56 Multi-Colored Hair Examples for Women in 2019

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Multi-colored hair on wavy hair.

Welcome to our exciting gallery featuring women with multi-colored hairstyles.

Do you like color but can’t decide on a single hue? Multicolored women hairstyles are a thing, and you should think about adopting this trends as more hair stylists offer these styles and know how to get great results every time.

Being able to mix and match your colors means you can create something that is truly unique. The key is to choose your colors wisely and ask yourself what kind of result you want.

Medium-length, rainbow hair with slightly tousled straight bangs. Bleaching and coloring your hair will damage it so be sure to use organic conditioners and essential oils for hair maintenance.

A magical unicorn hairstyle incorporated with dutch and fishtail braids in different approaches. Coloring your hair makes it dull and dry, but this one looks healthy and extra shiny, thanks to essential and natural oils for the proper hair maintenance.

Hair dyed with pink, purple, mint green and other tones to achieve the famous "unicorn" style. The hair is then arranged into a slightly messy fishtail braid, creating a gorgeous blended effect.

Thick hair with small, tight curls cut into a frsh-looking finish. The top part is dyed with a contrasting tone while the faded part has a creative partition.

Naturally thick and curly hair, cut into a taper faded style. The hair is dyed with layered colors to show creativity and uniqueness.

Bold and vibrant tones exhibit a youthful glow. The woman styled her layered cut with some streaks of red, copper and violet tones.

Horizontal color melt from dark orange, to peach to faded yellow. This stunning game of hues exhibit a beautiful gradient effect that goes really well with a tousled style.

Thick and wavy hair with two tones: black and dirty blonde. The two colors are contrasting each other, creating a dimensional effect.

This straight hair with bangs portrays the transition of colors from jet-black to white with blue as the median. The colors are blended properly creating an artistic finish.

Metallic blue and silver tones melting into this beautiful and colorful balayage. The hair is arranged into a loosely twisted half-up that is definitely a jaw-dropping one!

This was a fun and challenging project today for the birthday girl @katlyns_custom_creations! I loooove i-Color's 4VV on her root...it's the perfect violety-violet without quite being as vivid as a fashion color. I also love that they have the zero lift developer that's perfect for Demi-permanent color lovers like myself! 😁 I lifted her to this icy blonde and painstakingly had to shampoo her hair in stages between @embee.meche to isolate her ends and mid shaft to keep from pulling the pigment and going purple. Then, I got the chance to use the @lanzahaircare Vibes color that I got yesterday! I used two formulas of teal; one undiluted, and one diluted with clear with a 1:1 ratio. Vibes was pretty cool...it has a translucent gel consistency, and it totally rinsed clear in the bowl. Reminded me a lot of the Locked-In color by Pravana, but it seemed to have a stronger pigment to it. This was something a little outside of my usual "let me put as much color as I can over everything" 😂 Trying to keep a clean white canvas amongst so much color can be really difficult, but challenging myself as an artist is what drives me to see how I can continue to better myself! 🔮💎 #pinupjordan #mermaidlounge #mermaid #mermaids #mermaidhair #rainbowhair #galaxy #galaxyhair #unicornhair #blondehair #blonde #blond #blondhair #purplehair #purple #blue #bluehair #vibes #lanza #lanzahaircare #curls #curlyhair #modernsalon#btcpics #lpweeklydo #schenectady #albanyny @behindthechair_com @beautylaunchpad @american_salon @modernsalon @guy_tang @authentichairarmy @hotonbeauty

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Long and wavy, blonde hair accented with violet and blue tones. The color combination is unexpected and unusual yet it creates a nice and seamless finish.

This messy upstyle has some earthy feels in it as it combines metallic blue, light brown and gray tones together.

Multi Women Hairstyles with Two Colors

If you are new to dying your hair, it might be best to stick to using two different colors. You can either mix a more original color with your natural hair color or opt for a style that mixes two colors.

Classic Black Underneath Layers

This is a simple but efficient way to mix colors. Get some dark or deep brown underneath layers and some lighter hues at the top. You can opt for a blonde color, a light brown hue or choose something more original like pastel pink. This style is amazing for a short bob!

Balayage Or Ombre Hair

These techniques allow a stylist to create a gradient effect on your hair. A balayage or ombre style will blend the color with your natural hair color or with another hue you selected. You can use more than two hues if you have some length, but it might be best to stick to two colors for a shorter hairstyle. These styles look particularly good with layers, feathered hair, waves and curls.

Bolder Multi Women Hairstyles

There are no limits to what you can do with hair dye. There are always new trends popping up, such as rainbow or mermaid hair.

Learn to Style Your Multicolor Hair

The great thing about using several hues of hair due is that your hair will look very different depending on how you style it. Learn different types of braids, such as French, Dutch, or fishtail braids so you can easily create a style where different colors are intertwined. If braids aren’t your thing, you can use twists or simply do your hair up to reveal different hues.

Unicorn and Mermaid Hair

You have probably seen these colorful trends on social media. Getting mermaid or unicorn hair is one of the boldest ways to use hair dye, but the result is definitely fun and original. Keep in mind that getting one of these hairstyle is a long process since your stylist will have to dye several strands individually. Mermaid hair uses blue, green, teal, silver and other similar colors while unicorn hair emphasizes pastel pink and purple hues.

Short Rainbow Styles

Short hair and bright colors are a strong fashion statement. Rainbow hair consists in dying several strands of hair in bright hues, usually on a pixie cut. You can create a gradient, get a rainbow effect or dye the hair more randomly to create something unique. Rainbow hair is really fun when paired with the faux-hawk look or with a side-swept style!

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