60 Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 60 (2018)

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Woman over 60 years old with short hair

Welcome to our collection of short hairstyle and cut ideas for women over 60.  We feature many photo examples plus have an extensive list of popular different types for you to consider.

Scroll the collection and ideas below.


Below is our epic photo gallery featuring many different short hairstyles and cuts for women over 60.

If you're looking for a unique look that will standout, try adding a neon tint to your hairstyle.
Try brightening up your silver hair and you might find it even more awesome.
Having a rare ginger hair is great until your new silver hair starts growing. However, you still have a choice whether you want to maintain the rustic vibe or embrace the silver look.
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Touched up her base and dragged it down just a few inches to add some depth 🙌🏼✨ #pixie #thursdayvibes #undercut

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This could be the best style for brunette over 50 as it gives both stylish, elegant and youthful look.
A lot of dimension in a hair color for women over 50 creates a young and exquisite feel. This style looks just perfect for them.
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Keeping this look vivid with a fresh retouch and some highlights! Cut and color by Lauren ✨

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Keep your look away from appearing aged by coloring your hair with rich and saturated style.
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#pixiecut com Color Vermelho Acobreado na lindíssima @sarahjmonteiro 😍. @rekint @trusshair @truss_belem

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A punk vibe results in a sassy look and an active and fun-loving personality for women over 50. An uneven tapered pixie cut is the best match for this style.
A beautifully blended bronde is a popular approach in modish look.
Fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair combine well. Add them with this hairstyle and it's perfect!
A red hair color works great for women over 50 with green or blue eyes.
An inverted cut is a fab style and even more gorgeous when styled with youthful highlights.
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As gray begins to grow in over time, a low contrast dye job allows you to go longer between the color appointments, and choosing to go blonde might be the best choice.
Embracing the fact that their hair is already gray is not so easy, so blending it with a modish look might help them.

Brushed-back gray hair with a lavander accent.

A combination and pixie and bob cut on a straight, white hair.

Straight and stylish gray bob with bangs.

Stylish copper pixie with feathery strands.

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Touched up her base and dragged it down just a few inches to add some depth 🙌🏼✨ #pixie #thursdayvibes #undercut

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Short and dimensional pixie with natural highlights.

Natural gray hair enhanced with lighter-toned highlights to create a beautiful balayage.

32 Types of Haircuts for Women Over 60

1. Blond Pixie Cut

Blonde pixie cut.

Thanks to their mix of ease and playful style, the Pixie Cut is a popular variant for older women. Choppy layers add texture and dimension.

2. Stacked Bob with Swoopy Layers

Stacked bob with swoopy layers haircut for women over 60.

The hair comes down to the ears in this style. Uneven layers add quality to this style, and the two colors visually balance the dimensions on the back. Although this bob is not long, it gives women over 60 a new look.

3. Layered Bob with Bangs

Layer bob with bangs hairstyle.

This bob is very popular with women over 60 because it has overlapping sections of hair at different lengths. The hair is arranged in rising rows with side bangs. The back of your hair looks effortless, and not much is needed to maintain it.

4. Sleek Stacked Bob

Sleek stacked bob hairstyle.

Layers of chin-length hair on the sides gives this bob a fashionable look. It is accented with smooth bangs.

5. Blond Short Straight Crop

Blonde short straight crop perfect hairstyle for women over 60.

Women over 60 should have hairstyles with lighter hair hues such as blonde. This hairstyle is easy to care for.

6. Ear-Length Cheeky and Stacked Hairstyle

Ear-length cheeky and stacked hairstyle.

This style sports piled-high hair coming down to the ears. The different length layers make it perfect for women over 60.

7. Accented Ash Blonde Stacked Bob

Accented ash blonde stacked bob hair.

This style features a stacked bob which is illuminated with ash blonde coloring.

8. Silver Pixie Cut with Two-Sided Bangs

Silver pixie cut with two-sided bangs.

If your hair is soft and sparse, this dynamic, trending hairstyle is for you. The silver color matched up with the two-sided bangs and feathered layers, gives a crafty but eye-catching look.

9. Ash Blonde Short Layered Hairstyle

Ash blonde short layered hairstyle.

This hairstyle creates volume at the roots and gives the appearance of having a thicker mane. The brushed out layers and bangs also help you amplify your strands.

10. Layered Gold Bob

Layered gold bob hairstyle.

This layered ear-length gold bob has varying lengths of hair that builds volume, supports texture, and works very well with brown accents. You can also color your hair a lighter shade.

11. Blonde Crop with Volume

Blonde crop with volume haircut.

Having your hair in tiers is indispensable to this hairstyle, and you can style them to your taste. Smooth volume on the top elevates this hairstyle.

12. Smoky Curly Strands of Hairs

Smoky curly strands of hairs.

Curly locks of hairs falling full length gives this hairstyle a particular look. This adds a polished look to faces that may get more supple with age. Layers and waves combined with the color can also be added.

13. Natural Short Cut and Highlight

Natural short haircut and highlights.

Twisting the back helps strengthen the proportional effect of the hair and gives it a ritzy look at the same time. Blonde highlights can also be added.

14. Straight Stacked Swing

Straight stacked swing haircut.

This hairstyle features a contoured cut with arched edges and draws attention to the thinness of a sharp chin.

15. Short Side Swept Gold Crop

Short side swept gold crop haircut.

Tiers of hair at numerous lengths build volume and enhance the dimensional outlook of the entire cut. Golden hues can be added to give the style a more dynamic look. This cut is advantageous to those who have naturally straight or fine hair.

16. One Length Straight Bob

One length straight bob.

This is a low maintenance hairstyle that only requires combing it every day. It will preserve its shape and glossy look. The straight bangs will make you look glamorous and youthful.

17. Blonde Pixie

Blonde pixie cut.

This hairstyle features spiky layers which add volume and gives your hair a dimensional look. A style for women with thin hair, it can be maintained by combing daily with your fingers.

18. Opal Undercut

Opal undercut hairstyle.

The undercut style helps to keep thick hair well managed. Mature women are naturally gray or white so regular hair coloring is unnecessary.

19. Smooth Round Bob

Smooth round bob haircut.

The chain-length bendable layers on both sides thin the face and compliment the chin line. The disheveled fringes help even out the dimensions of the face.

20. Feathered Bangs with Inward Layers

Feathered bangs with inward layers hairstyle.

The layers add volume to thin hair, and the bangs help frame your face. The feathered ends flicked inwards will also add volume to your hair.

21. The Swept up Bob

The swept up bob haircut.

The swept-up bob gives your face a long and lean look. To get this look, apply some strong-hold hair gel and brush the hair at the top of your head upwards. Spritz on some hairspray for a lasting hairdo. This hairstyle is low maintenance.

22. Modern Voluminous Shag

Modern voluminous shag haircut.

The top is heavily layered with thick bangs, and the layers get longer towards the end of the above-shoulder cut.

23. Ultra-Layered Crop

Ultra-layered crop haircut.

Using a blow-out brush and hairspray, this layered cut will give you volume and shape without doing a lot of work to it.

24. Chic Crop

Chic crop hairstyle.

This stylish cut does not require many layers. The hair is swept up and back for volume. This cut works with naturally straight or wavy hair, and also with those who have thin or thick hair.

25. Curly Ends

Curly ends hairstyle.

To get this look, you simply curl the ends using velcro rollers. This will make your hair look fuller than it is and add some style to it.

26. Rounded Bob with Stacked Nape

Rounded bob with stacked nape.

This style can be obtained by building an enviable height around the crown of your head when you are blow drying with a round brush.

27. Long Curly Salt and Pepper Pixie

Long curly salt and pepper pixie haircut.

This style is worn in a natural salt and pepper coloring, with bouncy, fluffy curls. Finish the style with mousse or water based wax products.

28. Wispy Silver Bob

Wispy silver bob hairstyle.

First, have your hair cut at an angle. Then, to enhance the volume, opt for loose, tousled curls.

29. Volume and Shagginess

Volume and shagginess hairstyle.

This hairstyle can be accomplished with a nice lift at the roots and layers of flicks. This is a great hairstyle for mostly thick hair.

30. Gorgeous Feathered Look

Gorgeous feathered look.

Texture and volume around the crown with tapered sides and the back create this incredible short hairstyle with a feathered finish.

31. Gray Hair with High Layers

Gray hair with high layers haircut.

Layers in several different lengths feathered away from the face will help to add movement and soften facial features.

32. Platinum Pixie Cut

Platinum pixie haircut.

Platinum is such a striking color and can really stand on its own with no variation of shade. The cool tones will spotlight the workmanship that goes into the cut itself.

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