Welcome to our extensive photo gallery showcasing 100’s of gray hairstyles for women.

Women used to do everything they could to hide their greying hair. Nowadays, this color is a hot fashion trend. There are plenty of fun ways to style silver hair and other hues.

If you have natural gray hair, learn how to take care of it to make it shine and get rid of yellow hues. Getting the right hairstyle will also make a difference.

This silver-gray bob with an angled and wind-swept finish is incorporated with blunt bangs.

Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

💎Ashy and edgy💎 . . Color and cut by me✌🏼

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This sleek and straight bob in an ashy shade is incoporated with blunt bangs in a darker shade. This hairstyle is high-maintenance yet its uniqueness is definitely worth the effort.

Embrace the true beauty of natural gray hair by styling it in different ways. This slicked back hairstyle gives a crisp and elegant touch to the overall look.

Gray hair? No problem! This pixie cut looks fresh with some hints of pale lavender.

This gray bob with bangs and violet lowlights surely is adorable. The color combination is unexpected but it works really well.

Thick and curly hair in medium length, arranged into a gorgeous high bun where the silver highlights are highly emphasized.

Ashy cool tones|Texture cut

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Cool tones of gray look really awesome on tousled waves. This hairstyle is not just gorgeous, it is also effortless and easy to maintain.

Be loud and proud of your gray hair and flaunt it in the most gorgeous way possible. The woman styled her medium-length granny hair with trendy curls and a touch of blue lowlights at the bottom part.

A bob cut with white and gray tones, brushed back for a beauty like not other. This style created a nice height and depth to the look, perfect for round faces.

Stunnnning 😍😍😍 @n.starck

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Long and straight gray hair styled into this chunky braided ponytail. The texture and creatitvity of this hairstyle is so stunning it is definitely instagram-worthy!

This medium-length granny hair looks divine even when not incorporated with braids or embellishments. An effortless beauty for your everyday look.

Cute hairstyle by @n.starck .star💖💖💖 #cute #diy #braids#l4l#f4f

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Long, gray hair separated into two sections. Each section is arranged into a reverse dutch braid; from the lower portion of the head and up to the top, creating a bow out of the remaining strands.

Short Gray Women Hairstyles

Keeping your hair short opens a lot of possibilities if you want a fun and edgy hairstyle. It also means less maintenance, which makes taking care of your dyed hair a lot easier. These are some of the most original and versatile short styles for gray or silver hair.

Bob Cut

The bob cut is a great choice if you need something that is both fun and professional. A bob cut gives you a little bit of length and allows you to create a very feminine look. You can choose to part your hair in the middle, on the side or opt for bangs. A choppy bob would be perfect if you have fine hair!

Pixie Cut

There are many different types of pixie cuts. This is a popular style for silver hair and other light hues. A pixie cut creates some layering and texture, which gives an interesting dimension to this color.

Short Boyish Cut

Jamie Lee Curtis’ short boyish cut was the perfect choice for her greying hair. This style requires virtually no maintenance and is a cute and versatile way to style your hair.

Long Gray Hairstyles

The right hairstyle can really make your hair look glamorous. Longer gray women hairstyles are ideal if you are not ready to chop your hair off or if you would like something that looks more feminine. Keep your hair long if you like braids, ponytails, and just want more options when you style your hair.

Layered Bob

The layered bob style is sometimes called a lob. This style is similar to a bob but with more length. The layers add some texture to your hair and will help draw attention to the different hues in your hair, whether your silver color is natural or not. This style would be particularly interesting if you are thinking about dying your hair with different shades of silver.

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are a classic flirty look – and they are not just for summertime. This style will require more maintenance, unless your hair is naturally wavy. This is a fun style you can easily create at home with a curling wand.

Medium Layers

If you have medium length hair, think about adding some layers. Any hairstyle with layer is a good choice if your hair is starting to show signs of age since the greying process is usually not uniform. Layers are also a great way to reveal the different hues of a hair dye. You can choose to add more structure to this hairstyle with some bangs, or by combining shoulder-length layers with longer ones.

Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair