150 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Women (2018)

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Woman with half up and half down hairstyle

The half up, half down hairstyle for women is popular for special events such as weddings and proms.  They take some styling effort so it’s not a typical everyday wear, but when done, can look fabulous.

Check out these many half up half down hairstyles for women. Includes braids, ponytails, prom, wedding, simple, curly styles and more.

Gabrielle Union wearing a braided half-up

Gabrielle Union wearing a braided half-up at the Confirmation HBO Premiere Screening last March 31, 2016.

Long and wavy blond hair styled into a braided half-up. This one is a combination of three-strand and fishtail braids incorporated with some real flowers for that fresh and youthful finish.

Long, bright purple hair arranged into a half-up with some twisted partitions and fishtail braids. This hairstyle looks artsy and creative in every way.

#Repost @meganlacore ・・・ Rich reds and fishtail braids. What's not to love?🌹❤🌹 __________ Quick tip for braiding: Add texture to the hair to help create the perfect braid. ___________ To prep this style I used @biolage RAW Texturizing Styling Spray on damp hair, then dried her hair with a boat bristle brush for shine and control. (You can see her hair straight a little way down my feed. Super shiny!) __________ Next I twist wrapped her hair on a large cone wand for beachy waves, leaving her ends out. This helps the braids hold their shape and keeps the strands from slipping while you are braiding. __________ To create the braids, I sectioned off her crown and temporal sections. First I fishtail braided the crown section back toward the center back of the head. I clipped the two strands of the braid to keep them separated, then braided the side sections back to meet in the center back of the head. I clipped each braid's sections to keep them secure but separated. __________ Next I removed the clips, keeping the strands separated, and overlapped the braids, combining the three left sections in one hand and the three right sections in the other hand. This crosses the braids over each other and brings them together. __________ I then began fishtail braiding again, creating one braid down the remaining hair. After securing with a clear elastic band, I wrapped a section of the ends around the band to conceal it. __________ I finished by misting the dry hair with Texturizing Styling Spray once again and fanning out the braids to expand them. I ran my fingers through the waves, then lightly sprayed everything with #Biolage Complete Control hairspray. __________ Are you enjoying these tips and tutorials? Would you like to see more? Let me know in the comments! __________ #MeganLaCore #healthystyling #biolageraw #liveraw #sanjose #sanjosehairstylist #sanjosehair #sanjosesalon #bayarea #bayareahairstylist #hairtutorial #hairtips #fishtailbraid #redhair #redhairdontcare #braids #braidstyles

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Long, dark and wavy hair highlighted with some rich tones of red and styled with a tight and nicely-done fishtail braids.

Loosely curled hair incorporated with a braided half-up for that classic, prom look. For some reasons, fishtail braids look really good on elegant hairstyles.

#fishtailbraid #prom2018🎓

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Long, dark hair with curled tips and two side fishtail braids intersecting to create an elegant half-up style. This one is perfect for proms and graduation balls.

A half-up style fishtail braid with the upper part arranged and twisted to create a beautiful flower shape. This hairstyle may need a lot of effort but with a gorgeous output like this one, it's worth it.

A gorgeous half-up is a combination of several types of braids that provides different types of texture. This one has crown braid, fishtail, twisted three-strand and rope braid altogether.

A messy half-up with a twisted fishtail braid. This one looks unique and playful but it goes well with casual outfits.

Curly, dirty blonde hair in a braided half-up. The fishtail braid offers a different kind of texture to the loose curls.

Long and messy hair in a braided half-up. The fishtail braid looks perfect even on messy finish, no doubt about that.Barbara Palvin in a center-parted half-up style.

Barbara Palvin kept her sweet and simple aura with this center-parted half-up hairstyle worn at the amfAR Gala Cannes 2017.

Long, black hair styles with cornrow braids and arranged into a half-up bun. The look is enhanced with some tribal embellishments with different details.

Felicity Jones' feminine glow is enhanced with this fancy half-up style worn at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala last October 24, 2011.

Felicity Jones' feminine glow is enhanced with this fancy half-up style worn at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala last October 24, 2011.

🍁Fall Waves🍂

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A typical, wavy dirty blonde hair enhanced with a black bow. The color of the ribbon is highly emphasized with a somehow light-colored hair. To achieve the perfect look, it is best to choose a bow with a color that contrasts with your hair shade.

Long and wavy, dark-colored hair in a stylish half-up incorporated with a three-strand braid. This effortless braid is one good way to secure the strands.

Forget politics.. I just want to braid hair! 🇺🇸

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Dirty blonde, wavy hair in a braided half-up. The chunky fishtail braid has a messy finish, giving it the best texture ever.

@braidsbyjordan 💞

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Thin waterfall braid on a long, straight hair; with its falling strands incorporated to form a rose-like half-up style.

Metallic blue and silver tones melting into this beautiful and colorful balayage. The hair is arranged into a loosely twisted half-up that is definitely a jaw-dropping one!

How popular is the half up, half down hairstyle?

It’s moderately popular. It’s neither trending upward nor is losing popularity. Here’s the trend chart for the searches online involving “half up half down hairstyle” searches.

What is a Half Up Half Down Hairstyle?

Half up half down hairstyle simply refers to any type of hairstyle that is lifted from just above the ears or at the temples and pulled back from the face. This section of hair can be put in a ponytail, braided, twisted, or clipped in a variety of different ways. The lower half of the hair is then left loose and down. This type of style is often thought ideal because it offers the best of both worlds; beautiful long hair is shown at its best in the lower half, while the upper portion is kept out of the face and can be styled to suit any occasion.

Half up half down hairstyles have been around for hundreds of years, seen as far back as the Renaissance Era, though this style didn’t become popular in America until the 40’s when Victory Rolls gained traction. We can probably thank this particular hairstyle for laying the groundwork for the half up half down styles we love so much today.

13 Different Types of Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

1. The Half Up Ponytail

The half up ponytail hairstyle for women with long hair.

This style is enjoying a lot of time in the limelight right now. It’s a high up ponytail that trails down from the crown of the head with one small section of hair wrapped around the hair band to hide it.

2. Up High Bun

Up high bun hairstyle for women for more gorgeous look.

This is a cute spin on an old classic; the bun. The top half of hair is sectioned off and pulled back, twisted or braided, then wrapped around itself and pinned or clipped or tied into place on the crown or top of the head.

3. The Side Braid

The side braid hairstyle with blonde color.

This style is currently trending and breaks all the rules. It’s a new take on the French braid. Starting with an extreme side part (use the outer edge of your eyebrow as a guide), make two sections of hair. The heavier section will be left loose, while the small one makes the braid. It’s certainly not the traditional way to do half up half down but is still along the same lines.

4. Half Up Bouffant

Half up bouffant hairstyle for long haired women.

Elegant and classy, this style is a modern salute to the beehives of the 60’s. It can go as formal or casual as you like. To get this look, pull the top half of your hair up, do a bit of backcombing (or teasing) on the underside near the roots, and tie or pin in place. The ends hanging down can be curled, braided, or twisted however you want. Pro tip: to help reach higher levels of volume, apply a little hairspray or mousse before backcombing.

5. Braided Half Updo

Braided half updo stylish hairstyle for women.

This one can be done a couple of different ways. In one style, the sides of the top half of hair are braided until they reach the back of the head and then held in place. These can be simple, quick braids or French braided, whatever suits your preference or ability. The second way is to pull the upper section back and then begin the braid at the crown of your head.

6. Fish Tail Half Up Half Down

A pretty spin on the braided half updo, this style starts with the top section of hair on one side of the head and is braided, in fish tail fashion, across the back of the head horizontally.

7. Cute Bow Updo

Cute bow updo looks so cute.

For this style, the upper half of the hair is pulled back and then tied (yes, tied) into a classic bow. The style itself is all the adornment it needs, though it will certainly take some practice to achieve without help.

8. Up Top Clip Style

Up top clip style for elegant look.

This style takes the mid-section of the top half of your hair and clips it in the top-center of your head. This part of the hair can be left flat, backcombed for a boost, twisted in small sections, or braided as far as the clip. It’s especially gorgeous when the loose ends and lower half are curled.

9. Just the Sides


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It’s my favorite season! Wedding season!💍

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Another way to get the half up half down look is to pull back only the sides of the hair, leaving the top middle loose. Take wide sections that start at the top of your ear and extend to the spot directly above the outer corner of your eyebrow, pull each side back and secure it with a bobby pin or clip. The sections shouldn’t touch at the back of the head and should leave a wide section of hair loose down the middle.

10. Asymmetrical Half Updo


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Asymmetrical updo💕👰🏼 #wedding #weddinghair #asymmetricalupdo #romance #braidstyles #frisørtrondheim #hairlove

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For this style, the upper half of the hair is secured off to one side of the head. The hair can be combed over the top or pulled around the back to achieve this and can be done plain, in braids, or twisted however you like.

11. Half Up for Short Styles

Half up half down hairstyles aren’t just for those with long, flowing locks. Even if your hair only reaches the bottom of your ears, you can pull off this look. Just be sure to secure the hair well to avoid fly aways.

12. Half Up Braided Crown

This style works best with hair that falls below the shoulders, as it requires length to achieve. The upper section of hair is woven into one thick or several thinner French style braids across the back of the head. The braided “crown” can sit high or low and gives a very romantic, renaissance look.

13. Intricate Half Up Half Down Styles

This term refers to any half up half down style that is highly detailed. It can mean any style where opposite sides of the hair are braided or weaved loosely together (resulting in a unique “net” look across the back of the style), several braids of the same or different style woven throughout the style, or even techniques that turn the hair itself into different shapes such as flowers.

Best Face Shape for Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Which face shapes are best suited to half up half down hairstyles? Luckily, all of them. The trick is to learn what your shape is and then find out how to accentuate or soften it using hair cut and style. With half up half down styles, this can be done in a few different ways. You can add bangs or pull them back, part the hair a certain way, or simply strategically add or decrease volume.

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Heart
  • Oblong
  • Diamond
  • Rectangle
  • Square

Best Types of Hair for Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Due to the extremely versatile nature of half up half down hairstyles, they tend to work well with any hair texture.

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Thick
  • Fine
  • Coarse
  • Coily
  • Kinky

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