42 Purple Hairstyles for Women (Photos)

Woman with curly, purple hair.

Welcome to our gallery featuring women with purple hairstyles.

Are you ready for a complete makeover?

Dying your hair purple is a huge step but you will be glad you took this risk. Purple hair has been around for years and stars like Kelly Osbourne have made this their signature look.

There are plenty of ways to wear purple hair and you would be surprised at how discreet and professional this style can look.

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If you're looking for a unique look that will standout, try adding a neon tint to your hairstyle.

Long hair dyed in lavander and temporarily cured for a glamorous finish. Although this hairstyle is quite sweet and feminine, the blunt bangs gave it an edgy touch.

Long, bright purple hair arranged into a half-up with some twisted partitions and fishtail braids. This hairstyle looks artsy and creative in every way.

Long hair in dark plum arranged into this neat-looking cornrow braids styled with some gold cuffs and embellishments.

Brown, medium-length, curly hair with pale tones of purple. Dyed hair, usually when curly, tends to be dry so be sure to moisturize it with essential oils or other natural hair products.

Asymmetrical purple pixie with jagged bangs looking creative and trendy at the same time. A pop of color knows no age limit as long as you embrace your own style.

This gray bob with bangs and violet lowlights surely is adorable. The color combination is unexpected but it works really well.

Look number 2. Aside from working with longer hair about 85% of the time, one of my passions is working with shorter hair as well! Needless to say, I had a blast creating this vibrant color melt. Spring time = the most colorful time of the year, imo. 🌸🌷 ‼Want to learn how to achieve similar melted and dimensional fashion colors? Be sure to reserve your spot at tomorrow's Punky Color Demo, DM for info! Seats are limited‼ _______________________________ Model: @patoosa Makeup: @amandakynicole #kuthaus #kuthauscovina #covina #downtowncovina #easter #easterhair #mycraft #art #vivids #hairdressersanonymous #joico #mermaidians #dimension #dimensionalcolor #colormelt #modernsalon #behindthechair #americansalon #joico #hairbyjonah #shorthair #funhair #hairideas #trendalert #fashion #americansalon

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Any vivid tones combined with black results to a majestic output. One example is this medium-length bob with in a nice, violet ombre. The effect is seamless and effortlessly stunning!

This blue-colored hair with lilac highlights is something to fall in love with. The messy, braided upstyle made it look more unique and creative.

Aqua and purple shades combined and arranged into this retro hairstyle. This one is a collision of vintage and contemporary styles; a beautiful conflict.

Get A Balayage

There are different ways to apply dye to hair. Balayage is a technique that consists of creating a gradient on the length of your hair. This technique looks amazing with purple and allows you to add some color to your look without having a solid block of purple. You can create a gradient with different shades of purple, mix purple with another color like silver or create a smooth transition between your natural color and purple tips. Think about adding some beach waves to make your purple balayage look even more fun!

Consider Purple Highlights or Streaks

Purple women hairstyles with colorful highlights or streaks will definitely work with a punk or rock ’n roll look. If you decide to color entire strands of hair in purple, look for a light violet hue to match light hair color and try pairing a deeper and richer purple color with your natural dark hair. If you would rather get some purple highlights, channel your inner Katy Perry and get a purple ombre look!

Purple Curls Are Fun

Mixing purple and curls is a great way to create a fun girly look. If you have naturally curly hair, think about getting some purple highlights. If you need to use a styling wand or another tool to create curls, a short bob would be an ideal choice. Purple curls will look great if you have long hair. Get some purple highlights on your tips and try creating curls of different sizes.

Rock the Purple Bob

A short purple bob would go great with a more edgy or even punk look. If leather jackets are a staple of your wardrobe, the purple bob is definitely for you. There are different ways to make this style work. A shaggy bob would be a great choice if your natural hair texture is fine, and a side-swept bob would look great if you want to keep some length. This is one of the most versatile purple women hairstyles and the shorter length allows you to easily make a single hue of purple work.

Explore the Lavender Trend

If you don’t think a bolder shade of purple would be right for you, you should know that there are other ways to wear purple hair. Lavender hair is a hot trend and it looks amazing with long and short hairstyles. You can opt for a lighter pastel lavender color with silver undertones or go a little darker and get closer to a purple color. Lavender hair looks particularly interesting when mixed with other colors like blue or pink or when worn with curls or braids.

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