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Long and thick permed hair.

For women with flat hair that doesn’t have much body, a service to build waves or curls transforms her look. A perm also called a permanent wave, uses heat and chemical to change your hair structure into waves and curls.

The style remains for a few months, hence the name “permanent.” With the right treatment and care for your new style, you will love your new look for months to come!

Welcome to our gallery featuring many perm hairstyles for women.

Gabrielle Union with Crazy Curls.

During the 29Rooms West Coast Debut 2016, Gabrielle Union portrayed her playful side with these crazy curls.

Soft and sexy curls in copper. This medium-length hairstyle looks extra trendy with its simple cut that has no excessive volume.

No doubt, curls create a playful volume to any hairstyle. Perming your thin hair will help you achieve that thicker and fuller look, just be sure to use essential and natural hair oils because thin hair is more prone to damage.

This blonde balayage in a curly bob is a great hairstyle to wear during summer. It is simply sassy and it's easy to maintain, you won't be needing some extra sweat!

Brunette with a simple bob cut styles with some defined swirls. The adorable curly bangs added a bit of uniqueness into the overall look.

Thin hair curled for a bit volume and then dyed with dark roots for a bit of dimension.

Medium-length, curly hair with subtle layers and some poofy bangs.

A simple bob cut transformed into a unique one! The hair is permed and highlighted to perfection, set with a hairspray for that shiny and creative finish.

Pintura highlighting is probably one of the best ways to style and color a curly hair. It gives the hair a nice finish while accommodating even the roots of every strand.

Ginger locks razored into a soft, textured pixie cut. This hairstyle, although short, looks really feminine for its subtle features.

Tousled blonde curls oozing with volume and texture. This one is low maintenance since it looks better with a messy finish.

Sophia Bush with beachy waves is charming enough to slay the 2012 Genesis Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA.

Sophia Bush with beachy waves is charming enough to slay the 2012 Genesis Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA.

Types of Perms

When you look at women with natural curls, it is easy to see there are all kinds of curls. Hairdressers can mimic particular looks especially if you bring in a photo of the look you want to recreate for yourself.

Some of the most popular types of perms include:

  • Natural looking curls are featuring curls of different sizes. This style is also called multi-textured because it uses rods of different size.
  • Body wave gives a slight wave with loose curls. This look gives curls and volume.
  • Spirals are tight, twisted curls that are springy and bouncy.
  • Pin curls involve curling sections of hair with lovely, loose curls.
  • Spot perms only involve one section of hair for tight or loose curls.
  • Partial is another option that you apply to several parts of the hair you wish to curl or wave.
  • Root curls add volume, height, and life to the root of the curls. It is suitable for women with flat and limp hair.
  • Volumizing waves add texture and volume for hair of different lengths.

Benefits of Getting a Permanent Wave

Getting this chemical application on your hair is a serious change you should consider seriously. This is because your style holds for months and in some cases, texturizes your hair for a longer period.

If you are thinking about this look, the benefits include:

  • Giving you a boost of confidence and making your hair look better
  • Adding volume to your hair
  • Decreasing the amount of styling you need to do on a daily basis
  • Enhancing the natural texture of your hair
  • Letting your hair air dry rather than having to blow drying

Can Your Hair Be Permed?

Unfortunately, you cannot perm all hair. The chemicals do not work when your hair has been recently colored or chemically treated.

Damaged hair does not do well with this treatment because your hair needs to be in a good condition to come out well. Simply ask the stylist at your salon if this is a viable styling option for your specific hair texture, style, and condition.

Perms Are Making a Comeback

When you think of a perm, it isn’t like the style that was popular in the 80s. Thanks to better chemical processes and innovations in rollers, perms aren’t the Oliva Newton John look you may have in your head.

Your hair does not require tight curls but may incorporate a wave, bend, or texture. The size of the rod used directly correlates with the curling result you get. Even the ‘beachy’ look can be obtained with this type of treatment.