97 Hair Highlights Examples for Women in 2019

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Dark, short hair with blonde highlights.

Welcome to our huge gallery featuring women with highlights.

Are you ready to make a change to your hair color?

No matter your preferred look, highlights brighten your hair, draw attention to your features, and give you a put-together look. Many women choose this attractive option to enhance their style.

The term applies to strands of hair which are made lighter than the base color of the hair. This color is added to hair by foils on select strands of hair, so the entire head isn’t colored as it is with hair dying.

You are adding color to the hair, just select pieces.

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Love the twist in this short wavy bob. Adding bangs and highlights to the style makes it look so perfect.

Typical and classic ombre highlights for this thin and fine hair. Using a curling or flat iron, the hair is curled into swirls to achieve the illusion of a thick finish.

9 Types of Highlights

Nine Highlighting Techniques That Can Drastically Change Your Look For The Better

1. Babylights

Babylights hair highlights for women.

Babylights are one of the most popular types of hair highlights for women that have indeed managed to make their mark on the beauty industry. This is just another one of the many highlight trends that people are going in for and is one that is definitely here to stay. The reason this kind of highlighting is known as Babylights is that of the technique that is used when trying to create this kind of hair. The main aim of this process is to create highlights that are incredibly subtle, and which don’t seem too different from one’s natural hair. If you have ever looked at a child and wondered how beautiful their virgin hair looks, babylights is one highlighting technique that can give you that kind of appeal.

2. Balayage

Balayage highlights technique.

With celebrities like Jessica Alba and Rihanna sporting these kinds of highlights, there was no surprise that this technique started becoming a staple way of achieving hair. ‘Balayage’ is a French word that refers to the action of painting. In accordance with that, this technique tries to ‘paint’ on the hair color onto the hair, thereby giving it a much more fresh and natural look as compared to traditional highlights. This technique entails a much more subtle color at the top of the head that gradually increases in intensity as it reaches the lowered parts of the hair. Normally, the color used in this technique is just a few shades lighter than the base color of the hair, thereby giving it a more luminous look.

Even though the technique used is not entirely the same, the end effect that one receives when getting this kind of highlights is similar to that of the ombre trend, just in the form of highlights.

Click here for our balayage gallery (loads of examples).

3. Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights hairstyle.

If you lived through the late nineties or early 2000s, you are probably already familiar with chunky highlights. Almost every celebrity during this time was seen sporting these kinds of highlights, and the chances are that you secretly wanted them too. Today, chunky highlights might not be the most popular thing around, but they still are one of the more relevant highlight techniques that are being used. Chunky highlights are mainly characterized by strips of your hair being colored to a shade that is either lighter or darker than your hair.

One of the main aspects of chunky highlights is that they were not meant to blend in. The highlights in the hair were meant to be a big contrast from your base hair color and were meant to shine through. Because of this, the technique of using chunky highlights tends to give your hair the illusion of being sleeker, especially if you go all out with the 2000s hair trend of making your hair as straight as it can be.

4. Frosted Highlights

Frosted highlights hairstyle.

One of the lesser common techniques of highlighting the hair is the trend of frosted highlights. This is a technique that tends to be more popular amongst men than women but is nevertheless something that can look incredible if done right. The primary characterization of this kind of hair is that individual strands are bleached or lightened to achieve mixed hues. Only a few strands are lightened at a time, thereby making them seem a lot more subtle, but well blended. The technique is mainly used when trying to lighten the hair, and make it just one or two hues lighter.

5. Ribbon Highlights

Ribbon highlights hairstyle.

Ribbon Highlights is one trend that has recently appeared over the past year and is surely something that is here to stay for a long time. If you are looking to achieve the real ribbon hair look, there are certain limitations that you may have to work with. For starters, the base hair must be one solid color; This usually means that this technique would only work well on hair that has never been colored or hair that was just colored to achieve one shade. In this technique, normally a color that contrasts well with the base color is used. This color is applied only to certain parts of the hair that make it stand out against the darker shade.

6. Slicing

Slicing highlights technique.

Slicing is a technique that is used to achieve highlights that look like a mix of ribbon highlights and chunky highlights. This technique is used to achieve highlights that stand out in a good way, but which still blend into the hair for a certain amount. In this technique, a certain part of the hair is taken and colored with a shade that is lighter than the original hair. This gives the hair the illusion of having more volume and is considered to be great for those who have previously colored their hair as well.

7. Shatush

Shatush highlights technique.

Shatush is a highlighting technique that is used to give the hair a sun-kissed sheen that is perfect for the summer. The highlighting technique involves gradually making the hair seem lighter. The roots of the hair are generally the darkest, while the tips are the lightest.

This technique only works to lighten the hair and not the other way around.

8. Ombre

Ombre highlights technique.

The ombre highlighting technique is something that has become one of the most popular kinds of hairighting options that women all over the world are choosing to go in for. This technique involves gradually making the hair appear lighter, even if its just a few tones higher.

The crown of the hair is generally left untouched, and just below that is where the gradient usually begins. As one progresses through the length of the hair, this color becomes lighter, giving you an ombre effect.

Click here for dozens of ombre highlight examples.

9. Foliyage

Foliyage highlights.

Foliyage is the next best alternative for those who want to go in for Balayage highlights but have darker hair tones. This technique works similar to balayage, which is often why these highlighting techniques are often mixed up with each other. The aim of this kind of highlighting technique is to create a seamless gradient that appears to stand out from the base color of the hair

What Will the Lighter Color Look Like?

When it comes to adding brightness to your hair, a stylist should work with you on the size of your highlights, the color getting added, the tone of the color, and the placement of color on your head. There is no one-size-fits-all solution because every hair type is different. It is typical for thicker hair to require chunkier color while fine hair needs thinner sections of color.

If you’ve never colored your hair before, highlights are a great way to dip your toes into the water. Just remember, if the light color added to your hair is several shades different than your natural color there is some upkeep required. A qualified stylist will keep your color within the same tonal family and only bring you two to three levels lighter than your base.

Advantages to Adding Lightness to Your Hair

Adding a few lighter strands to your hair frames your face and even draws attention to your eyes. No matter the shape of your face, a second color brings out your cheek bones, makes your face look slim, and even makes hair look full. No matter your base color, highlighting adds the dimension you want. An updated hairstyle boosts your confidence!

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