Here’s our main gallery featuring women with curly hair.  You can get great ideas for all types of hair colors, lengths and hair types.

Curly Women Hairstyles

Curly hair as an amazing texture and there are many hairstyles that allow you to take advantage of your natural curls and volume. The downside of curly hair is that it requires more maintenance.

Learn how to properly take care of your curls and choose the perfect hairstyle for your hair type and texture!

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This curly hair, highlighted with caramel hues, will give you an overwhelming warmth of beauty. Curly hair indeed has a lot of perks when it comes to highlights.

The model sports her thick and curly hair into a beautifully textured bun incorporated with a black ribbon for extra style.

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Th modelling industry usually needs less of the sweetness and more of the edginess. This look is simple: thin hair, textured with curls and incorporated with avant-garde make-up.

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Natural hair styled and cut into a geometric masterpiece. This hairstyle was shown during The V Files fashion show, and the audience absolutely applauded this one.

Afro looks nice alone, but a little bit of style won't hurt. The woman's natural hair is incorporated with cornrows on the side making it more fun and trendy!

People are aware that stacked bob looks good on straight hair, but what other's dont know is that this style looks quite fancy on curly hair too! This curly stacked bob is matched with straightened bangs that effectively complements the whole look.

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This hairstyle tamed the front section of the hair with some cornrows then surprised us with a voluminous, curly half-bun! Juxtapose the sharpness of tight braids with bouncy curls stacked up top.

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Long and curly blonde hair in a gorgeous combination of a top knot and a waterfall braid. This look is definitely one of those instagram-worthy hairstyles.

Medium-length, slightly curly hair puuled-back into this beautiful flower bun. This half-up hairstyle is simple but it will defnitely make a statement.

Something about this hairstyle never gets old!! We love how youthful and fun it is ✨ #sunkissedandmadeup #skmuTaylor #skmuJenna

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A messy and voluminous half bun in a curly, tousled hair. This hairstyle, with its sun-kissed tones, looks really fresh and youthful.

A half-bun made extra feminine with a fishtail braid on the side. This is also a great trick to tuck away shorter layers or grown out bangs.

A stay-at-home look for those with long and curly hair. This half-up looks really carefree and quirky, truly effortless but beautiful.

The woman wore her corporate attire with this elegant and high-fashion curly look with some baby bangs.

A gorgeous #balayage 👌🏻

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This look is effortlessly gorgeous. The flow of the hair, the loose curls, the blonde tones and the highlights complement one another perfectly. What a sight!

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If thin hair bother you a lot, why not try a highlighted, curly look like this one? The caramel highlights, together with the loose curls and waves, evoke a unique and beautiful texture.

A simple but breathtaking hairstyle of balayage highlights freely flowing along with the elegant-looking curls.

Enhance your elongated curly bob by adding in some balayage effect. This one looks really fresh and natural, perfect for women in their 20's.

Curly hair often results to the best ombre. In this one, a dark red-orange shade is used as the base tone of the roots. The gradient is then achieved with this color down to a lighter copper tone.

This thick and curly hair has a natural volume in it! The looks is just awesome but we all know that orange tones look really good on darker complexions too, so why not?

Be that unique hipster you always wanna be! Natural coils looks great in copper tones too! An enough amount of swag for your everyday look won't hurt.

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If you're an avid fan of Riverdale then you know how hot Cheryl Blossom is with her thick and curly hair in red and copper tones. This look is effortless yet its fiery sexy!

A combination of copper and burn orange highlights. This beautiful hair color in burnt orange is perfect if you are a natural redhead. The shades blend well creating a warm and cozy finish.

The woman added a little bit of grunge to her messy and curly gray hair by tousling it and arranging it into a high-top half-updo.

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Thick, long and kinky hair styled with two cornrow braids and three mini buns to achieve that edgy and grungy look.

How to Properly Care for Curly Hair

Start by determining what your hair type is and what your curl pattern is. You can then shop for hair care products adapted to your needs. Try using smaller quantities of hair care products and invest in a good detangler that won’t damage your hair. You should also use a diffuser when blow drying your hair to avoid frizz and always start from the bottom when you comb your hair.

Learn to Shape Your Curls

Your curls will look even better if you shape them after washing your hair. The easiest way to shape your curls is to divide your hair into small segments. Wind the hair up to create flat circles and attach the circles to your head with some bobby pins. Keep your hair up overnight and you should have perfect curls the next day!

Adopt A Teased-Out Style

Take advantage of your hair’s natural volume by creating a teased-out style. Divide your hair into sections and use a comb to tease the underneath layers first. Keep in mind that this look will stay until you wash your hair again. This is a great way to add more volume if you feel that your curls make the top of your hair look flat. Try piling your curls to one side once you have mastered the teasing technique!

Think About a Cropped Hairstyle

Working with long curls can be difficult. A cropped hairstyle is going to frame your face and make your curls the stars of the show. A shorter hairstyle also means less maintenance, and you can easily pull off the perfect curly bedhead look. A curly pixie can be chic, but you can opt for a girly wavy bob if you would like a little more length.

Try Different Topknots

Topknots are a versatile way to style curly hair. You can easily pair them with hair accessories or even create a professional style. Start with a high ponytail and try different ways of attaching your hair on top. You can create a braid and wrap it, or simply create a messy bun.

Tame Your Curls with Braids

If you have naturally curly hair, you absolutely need to learn a few braiding techniques. You can create many different curly women hairstyles once you know how to properly braid your hair type, and this is a great way to tame your curls. You can braid only a section of your hair to reduce the volume and let some of your curls loose or choose to wear your curls in one large braid. If you have shorter hair, you can get the same effect with a twist.