300 Beautiful Long Hairstyles & Cuts for Women in 2018

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Young woman with long wavy brunette hair

Long hair, generally considered to be anything below shoulder length, is a style for that simply doesn’t get old.

From historical times up to today, long hair signifies beauty, femininity, and fashion. While long women’s hairstyles are always on trend, the look changes with time.

The “all natural” movement is big nowadays. From the foods we eat to the products we put on our bodies, even to the hair we have on our heads, people are getting in touch with nature.

Modern-day long hairstyles include a casual, messy and nonchalant look, creating that natural appeal.

The best part about long hairstyles for women is that there’s a lot of room to experiment with colors, styles, and cuts. Here are some on-trend long women’s hairstyles that you might want to try out.

This is our 2018 photo gallery featuring all kinds and colors and styles of long hairstyles for women.  Includes long celebrity hairstyles.

Kate Beckinsale with long wavy side-parted hairstyle arrives at the LACMA 2013 Art and Film Gala on November 2, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA
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24 Types of Long Hairstyles for Women

1. Straight with Center Part

Long, shiny, straight hair with a center part is a sleek look for day or night. This look can be achieved by using a straightening iron and argon oil.

2. Wavy with Center Part

Long waves can be made with a medium barrel curling iron and hair gel. One could also allow the hair to air dry after spritzing a salt water mixture onto their locks.

3. Natural Tight Curls

Natural curls are beautiful and an anti-frizz serum can keep them tame.

4. Large Curls

Large curls made with a large barrel curling iron or hair rollers give the hair bounce and volume.

5. Bangs

Bangs can cover a large forehead or add style to a look. Bangs should be trimmed to just below the eyebrow. They can be smoothed out with a straightening iron or a curling iron.

6. Side-Swept Bangs

As the name suggests, these bangs sweep down over one side of the forehead. Lengths can vary from below the eye to longer. They may be feathered or combed sleek depending on the desired look.

7. Face-Framing Layers

These are shorter layers around the face softening edges and enhancing assets.

8. Long Layers

Long layers begin around the shoulder and end by the chest. They add shape and definition to longer hair that may seem flat.

9. “Ghost Layers”

These layers are cut on the underside of the hair nearest the head. It is a great way to keep hair length and add volume and movement. It gives the appearance that the hair is all the same length.

10. V-Shaped Cut

The V-shaped cut is angled into the shape of a “v” in the back. This cut is trendy, fun, and allows for a lot of movement with its many layers.

11. Half Up-Style with Sloppy Bun

The top half of the hair is pulled back into a sloppy bun while the lower half of the hair remains down. This style is perfect for day time at the office and for sporting events in the evening.

12. Half Up-Style Sleek

Again, this style pulls the top half of the hair up into a barrette or comb while the lower half of the hair stays down. Face-framing tendrils can be pulled out around the forehead to add a framing effect.

13. Half Up-Style with French Braid

The top half of the hair is pulled up and braided from the crown. It is left to relax on top of the remaining lower half of the hair. This style might benefit those with especially curly hair as it forces the curls to remain manageable.

14. Long Shag Haircut

The shag haircut has been around for a very long time. It is known for many layers which make the crown quite voluminous as it tapers off down the length of the hair. It has been modernized over the years, but the quintessential “shag” look remains in all hair lengths.

15. Textured Hair

Texture equals shape in the hair. Adding a curl enhancer can help bring out the natural shape of the curls. Long textured hair creates an original style.

16. Long, High Ponytail

A sleek, pulled back ponytail can double as a classy up-style or a practical, sporty look.

17. Colored Hair

One way to rejuvenate the hair’s look is to play with the color of it. This can be simple like adding subtle highlights, or dramatic by completely changing the color. There are many different options depending on the hair color and preferences of the client. Balayage, all-over silver, platinum, jet black, tri-color, blue streaks, and chunky highlights are all different examples of the diversity of coloring hair.

18. Deep Side Part

A deep side part creates an elegant and creative hairstyle. This part is usually even with the outer edge of one of the eyes. Hair can be separated at the designated part with a pick-type comb. Tucking the hair on the lesser side behind the ear enhances the neckline.

19. Adornments

Adding a barrette, fresh flower, or fancy comb to one or both sides of the hair is a simple way to dress it up. Other options to embellish the hair include decorative headbands, tiaras, beads, gemstones, and hair extensions.

20. All to the Side

Wearing the hair all on one side allows one to show off the ear, neck, and shoulder. Loose waves can show off variances in highlight colors with this style. It is an easy style to create by simply pulling the hair to one side.

21. Voluminous 60s Style

Teasing the hair on the crown and brushing a layer over the top with a side part and long layers make this style complete. A large round brush and large barrel curling iron are the easiest way to get this look. If feeling especially nostalgic, one can try a modern take on the “beehive” hairstyle.

22. Wet Look

This can be attained with products specifically made for creating a wet look. Hair can then be brushed back away from the face. This enhances the face, collarbone, and shoulders.

23. Bouncy Style

Perfect for thicker hair, this style adds lightness and bounce. Blow-dry hair with a large round brush and use a large barrel curling iron to fold the ends under. This will create a lightweight, bouncy effect.

24. Beach Hair

Beach hair can be made by going to the beach, swimming in the ocean, and drying hair out in the sun. If no beach is nearby, one can wash their hair, add a salt water spray, comb through it with the fingers, and let it air dry. There is very little symmetry with beach hair, and it works best with long hair.

Popular “Long” Galleries

While we feature literally hundreds of galleries, some of the more popular ones with long hair include:

Beach Waves

You can’t get much more natural than beach waves. The salt-strewn tresses create a carefree yet stylish look.

Here’s how to create gorgeous beach waves:

Spray your hair with a heat protectant

  • Curl the hair with a wand or curling iron, leaving the ends straight,
  • Tug on the coil to loosen it and prevent tight curls, and
  • Once all of your hair is curled, spray with a texturizing or volumizing spray and break up the curls once more using your fingers

Who says you have to spend a day at the beach just to get beautiful waves?

Soft Curls

If you want to create luscious, volume-rich locks, look no further than the soft curl.

For this look, you want to curl your hair in different directions and leave the ends uncurled to avoid tight ringlets. This will create that soft, natural look. Spray your hair with a flexible hold hairspray, then gently run your fingers through your hair, to loosen the curls.

Soft curls are elegant and classy, yet you can wear them either formally or casually.

Super High Messy Bun

Ever feel like just rolling out of bed, throwing your hair in a messy bun and leaving the house? Well, you can! Super high messy buns are totally in, and they’re totally cute!

Here’s how to create a grungy yet polished bun:

  • Pull your hair into a loose ponytail as high as you’d like,
  • Using another hair tie, create a loose bun, and
  • You can use bobby pins to secure the bun and prevent it from flopping around

This style is simple, easy, and perfect for those lazy mornings.

Messy Side Braid

If you want a style that’s even easier than a messy bun, try a messy side braid.

Swoop your hair to one side, put it in a loose braid, then gently tug sections of the braid to loosen it up a bit. You might even want to pull a few pieces of hair out around your face to create an ultra-messy look.

Layered or One-Length Cuts

The type cut you get is just as important as the way you style it. Try a layered haircut to add volume and texture, or go for a chic one-length haircut. Layered cuts are perfect for those loose waves or curls, while one-length haircuts are great for those who like to wear straight hair.

Celebrities with Long Hair

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