25 Blue Curly Hair Ideas for Women (Photos)

Hipster-vibe, curly blue hair.

The blue curly hair for women trend is in a big upward trajectory right now and has been since early 2011.  I find this really interesting (I find all trends interesting).  What happened in 2011 to start a major upward trend with blue, curly hair?  I don’t know, but if it’s a hairstyle you’re contemplating, you’re not alone.

Check out our photo gallery showcasing many examples of women with blue curly hair (long and short).


The singer made an appearance at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on June 06, 2010 rocking her blue curly hair with blunt bangs.

The singer made an appearance at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on June 06, 2010 rocking her blue curly hair with blunt bangs.

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🌊r i p • t i d e 🌊 . Cool and calm. 😌 this color always makes me feel mellow. It's been a minute since I've seen my favorite unicorn of a client @otterroundtheworld Tiffany blue for Tiffany herself✨ picture previous to this was her hair before after waiting over 4 months or so. Back to back foils, using @brazilianbondbuilder to keep her hair strong, for the actual color, I used @joicointensity for her roots and @pravana pastels everywhere else. So. In. Love. . . . @behindthechair_com #behindthechair @modernsalon @imallaboutdahair @maneinterest @mastersofbalayage #melanniemillan #tealhair #minthair #pastelhair #pastelhaircolor #hairstylistmagic #unicorntribe #pravana #pravanapastels #blonde #blondeasian #fashionblogger #houston #houstonblogger #balayage #amazinghair #hairdresser #houstonhairstylist #houstonhair #art #crafthairdresser #mintgreenhair #bluegreenhair #brazilianbondbuilder #guytang #larisalove

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Bob with loose, heated curls in a Tiffany Blue shade. This color also works well on straight hair, so it definitely is a win-win situation.

Long and curly hair in white and pastel blue tones. This one is a great option if you are naturally blonde because achieving a color this light requires a lot of bleaching.

This messy upstyle has some earthy feels in it as it combines metallic blue, light brown and gray tones together.


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Cobalt blue highlights in an aqua blue base create a nice, picturesque finish. The bouncy curls made it more lively and unique.

A stacked bob with metallic blue and purple highlights.
Navy blue hairstyle with spiral dreadlocks. Try this look and change the way people see dreadlocks.
Black-blue retro curls in a loose updo. This hairstyle creates a fresh and confident aura.
Vibrant turquoise with subtle curls to soften the whole look. This pastel ombre hair looks really chic and sassy with bangs and messy finish.
Blue, pink, green and purple; all in pastel hues for a fancy a sweet look. The curls and spirals give more dimensions to the whole look.
Give yourself a daily dose of cotton candy madness with this hairstyle. A sweet and beautiful look.
Look fresh and chic with the cool tones of platinum blonde and sky blue. Add some curls for volume.
Unleash your inner mermaid spirit and conquer the challenge of hair dying! Given the silvery blue and violet colors as well as the side braid, this hairstyle is pretty sweet.
Teal pairs well with jet black hair. This hairstyle looks even better with big curls.


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This hairstyle is a mashup of purple and blue tones. Looks really subtle but still classy.

I posted a little teaser yesterday of an up close shot of this rich galaxy ombré, but here's the full shot! @amandawalczak8 looks like such a babe with her long locks dipped in 4 shades of violet and blue! That color saturation is so deep, I won't have to see this lovely lady for a touch up for another 10 weeks! My regular root retouch clients are in every 3-6 weeks, so mermaid hair is actually lower maintenance than you would think IF you maintain it at home! @olaplex is a must to prep the hair for healthy coloring, and washing once or twice a week in cold water using @Pravana Vivids shampoo & conditioner makes all the difference in the world! 🌈 #PinupJordan #MermaidLounge #Mermaid #Mermaidhair #hair #haircut #hairsalon #hairstylist #hairstyle #longhair #purple #purplehair #pink #pinkhair #curls #curlyhair #stylist #galaxy #galaxyhair #olaplex #haircolor #haircolour #hairdye #hairdresser #albany #albanyny #schenectady

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Blue and violet, when combined, is definitely a regal! This hairstyle is perfect with sophisticated accessories. Goddess look, anyone?
Shiny hair looks beautiful and healthy. This hairstyle has an ultra shiny finish that gives more emphasis to the curls and blue color.
If you wanna go blue but you need to be extra low-key, then a touch of midnight blue will do! Subtle yet alluring enough.
Pixie cut in blueberry tones. This hairstyle is simple yet truly uplifting.
Experience the actual calmness of the sea with this blue beach waves. Great summer hairdo.

Nightfall 🌚. #ipredictariot #pulpriothair

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Set the usual balayage aside and have this dark blue balayage for a unique and elegant aura.
Dark blue hair with a glossy finish. Perfect for formal events.

Qué bonitoooo! #dipdyehair #purplehair #bluehair po nuestra @yolacote 🍇☂💧

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Lighten up your aura with this dip dye hairstyle in blue and violet tones.

Happy Saturday ☔️

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Super curly hair in blue tones! This hairstyle creates a fun and positive aura.


Here’s the trend chart for “blue curly hair” which as you can see is growing in popularity.

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