98 Pixie Haircuts for Women in 2018

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A pixie cut in a modem, greyish-blonde color.

Welcome to our 2018 pixie haircuts for women.  Scroll down to check out many examples.  We put 20 per page so just click the paginated numbers to see more.

We add more pixie hairstyle photos every week so be sure to check back often.

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Try this edgy brunette blonde color and enjoy a chic look.
This cut is just a perfect example of an artistic hairstyle.
The straight wispy fringe added to this short wavy hair totally looks cool. Perfect for slaying in a party!
The soft feminine waves put in this hairstyle looks so gorgeous and stunning.
Love the platinum waves of the hairstyle! Definitely a stunning pixie cut.
This short wavy cut is a perfect style for summer. Added by the stylish bangs and you're ready to slay even on the beach.
This messy perm and pixie combined with a messy bangs is just a trendsetter for sure.
If you're looking for a unique look that will standout, try adding a neon tint to your hairstyle.

What is a pixie cut?

It’s a short haircut for women.  The hair is cut above the ear, although some pixie styles will drop below the ear on the side or front.

A well-done cut of this sort will be well-layered showing off the shape of the head or parts of it.  It creates the same appearance as slicking back hair in the sense that there isn’t much body beyond the scalp.

One might say it’s a “guy’s” haircut, but it’s not in most cases.  Pixie cuts are done in a way that uniquely for women.

Types of Pixie Haircuts

Wedge Pixie

In this version, the hair on the top and sides is kept longer. This makes the pixie look voluminous and gives it a shape similar to that of the classic wedge. Wedge pixies are popular because they let women wear their hair short without sacrificing volume.

Classic Pixie

In the classic pixie, the hair is cut very short on the neck and sides, with slightly pointed front pieces in front of the ears and a feathered top layer on the crown. The pixie is a classic haircut that has has endured for generations.

Bob Pixie

In a bob pixie, the hair in front is left long, falling over the cheeks and usually cut at a slant. It creates the illusion of long bangs. The back of the hair is left very short and close to the neck.

Undercut Pixie

This style uses undercutting to give the pixie a boxy, squared shape. It involves cutting the neck and nape hair very short. The hair ends are cut sharply to emphasize the boxy shape.

Disconnected Pixie

Pixies usually hug the head closely. In this type, the hair on the sides is left slightly longer and cut in layers. This creates a tousled look that keeps the basic pixie length and shape.

Feathered Pixie

In this cut, the top hair is cut into soft layers that lie like feathers on the hair. This gives an asymmetrical edge that adds interest to the haircut.

Choppy Pixie

Short, sharp layers define the texture on this version of the pixie. The layers give this cut a shaggy look. It’s a modern update on the classic. Styling the layers upward adds some edge.

Bowl-Cut Pixie

This dramatic haircut uses undercutting on the nape and sides. It leaves the top hair longer and chopped into layers, creating an edgy look that gives the hair lift.

Tapered Pixie

Using a tapered cut on the ends gives this pixie a softer edge. The hair is left slightly longer and the cut is less defined. The result is a less boxy, more subtle shape that looks more like a traditional short haircut.

Tinkerbell Pixie

In this cut, wisps of hair in unequal lengths are left peeking out along the nape, across the top and over the ears. The result is a slightly spiky, tousled style reminiscent of a fairy’s hairdo.

Best Hair Type for Pixie Haircut


Straight hair is ideal for pixie cuts. A good cut will require almost no styling on straight hair. Straight hair looks good in a classic pixie because straight hair emphasizes the cut’s smooth shape.

Straight hair can sport any pixie cut, but if your hair is thin or fine, a very close crop might emphasize that. If you think your hair is too fine or straight to hold a shaped style, choose a pixie cut that has some lift to it like a bowl-cut or a wedge pixie.


Wavy hair will give natural lift and tousle to a pixie cut. Women with wavy hair often seek out short styles as a way to emphasize their wave and get some control. A pixie cut on wavy hair tends to look softer than the same cut on straight hair.

Wavy hair and curly hair can add a whole new element to a pixie cut. Bangs are a good choice with this cut as they allow the hair to add interesting natural texture. The best pixie haircuts for wavy hair are the tousled pixie, shaggy pixie or wedge pixie.


You can wear a pixie cut if you have curly hair. In some cases, women actually opt for a short cut because it cuts off their curls and makes their hair easy to manage. Curly hair looks good when it’s super-short because the hair retains enough body to make the cut look full instead of flat.

Depending on the cut you choose, you can either flatten the curls or get a cut that will make them spring out. Some curly hair develops tighter, more defined ringlets when it’s cut. This gives a whole new look to the pixie. The cut will prevent the hair from looking like a curly mop. The best pixie cuts for curly hair are the tapered pixie or the classic pixie.


Thick hair will feel lighter when cut short. Short cuts are excellent for thick hair because the hair’s thickness keeps the cut from looking flat or skimpy. These cuts will have natural bounce and movement. They’ll also be easy to style.

The one problem that might occur is the short hair looking boxy or bulky if it’s thick. To avoid bulkiness, choose a pixie cut that has a smooth look. A bowl-cut or wedge pixie might look boxy. A Tinkerbell pixie or classic pixie are good choices for thick hair.


A short haircut can disguise the thinness of fine hair but it’s important to choose the right shape. Women with fine hair look best in pixie cuts that leave some pieces long, like a tousled or tapered pixie. A classic pixie with the bangs left long is also a good choice for fine hair.


Some women with coarse hair look to short cuts as a way to help keep the hair smooth. The right shape of cut is important to keep the cut from looking stiff. Coarse hair will look best with a pixie cut that has layers to allow some movement. A layered pixie, choppy pixie or a Tinkerbell pixie are good choices for coarse hair.

Best Face Shapes for Pixie Hair Cuts


Women with oval faces are lucky because they can wear almost any haircut. A short cut like a pixie will flatter your face shape and show it off. A classic pixie is a striking choice that will show off your features. A pixie cut with some lift on the top and sides will also be flattering to you.


If you have a square face, the best short haircuts for you will have some softness, especially on the sides. Your goal is to soften the shape with tendrils and fullness.

You should look for pixie cuts that have a softer edge. A classic pixie cut or a bowl-cut pixie might look too severe on a square face. You don’t want to look boxy. Better bets would be a wedge pixie, a feathered pixie, a disconnected pixie or a slightly longer pixie with tousled layers.


Does your face resemble a rectangle? You may have been told that certain styles make your face look like a square. These include long, straight hair and super-short cuts. Any haircut can be adapted to be flattering to your face shape.

The best styles for you will include bangs. Another good styling tip is to look for haircuts that have softness and fullness on the sides. You’ll look best with a bowl-cut pixie, a bob pixie or a wedge pixie.


Many women with round faces believe that a short haircut won’t flatter them. In reality, you can look good with short hair. Hair that falls to the middle of your face can make your cheeks look slimmer.

For the best look, avoid cuts that are voluminous on the sides as these can add weight to your face. A classic pixie, shaggy pixie or feathered pixie are all flattering to round face shapes. Look for movement and height at the top or in the length to get the best look.


Triangle-shaped faces are narrow at the forehead and wider at the jawline. If you have this face shape, you want a haircut that will balance your features.

Your most flattering cuts will be slightly longer pixie cuts. Ask for a cut that ends at your chin and has bangs, loose layers or other strands that can sweep your face. Your most flattering pixie cuts will be the disconnected pixie or the bob pixie.


The opposite of triangle shapes, diamond-shaped faces are narrow at the jawline and wide at the forehead. You can wear almost any pixie cut with this face shape. The shortness of the cut will balance your face.

For the best results, your haircut should be shorter. Ask for a cut that ends above the chin. The most flattering cuts will hug your head loosely. The best pixie cuts for you are the wedge pixie, bowl-cut pixie or Tinkerbell pixie.


Heart-shaped faces usually come with noticeable cheekbones. Play that feature up by wearing a haircut that falls in soft waves. Heart-shaped faces can look angular. Soften that look with a cut that incorporates layers, tendrils and other soft elements.

As far as pixie cuts, you’ll look your best in a disconnected pixie, an undercut pixie or a classic pixie with bangs cut in.


Oblong faces can look too long if they’re framed by the wrong haircut. You want a haircut that balances that length with volume at the sides. A short haircut is more flattering than long hair on an oblong face. Ask for a pixie cut that has fullness on the sides. Your best choices are the bowl-cut pixie, undercut pixie or wedge pixie.

Maintaining a Pixie Cut

This is one huge advantage, which is it’s easy to manage, style and maintain.  It’s short so there’s not much management involved. Moreover, it dries quickly as well.  This type of cut is for the woman who likes to make a statement and enjoys a no-fuss lifestyle.  It’s a bit of a minimalist style.

Enough length for curls or waves?

Yes, as you’ll see above, there are pixie cuts with waves and curls.  While it’s a short style, women with wavy or curly hair can easily incorporate those waves and curls into a pixie cut.

For younger women?

While many older women opt for a pixie cut, it’s also popular for younger women too.  I quite like the shortness of it for some women and so it can be a terrific option for young and old alike.

How to choose?

I think choosing a particular pixie style is hard.  There are so many and they really do look different even if similar length.  It’s all about the layering, which areas are kept long, the direction of the sweep as well as face shape, color and hair type.

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