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Woman with long, loose dark hair.

Check out these amazing long hairstyles for women with brunette hair.

Brunette hair color is a very common hair color.  Long, like short, is a common length although there isn’t a specific length to qualify as long.  To armpits and lower/longer is, however, a typical length that qualifies as long.

Get inspired with the following gallery.

Long, layered hair in a mild and matte brown shade. This color creates a smooth and soft finish. The layers are gently swayed back to create subtle volume and dimension.

Light and feathery layers complemented with warm, brown tones for an innocent yet stylish look.

Natural waves enhanced with some creamy highlights. The sun-kissed effect goes well with the Summer vibes.

Long and straight hair with a sleek finish, enhanced with natural-looking balayage highlights.

Natural-looking, shiny brown balayage highlights on brown hair.

Long and thick waves in a beautiful balayage with a sleek and shiny finish.

Brown balayage highlights on long hair with a sleek and straight finish.

Long and brown, wavy hair with natural balayage highlights.

Tousled Straight hair with side bangs and subtle layers.

Dark and wavy hair with flattering layers and blunt bangs. The waves create a subtle volume, the layers provide a soft yet powerful texture while the blunt bangs effectively frame the face.

Long and tousled hair with subtle layers incorporated with thick, side-swept bangs. This hairstyle is stylish enough for casual days.

A brunette with a messy milkmaid braid. Her subtle, "no makeup" makeup look and bushy eyebrows complement the grungy finish. This hairstyle simply explains how messy can turn into classy when done properly.

What is considered long hair?

This is a very typical question.  I’m sure there are varying answers.  The answer we like is hair that goes down to armpits or longer is consider long hair.

Hair from chin to armpits is medium-length.

Hair no longer than chin is short.

Within that scale you get very short and very long.

What’s sexier? Long or short hair?

While researching this gallery, we were amazed that this is a question many women have.  I guess it makes sense.  The trouble with it is that it’s impossible to answer.

Some people might find long hair sexier on some women.  The same people might find short hair sexier on othe people.

The point is there are many subjective tastes involved.  There’s the actual appearance of the women who may look sexier with long or short hair.  Then there’s the opinion of the person who looks at the woman.

I think generally, the consensus is that longer hair is sexier, but that’s based on nothing than speculation.  Besides, such a conclusion is nonsense.  Many women look incredibly sexy with short hair.

Is long hair still in style?

Yes, yes, yes!

Okay, it’s in style for women.  It’s not really in style for men like it was in the 1990’s or 1970’s.

Since it’s been nearly 20 years since it’s been in style for men, chances are it’ll come in style again soon.

At the time this was originally published, long, bushy beards were at the tail end of being in style (at least I think it’s the tail end).

But for women, long hair is still very much in style.  I don’t foresee that ever going away.

Can long hair hurt a career for women?

Some women have this concern, especially if they have long curly hair.

I think it’s nonsense.  I’m not saying go to a corporate work place with out-of-control messy hair.  Everyone should be well groomed.  However, you don’t need to plaster it down.

My opinion is bolstered by Kat Griffen, founder of Corporette who in response to whether long, curly hair is bad for the career wrote “For my $.02: There is nothing unprofessional about curly hair” (read question and answer here).