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8 hairstyles for women over 50 years of age.

Welcome to our gallery featuring 112 photos of 2018 hairstyles of women in their 50’s and older. All lengths, hair colors, styles and hair types featured.

We’re very familiar with what people search online (that’s part of our business) and it’s amazing how many people, especially women, seek out hairstyles and cut ideas for women over fifty years of age.

Enjoy the gallery below.

All Styles and Cuts

If you want to see all styles and cuts for women over 50, check out the main photo gallery:

Woman over 50 with medium-length hair parted to the side.

Popular colors, styles and hair types for women over 50

Of course, just like at any age, there are many, many cuts and styles that work.  However, some are more popular than others.  Here are a few main characteristics.

Celebrity Women Over Fifty

Here’s access to our photos featuring female celebrities over fifty years of age.

Nicole Kidman medium-length haircut strawberry blonde with middle part



Older women typically go with a shorter cut.  From just above the ear (pixie) to shoulder length (bob) and everything in between.  The fact is women’s hair becomes finer with age which makes longer hair not as feasible.

Older woman with short pixie haircut - gray


Many older women these days go for medium-length hair (shoulder length) in a variety of styles and colors.  We have an extensive gallery featuring this length.  Access it below.

Older woman with medium-length dark hair.


While long hair isn’t as common as short or medium-length hair for women over fifty, some women pull it off quite well.  Here’s access to our full gallery featuring long hair.

Woman over fifty with long blonde hair



If you don’t wish to go as short as a pixie cut but still want the texture and body offered with layers, a very popular option is a bob with layers.  It’s a classic look that works great.

Woman over 50 with bob hairstyle


Layers are a popular styling feature as well because it adds texture and gives impression of fuller hair.


Not as popular as a bob cut, pixie cuts are popular among older woman because it’s a short haircut by style.  Here’s our pixie cut gallery.

Woman over 50 with pixie haircut


If you have longer hair, you can have fun with many upstyles.  Here’s our upstyles gallery (click the photo of button under photo).

Halle Berry sporting an upstyle hairdo


Highlights are popular for young and older women.  Today’s techniques manage to give a very natural look… subtle coloring which for some women gives them a younger appearance.  More importantly, some women feel better with highlights.  Here’s our gallery:

Older women with highlights in hair


These days with such natural-looking dyes and highlights, many women opt to add some color to conceal gray hair.  While gray hair can look terrific, some women simply prefer to not go there.  Below you can check out photo galleries of popular hair colors for women over 50.


Senior woman with gray hair in bob style


Thanks to hair coloring, sporting blonde hair into your fifties and beyond is totally doable.  Here’s our blonde hair gallery.

Woman over 50 with short blonde hair.


Many older women with brunette hair in younger years go gray, but some manage to maintain a brunette color into later years.  Here’s a great gallery showcasing older brunettes.

Sandra Bullock with brunette hair


This isn’t common unless colored.  However, the look can be striking.  Check out our red hair styles for older women.

Woman over 50 with red hair


While the ombre style is more popular with younger women, some older women opt to give it a try.  Check out our gallery:

Salt and pepper

Part gray and part white makes up the iconic salt and pepper hair color.  Despite the popularity of coloring hair, many women opt to go au natural and sport the salt and pepper look.  Here’s the gallery.

Older woman with salt and pepper hair


I think white can be a very elegant look on women and men.  We have a great gallery showcasing white hair in a variety of styles, lengths and cuts.

Woman with short white hair

Hair Types


Here’s our wavy hair gallery.

Older woman with blonde wavy hair


Here’s our curly hair gallery.

Woman over 50 with curly brunette hair


Here’s our straight hairstyles for women over fifty years of age.  Click photo or button beneath to see entire photo gallery.

Women Over 50 with Glasses

Woman with gray short haircut wearing glasses

I’m not surprised that hairstyles with glasses for women over 50 is so popular.  Glasses can make a big impact and it’s good to see how certain cuts look with different types of glasses.  Click the button below to see our dedicated gallery featuring hairstyles for women over 50 wearing glasses.

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