Welcome to our gallery featuring 100’s of women with dyed hairstyles.

Are you looking to dye your hair?

Whether you want a drastic look or just want to brighten up your look with a new shade, dyed hair makes all of the difference in how you feel about your style.

By definition, hair coloring or dyed hair is the practice of changing hair color. For many women, this means changing to a color regarded as more stylish or fashionable. It might also cover grays or a dull natural shade.

Why not treat yourself to a hair color that suits your preferences, your personality, and your confidence? You deserve it!

Thick and curly hair in medium length, arranged into a gorgeous high bun where the silver highlights are highly emphasized.

Short, curly hair dyed in a cool-toned platinum shade. This hairstyle looks unique and unexpected since natural hair is usually in a dark or black shade.

Thick, voluminous curls dyed with copper red tones and cut in a short, cropped style.

Thick hair with small, tight curls cut into a frsh-looking finish. The top part is dyed with a contrasting tone while the faded part has a creative partition.

Thick and coily hair in an undercut, dyed with two contrasting tones. These colors can brighten up your complexion while exhibiting a gorgeous, textured look.

Naturally thick and curly hair, cut into a taper faded style. The hair is dyed with layered colors to show creativity and uniqueness.

When you get your good ol color touched up💛

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A balayage style is not limited to long hair only. It can also be a nice touch-up for short and coily hair like this one. The overall look is simple yet it is oozing with a unique depth and dimension.

Bold and vibrant tones exhibit a youthful glow. The woman styled her layered cut with some streaks of red, copper and violet tones.

Be loud and proud of your gray hair and flaunt it in the most gorgeous way possible. The woman styled her medium-length granny hair with trendy curls and a touch of blue lowlights at the bottom part.

‘Tis the season to transform! Terra got her whole new look today! She was on a journey to get rid of an old red root shade and that band of warmth is finally gone and the contrast and dimension is back!! She’s so happy with her deep dark roots and variation of dark and baliaged platinum ends by Hanna. Bridgett trimmed her up and gave her a beautiful layered haircut to lair perfectly with her new color. #toniguyusa #toniguycoloradosprings #toniandguy #transform #hairtransformation #cutitoff #newhaircut #shorthair #shorthairstyles #baliage #brunettebaliage #brunettehair #platinumbaliage #highcontrastbaliage #fallhair #fallhairstyles #fallhairtrends #winterhair #christmashair #christmashairstyle #newhair #coloradospringshair #coloradospringsstylist #coloradospringshairdresser #coloradospringshairstylist

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Highlights with a lighter shades are highly emphasised on a dark-colored base. The contrasting effect gives a nice illusion of a soft and seamless texture.

Light ash blonde, given the right amount of tousle and volume creates a wonderful and youthful aura. It also looks good with beach waves for extra texture and movement.

A bob cut with white and gray tones, brushed back for a beauty like not other. This style created a nice height and depth to the look, perfect for round faces.

Benefits of Hair Color

Coloring hair is a common choice for women looking for a fresh look. In just an hour or so, you can add a different color and build your look. When applied correctly and to complement your skin tone, hair color provides benefits like:

  • Giving your hair the appearance of more body and volume
  • Adding the look of shine and dimension to your color
  • Reflecting light differently than one flat color
  • Building confidence in your appearance
  • Hiding the look of grays
  • Adding gloss or shine to hair that looks dull or flat
  • Complementing the look of your skin tone

How to Choose the Right Hair Color

Your ideal hair color should start with your skin tone. Although, if you have an idea of what you wish to do with your hair ask a stylist for color recommendations. No color should be eliminated if it is a shade you are interested in trying. Some tips for choosing the right hair color are:

  • Determine if your skin tone is cool, warm, or neutral. The cool skin has blue or violet undertones. The warm skin has peach or yellow undertones. The neutral skin has olive undertones.
  • Select your hair color based on cool, warm, or neutral skin tones.
    • In the case of blonde, cool looks best with pearl/ash blonde, warm looks best with golden or copper, neutral looks best with sandy blondes.
    • In the case of red hair, cool looks best with cherry, warm looks best with cinnamon or auburn, and neutral looks best with amber.
    • In the case of brunette, cool looks best with chestnut or cocoa, warm looks best with caramels, espressos, and honey, and neutral looks best with dark tones.
  • For fun hair colors like purples, reds, and blues, consult with a professional to see if the color complements your hair. In the case of a darker base color, you need the right color to stand out.

Types of Hair Dye

Do you know how long you want to have your color? There are different types of hair color which vary based on how long the color lasts in your hair. Temporary hair color fades within a few washes. Semi-permanent hair dye lasts up to eight washes and also covers gray hair on a temporary basis. Permanent hair color lasts weeks without fading because it penetrates your hair. The other two types of hair color are highlights and root touch-ups.