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Woman with blonde hair in a layered cut.

Looking for layered hairstyles for inspiration? Get hundreds of ideas for layers here… all hair colors and hair types shown.

Pay attention to the haircuts you see today. What looks stick out to you?

What looks to you see a lot? One of the most popular women’s hairstyles available in many variations and limitless looks is layers. From long to short styles, layers give the illusion of length and volume for hair.

Shorter strands on top of the head and longer locks underneath give the illusion of seamless blending.

Introducing our 2018 photo gallery of layered hairstyles for women.

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It's a Cool Summer

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Textured Bob #salsalhair #texturedbob

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💥 layers 💥

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This color is ideal for light brown or dark blonde looking to warm up their complexion gradually with lighter accents.
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Balayaged & Blended . . . @schwarzkopfusa #behindthechair #btconeshot_hairpaint18

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If you're rocking a shaggy layers, then the light blonde to brown balayage could be the best color to pair.
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Honey melt for layered haircut can turn any girls into an instant hottie!

How is The Look Achieved?

Put simply, the effect occurs by taking sections vertically across the head, pulling them away from the head, and cutting straight across. Hair is lifted away from the head at angles that are different from the natural growth pattern. Layered looks can be an all-over look throughout the crown of the head, along with the top of the head, or just over and around the forehead with bangs or fringe.

What Style Matches My Face?

Since there are so many different hair types, lengths, colors, and styles that make use of layers, consider going into your hairdresser for advice. You can even bring a few photos of the look you prefer. A professional will match your preferred look with your hair’s texture and length. As a general rule:

  • Oval: Choose longer and face-framing strands. A longer hair length tends to show off the shape of the face and build a more chiseled look.
  • Square: Opt for easy layers that aren’t too defined or else you end up with a square face which looks even more square.
  • Round: If your face doesn’t have much natural contouring, create it with every layering effect. Round faces look good with short, chopping locks or even long, single length layers.
  • Heart-Shaped: Instead of having hair hug the face, have it naturally fall away from the face to enhance the appearance of the face’s natural shape. Any hair length looks good with a heart-shaped face.

Benefits of Layers

Thinking about adding this look to your current style? For many women, this cut and style provide the following advantages:

  • Providing additional volume to the hair
  • Giving the illusion of length
  • Accentuating the shape and appearance of your face
  • For rounder faces, layering gives the face a longer look
  • Getting a new look without adding chemicals or colors
  • Requiring less maintenance and time between cuts than other hair styles
  • Allowing you to get a dramatic shape for a unique style
  • Adding dimension to hair with natural waves

Hair Texture for Layers

The hair types best suited for layering are coarse hair and then medium hair, such as bob cuts. While thin hair is still possible to layer, be sure you select a stylist you trust to complete the cut.

As for textures, wavy and straight hair respond best to layering when cut to enhance the overall shape of the hair. Curly hair needs to be cut properly or else the hair may look too top heavy. All hair colors look good with this style! From sharp, blunt styles to feathery, light strands, you are sure to love your layered look.

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