99 Ponytail Hairstyle Examples for Women (2019)

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A simple ponytail, worn by a traveller.

Is putting your hair up a standard or go-to style you like to put in place? Just because you’ve been implementing this look for years, doesn’t mean you cannot improve upon your go-to.

No matter your hair color, hair texture, face shape, or look, a ponytail is a perfect look for any woman. Rock your new look in every type of weather and even on the most hectic of days.

Welcome to our ponytail hairstyles for women gallery.

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This high ponytail leavs the loose curls to frame your face and will smooth out the sharpness of the cheekbones while the waves will add some volume to the lower part of the face, balancing it out.Gabrielle Union sporting a Low Ponytail.

Gabrielle Union showed nothing but elegance during the Step Up Inspiration Awards at Beverly Hilton Hotel last May 20, 2016. Her long, dark hair is styled into a low ponytail oozing with sophistication.

Felicity Jones sporting a low ponytail with a thick, side tendrils.

Felicity Jones sporting a low ponytail with a thick, side tendrils at the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2015.

Gabrielle Union sporting a ponytail with wavy tendrils

Gabrielle Union sporting a ponytail with wavy tendrils at the World Premiere of Almost Christmas last November 3, 2016.

Thick and straight black hair arranged into a neat ponytail and then styled into a tight fishtail braid. This one will gather all your hair together and will keep it away from your face during busy work days.

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A casual ponytail styled into a classic fishtail to achieve an elegant finish. This hairstyle might be simple but it can be worn not just on normal days but also on formal and corporate events.

A minimalistic gym hairstyle that will keep sassy while working out. The little fishtail braid on the side gives the ponytail an extra sass.

A simple ponytail upgraded into a stylish look by arranging it into a fishtail braid. The strands are then loosened up a bit to create volume and texture.

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A simple ponytail with a chunky and short fishtail for added style. You can also ad some tendrils for a trendier finish.

One quirky way to enjoy your Fulani braids is to use some colorful hair extensions. In this hairstyle, long and pink extensions were used to enhance the overall look. The braids are then arranged into a high ponytail to arrive with a playful and fun output.

Cornrow braids arranged into a high ponytail and styled with cuff, beads and other decorative adornments. A playful ponytail works as a great option for active women who are usually busy the whole day.

Barbara Palvin wearing a neat and tight ponytail.

During the LA premiere of Hercules last July 2014, Barbara Palvin wore a neat and tight ponytail that showcased her perfect face shape and emphasized her facial assets.

25 Types of Ponytails for Women

1. Fishtail Ponytail

  • Glamorous and stylish and looks great on blond hair with hi-lites.
  • Use a large barrel curling iron to create waves;
  • Weave a messy fishtail braid; and
  • This style goes well with a casual or dressy outfit.

2. Dutch Lace Braid Ponytail

  • A great look for date night.
  • Start with a low ponytail;
  • Leave two other strands out of pony to tie off;
  • Pull around to make the bubble look; and
  • With another strand of hair, braid hair around side of head, tuck under pony and secure with pins.

3. Spiral Ponytail

  • A ravishing, beautiful or cute look.
  • Pull hair in from all sides of hairline; twice from left to right, then right to left; and
  • Tie ends in a pony, using pins to secure the hair.

4. Mohawk Ponytail

  • Easy to create for a stunning look to wear with any attire.
  • Make a single braid and tie into a lower twisted pony; and
  • Braid gives the hair volume.

5. French Braid Ponytail

  • Stunning and beautiful on blond hair.
  • French braid hair on each side of head down to the base of neck; and
  • Wrap a band around hair to secure braids to the ponytail that hangs down.
  • 6. Double Braided Ponytail
  • A glamorous style that looks great on hi-lited hair.
  • Divide into two parts, and braid each part, in the form of a headband, down to base of the neck;
  • Wrap hair around the ponytail; and
  • Secure with an elastic band and pins.

7. Twisted Ponytail

  • Can be worn for casual or formal occasions.
  • Twist hair in a French twist and leave some hair out for the ponytail; and
  • Secure with pins.

8. Bubble Ponytail

  • A popular, classy and elegant look.
  • Pull hair back into a high ponytail; and
  • Wrap hair with elastic bands in three inch intervals down the pony.

9. Triple Braid Ponytail

  • A great look for layered hair and gives your hair volume that looks amazing.
  • Divide hair to make three braids; and
  • Attach all three braids together in the back of the hair.

10. High Ponytail

  • A stunning and polished look.
  • Tease hair at the crown to create a bouffant;
  • Pull hair back and up high into a ponytail; and
  • Wrap hair around the base to finish it off.

11. Knotted Ponytail

  • A polished look to wear to a formal outing.
  • Pull hair back and loop over the middle of pony; and
  • Tie a knot and insert pins to hold it.

12. Low Ponytail

  • A stunning, classy look.
  • Leave a few wispy strands out on each side to frame your face;
  • Pull the hair to the back of the hairline to make a pony low at the base of the neck; and
  • Secure with a hair band.

13. Messy Ponytail

  • A great casual look.
  • Wavy or curled hair looks best;
  • Good for hair that hasn’t been freshly washed (or use some dry shampoo to absorb the oils), leave some strands out to frame the face; and
  • Use hair pins to hold the hair in place. This gives the “wispy hair look.”

14. Sleek Ponytail

  • A nice look for any occasion.
  • Pull the hair back into a tight knot;
  • If hair is not long enough, wrap extensions around your pony; and
  • This can also be worn with bangs, for a different look.

15. Long Side Straight Ponytail

  • A glamorous look that is best for long straight hair or hair that is straightened with a curling iron.
  • Take all of the hair and twist along one side;
  • Pull rest of the hair down to the side and secure with a hair band; and
  • Take a small piece of hair and wrap over the hair band and secure with a hair pin.

16. High Knotted Side Ponytail

  • A casual or everyday look.
  • Bring all of your hair to one side and pull it up high, near the crown and secure with a hair band.

17. Side Curly Ponytail with Bangs

  • An elegant look for a formal affair.
  • Make soft curls with a curling iron then pull all of the hair to one side and secure it with a hair band; and
  • Style the other side by using a curling iron to make long twisted bangs that hang down on the opposite side.

18. Mermaid Ponytail

  • A stylish and easy to do, wavy ponytail.
  • Dampen the hair and smooth with a brush or comb;
  • Pull back and secure with a hair band right below the ears or at eye level; and
  • Use scrunching spray or rub gel in pony for a wavy, textured look.

19. Rockstar Ponytail Punk Rocker

  • A glamorous, fun look.
  • Comb gel through hair to the roots;
  • Put hair into a high pony and secure it;
  • Can wear ponytail smooth or add scrunching spray for a messy, tousled pony; and
  • Wear the front of hair smooth and puffed up.

20. Half Ponytail

  • Flowing waterfall of waves.
  • Tie up the top half of hair, tug at the crown to give it more volume; and
  • Use curling iron on ends to make cascading waves.

21. Relaxed and Really Low Ponytail

  • Need “to get somewhere quick” hair fix.
  • Pull hair back and tie long hair low below the neckline; and
  • Pull pieces out to frame the face.

22. Poufed Three-Part Ponytail

  • Separate hair into three sections – crown, middle and base of the head;
  • Take each section and secure with an elastic band; and
  • Take a piece of hair and wrap around each band.

23. Sleek Ponytail with a Barrett

  • A casual or dressy Look.
  • Pull straight hair back to the base of neck; and
  • Use a barrette to secure pony.

24. Unicorn Style Ponytail

  • A funky look.
  • Dye hair a bright blue color except on the crown;
  • Pull hair back to make a high ponytail on the crown of the head; and
  • The blue hair is on the ponytail when hanging down.

25. Short Hair Ponytail

  • A spiky, fishtail look.
  • Pull hair straight back; and
  • Secure with elastic band in the back middle of head.

How to Get a Ponytail

By definition, the way to get a ponytail is to pull most of the hair on the head, pulled away from your face, and secured somewhere on the back of the head. The only way to achieve this hairstyle is to grow out your hair. It is that easy.

For many women, this takes time and regular trims to encourage new hair growth. Longer hair quickly pulls up into buns, braids, twists, and more. If you don’t have the time to grow your hair out, add extensions or clip-in hair to your head. With the use of bobby pins and extensions, pull your hair up with ease.

Tips for Styling Your Ponytail

With hair of any length, it is possible to style your ponytail in a new way. It doesn’t require a professional appointment to implement some of these styling tips.

  • Tilt your head back when pulling up your hair. This pulls the hair up much higher and gives you a high tail. From the side, hair higher on the head elongates your face and draws the eye to your cheekbones.
  • Add the illusion of longer hair by bringing your hair up in two hair ties, one that secures the lower layer of hear and one securing the upper tier. It makes your hair look longer even if it is short.
  • Pull all of your hair high on your head, tie it, and then tease it with dry shampoo or texturizer. It creates a bed head look.
  • For shorter hair, tie hair at the base of the neck and circle a strand of hair around your hair tie. This makes it look like your hair is being held up with hair and not a rubber band.
  • Curl your hair once you have already pulled it into a high pony. It adds dimension and gives you a pulled together look!
  • Pull it up into a classic bun or a messy topknot. This is a classic go-to for many women because it is easy, stylish, and has the potential to be elegant.

Encourage Hair Health Even When You Wear It Up

One of the biggest problems with wearing your hair up on a regular basis is damage to your hair. If you wear it on the same part of your head every single day, it causes damage to your hair. It weakens the roots of your hair, causes rips, tears, and even knots.

In addition, be sure to take your hair out gently when getting the hair tie out. If you put your hair up when it is damp or wet, it pulls your strands and causes damage. Once you establish good hair habits, wear it up whenever you want!

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