Welcome to our 2018 pixie hair cuts for women.  Scroll down to check out many examples.  We put 20 per page so just click the paginated numbers to see more.

We add more pixie hairstyle photos every week so be sure to check back often.


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Be loud and proud! Flaunt your face shape with this cropped pixie for especially styled for thin hair.

A straight pixie dyed with the enchanting tone of teal. This hairstyle exhibited nothing but magic and creativity.

A short and sleek hairstyle, boosted with a vibrant but natural-looking color. This one might be short, but it's absolutely a head-turner!

The woman with and oval-shaped face is wearing a fresh-looking pixie with side-swept bangs. This hairstyle look full and dimensional despite the length.

A short and asymmetrical pixie cut in platinum blonde looking all fierce and confident.

Razors work wonders on women with weave. This hairstyle in platinum blonde is oozing with elegance and beauty, truly sleek!

Extra short, black hair in a spiky pixie cut achieved with the use of a razor blade. This one looks fresh and clean, plus its low maintenance.

A woman with straight blonde hair slaying her pixie look with some elegant acessories. Overall, this styleis sleek and stylish making it perfect for formal events that requires a bit of fashion.

Get the 🌸Coachella🌸festival look. There are a lot of hairstyles you can do with your short hair, here is one of my favorite "festival looks" a combination of braids and twists with curly hair 💕🌸🌈 If you'd like me to do a tutorial for this just raise your hand 🙋 • Hol dir den 🌸Coachella🌸 festival look- es gibt einige tolle Variationen die du mit deinen kurzen Haaren tragen kannst. Einer meiner Favoriten ist dieser Look, eine Kombination von geflochtenen Zöpfen und Twists mit lockigem Haar 💕🌸🌈 Wenn ihr dafür ein Tutorial möchtet, hebt einfach eure Hand 🙋 • Obtenga el look 🌸Coachella🌸festival. Hay un montón de peinados que puede hacer con su cabello corto, aquí es uno de mis favoritos "festival se ve" una combinación de trenzas y giros con el pelo rizado 💕🌸🌈 Si usted quisiera que hiciera un tutorial para esto apenas levante su mano🙋

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A festive blonde pixie perfect for Coachella. This hairstyle is made up of several types of braids like three-stand, rope and french.

Guten Morgen 🙋☺️ Ihr lieben, ich wünsch euch einen tollen Start in den Tag. 🙋☺️💕☀️

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A beautiful brunette wih thick hair in an upgraded pixie. Half section of the hair is braided in a criss-cross manner while the remaining half is teased for volume and texture.

A brunette in this very fashionable pixie cut with shaved side. This hairstyle is fierce and trendy in one look.

Don't limit yourself on your wedding day just because you have short hair. Short-length hair can achieve a glamorous updo too, take this bridal hair with a flower crown and a braided headband as an example.

What is a pixie cut?

It’s a short haircut for women.  The hair is cut above the ear, although some pixie styles will drop below the ear on the side or front.

A well done cut of this sort will be well-layered showing off the shape of the head or parts of it.  It creates the same appearance as slicking back hair in the sense that there isn’t much body beyond the scalp.

One might say it’s a “guy’s” haircut, but it’s not in most cases.  Pixie cuts are done in a way that uniquely for women.

Many options

It’s amazing and one wouldn’t think that such a short style would offer many options.  The different options arise from which parts of the hair are kept longer such as bangs or the sides.  You can also adjust the part or have no part.

It can also be styled foward, backward or to either side.

When you put all these variables together, you end up with many pixie cut options as nicely demonstrated by our gallery above.

Maintaining a Pixie Cut

This is one huge advantage, which is it’s easy to manage, style and maintain.  It’s short so there’s not much management involved. Moreover, it dries quickly as well.  This type of cut is for the woman who likes to make a statement and enjoys a no-fuss lifestyle.  It’s a bit of a minimalist style.

Enough length for curls or waves?

Yes, as you’ll see above, there are pixie cuts with waves and curls.  While it’s a short style, women with wavy or curly hair can easily incorporate those waves and curls into a pixie cut.

For younger women?

While many older women opt for a pixie cut, it’s also popular for younger women too.  I quite like the shortness of it for some women and so it can be a terrific option for young and old alike.

How to choose?

I think choosing a particular pixie style is hard.  There are so many and they really do look different even if similar length.  It’s all about the layering, which areas are kept long, the direction of the sweep as well as face shape, color and hair type.