Welcome to our huge gallery featuring women with highlights.

Are you ready to make a change to your hair color?

No matter your preferred look, highlights brighten your hair, draw attention to your features, and give you a put-together look. Many women choose this attractive option to enhance their style.

The term applies to strands of hair which are made lighter than the base color of the hair. This color is added to hair by foils on select strands of hair, so the entire head isn’t colored as it is with hair dying.

You are adding color to the hair, just select pieces.

Thick and curly hair in medium length, arranged into a gorgeous high bun where the silver highlights are highly emphasized.

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Medium-length, natural hair with red highlights styled with tight braids on the side for that creative finish.

Highlighted, coily hair incorporated with three tight french braids at the side. This hairstyle might look common but observing each and every detail makes it more appealing.

If your naturally thick and curly hair bothers you and your daily activities, try securing it with a colored bandana. This one does not only give you comfort, it also provide a stylish finish.

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A balayage style is not limited to long hair only. It can also be a nice touch-up for short and coily hair like this one. The overall look is simple yet it is oozing with a unique depth and dimension.

Gabrielle Union's center-parted and highlighted look is indeed a show-stopper at the 41st Annual NAACP Image Awards held last February 26, 2010.

Gabrielle Union's center-parted and highlighted look is indeed a show-stopper at the 41st Annual NAACP Image Awards held last February 26, 2010.

Medium-length hair can also achieve a beautiful updo. This fancy roll is enhanced with some highlights that creatively emphasize the flow of the strands.

A highlighted upstyle with a messy finish. The caramel highlights emphasize the movement of the hair making look more lively and stunning.

Medium-length, dark blonde hair styled with soft layers and subtle highlights. The tips are tossed for a bit texture while the upper layers are teased for extra volume.

A stunningly bright blonde of shoulder length enhanced with some darker tips. The transition of colors is seamlessly gorgeous. This hairstyle is also incorporated with subtle layers and long side bangs.

Highlighted, blonde hair incorporated with some flipped layers. These layers kept the look extra confident, exciting and unique.

Sometimes, real beauty can be flaunted by keeping all things simple and natural. This medium-length blonde hair released it's most beautiful phase with some natural blonde highlights that blended well altogether.

Types of Highlights

The two most common types of color application techniques are balayage and foiling. Both involve adding brighter color to select strands, and a qualified professional knows exactly how to apply color. Your stylist is likely to choose one of these two options:

  • Balayage: This is a freehand technique where color is applied directly to the hair with a brush. Hair is painted with a brush covered with a lightening agent, and then each section is covered with cellophane. It gives the look of fatter highlights and is sometimes called chunking.
  • Foils: This look produces a more symmetrical head of highlights. Hair is sectioned off, and the color is weaved into select strands. Small sections of hair get colored and folder into foils, which keeps color from getting onto surrounding hair and keeps the hair moist. Partial or full foils add color to your hair at the desired level you want.

In addition to these two options, lighter color is often blended with lowlights. This is adding a color which is darker than your base so give an additional dimension to hair. Instead of one color, you get three colors framing your face and enhancing your look.

What Will the Lighter Color Look Like?

When it comes to adding brightness to your hair, a stylist should work with you on the size of your highlights, the color getting added, the tone of the color, and the placement of color on your head. There is no one-size-fits-all solution because every hair type is different. It is typical for thicker hair to require chunkier color while fine hair needs thinner sections of color.

If you’ve never colored your hair before, highlights are a great way to dip your toes into the water. Just remember, if the light color added to your hair is several shades different than your natural color there is some upkeep required. A qualified stylist will keep your color within the same tonal family and only bring you two to three levels lighter than your base.

Advantages to Adding Lightness to Your Hair

Adding a few lighter strands to your hair frames your face and even draws attention to your eyes. No matter the shape of your face, a second color brings out your cheek bones, makes your face look slim, and even makes hair look full. No matter your base color, highlighting adds the dimension you want. An updated hairstyle boosts your confidence!