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An attractive,, young woman with straight, pink hair.

Welcome to our gallery featuring women with pink hairstyles.

Dying your hair pink is a bold fashion move. You are going to love this new look, but it is important to choose the right shade of pink.

This color is a lot of fun and dying your hair pink is a great choice if you are ready for a soft romantic look. Think about getting a new hairstyle that will compliment your new bold hair color!

If you are aiming for a sweet and soft look yet oozing with creativity, then this hairstyle might be the answer. This pink bob with blunt bangs looks extra feminine yet playful.

Who says colored hairstyles are only for millenials? A pop of color looks pretty refreshing for women over 50s. This rose pink shade on a simple bob cut softens the facial features.

A bob cut with bangs and flipped ends. This style, with some pop of color, looks really youthful and timely.

Natural curls in a peachy pink tone. This shade is youthful and soft it gives a feminine touch to the overall look.

Medium-length bob in a pastel pink shade. The overall finish looks feminine and beautiful, indeed nothing goes wrong with pink!

Vamp up your look by trying this easy-to-set hairstyle. It has ringlets and curls that upgrade your look from simple to bold. Perfect for special events and performances.

Straight hair with bangs in a bob cut. The combination of platinum blonde and pastel pink is surprisingly beautiful and feminine and goe really well with soft facial features.

Unleash your feminine side with this tousled bob in a soft pink shade. With its unique color and creative finish, you'll definitely enjoy this look.

Fall Rosé || This one is a favorite! And @rissy529 is so amazing bc I get to take little risks with her! She's down for anything pinky, peachy, purple-y! For this I brick layered 2 @joicointensity formulas over old teased highlights! 1) mauve quartz 2) half peach, half bronze quartz #StyledAtIvy . . . . . . . #licensedtocreate #balayageartists #balayagedandpainted #livedinhair #bostonhair #pastelbalayage #balayageboston #hairpainting #babylights #bostonbalayage #colormelt #ombre #rootmelt #bostonhairstylist #hairgoals #hotonbeauty #fauxbalayage #livedincolor #balayagebabes #bostonbabe #bostonlove #arlingtonma #newengland #igersboston #modernsalon #pursuepretty #igersnewengland #authentichairarmy #beehash

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Tousled bob tinted with subtle rose gold tones. This one looks simple at first sight but it's totally a low-key playful style.

Messy and wavy bob looking so cute and perky with these unicorn tones of pastel blue and pink. This kind of hairstyle will surely stay on the current generation's trend list for it looks really fun and youthful.

Short hair will never be boring if you just try and go for hairstyles that are beyond your limits. In this shaved style, two neon tones are used; specifically neon pink and neon blue. The combination is perfect for that punky finish.

Brunette in a straight bob with fuschia pnk streaks. This delicate hue is quite feminine it it surely is trendy!

Choose the Right Pink Hue

Look for a pink hue that will look good with your skin tone. If you have a pale skin tone, it might be best to stay away from neon colors and to opt for a soft pastel pink instead. Neon pink will work if your skin has olive undertones, but you can also rock a coral pink hue. If you have a darker skin tone, you will be able to make both neon and pastel hues work.

Add Some Layers

Layers add texture to pink women hairstyles and allow you to have some fun with different shades of pink. Layers will work if you have medium or long hair. You can mix strands dyed in a light pastel pink with deeper fuchsia strands. You can also add other colors, like red and purple. You can for instance use some deeper shades of red or pink for the bottom layers and gradually go lighter to have pastel pink layers towards the top.

Adopt the Pink Dipped Look

Pink women hairstyles do not necessarily have to feature color blocks. You can make your current style more feminine and playful by getting a single pink highlight or by getting pink-dipped tips and wearing your hair in a ponytail. It will be easier to make this look work if you have blonde hair but you can adopt the pink dipped look regardless of your hair color – you will just need to look for a pink hue that works.

The great thing about dipping a strand or the tips of your hair in pink is that you can add color without creating a high-maintenance look. You can also choose hairstyles that hide the pink strands or tips for work!

Get A Short Pixie Cut

The pink pixie hairstyle is one of Nicole Richie’s most iconic looks. The advantage of the pixie is that you can easily add a splash of color to your look without having too much pink like you would with a longer hairstyles. This means you can still wear colorful clothes and use pink accessories, while you might have to opt for darker clothes with a longer pink hairstyle.

Keep Some Length with A Pink Lob

Jessie J sported an amazing pastel pink lob for a while. This is a softer and very feminine way to wear pink hair, and you are going to love all the different things you can do with a lob. You can wear your hair down when you feel like it and still have enough length for braids and ponytails. You can also wear your hair up and use some fun accessories.