some of your curls loose or choose to wear your curls in one large braid. If you have shorter hair, you can get the same effect with a twist.

Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair